Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Today was interesting. I went to the Gym at school today. Full of snotty year 8 brats. Who say, 'YOU WHAT?' really chav like. Get over it. You're not on TOWIE, you live in Essex. Before that stupid show you spoke normally, not some demented seal. Okay? Jeez. I did really push it hard. I must of burned about 250 calories. I get home and I can't say no to a piece of choccie which was lovingly bought by the mother. Love you mum. (Curse you mum). She then took me shopping, I went shopping her because I had some gift vouchers I wanted to spend. Everything I wanted to buy added up to £24, so I had a spare pound. I decided to ask my mum if she wanted to add anything to make up the difference... Bad idea. My mum gave me a pair of 'Bridget Jones' knickers she'd got from the sale rail for a pound.  As I walked up to the till, I could feel myself going red as a tomato because the person behind the till it had to be a young, really good-looking lad. As he picked up my mum's pants, I quickly explained that they weren't mine but he just pulled a weird face and carried on swiping my things. Hr must of thought we were right tramps (bargain hunters as She calls it). After I walked away, I realised I didn't even need to explain myself - the pants were really big, so there's no way they could've been mine. See ya's for tomorrow!

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