Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tuesday 31st January


Today was interesting. Ever had to watch the joy of tapeworms? These worms that live in your body, what a gross video to watch on a Tuesday morning don't you agree? A man casually taking a dump in his bathroom and looking through it, charming. Then I had the joy of dance class. Everyone loves dance class, just not the people and atmosphere in it. Everyone's so, 'I'm like amazing' and shiz.Like I was apparently in the second row than the first, I couldn't argue with this girl, so I just did it. Awkward... But have you ever done floorwork and had the unpleasantness of a big, backside in your face? Delicious; specially when you realise you made your family sweet and sour chicken last night, and your whole class got that idea too. Oopsies.  English was a breeze as it always is. I am pretty serious mostly all the time, but when a sad thing happens I can't help but laugh. I love Romeo and Juliet, but the end kills me with laughter. Also, add to the fact beforehand our OCD teacher detests green things, and threw green jelly around the classroom. This week i've been feeling so cooking, just in the mood to cook so I made sweet and sour chicken yesterday, vegetable curry today I'm going to be the next Nigella! Maybe less fattening foods, and less of the sexual side. See ya's for tomorrow!


When thinking of Summer trends, designers are never far from the tropics of Africa. Rawr! Leap into the trend as the tradition references continue to inspire. Animal prints - particularly big-cat spots - are a perennial favourite, and this season they're scattered across flowing gowns and cocktail numbers. Safari suiting is also back, with khaki jackets, crisp skirts and white shirts still holding appeal, whileBalenicaga brought modernity to the look with safari trousers featuring a techno sheen. This season's Africana also mixes ethnic prints, raffia-work, tribal sketches and intricate beading into a modish melting pot of ancient techniques and avant-garde ideas. 

Message of lolness

Cor at you!

Fancy a bit of eye candy? Just been scouring the new faces of Models 1, how's about this for candy?
large 1large 1large 1large 2large 1large 1

Monday, 30 January 2012

I want one of those!

I am really wanting one of these. I mean you can wear your favourite sweeties? How cool is that. These are some of my faves, along with the many other choices you can pick (Like jelly babies, pink allsorts, cola bottles the lot!) there's also love hearts to get you into the valentines spirit! Go on treat yourself, be good to yourself by wearing your sweets! Get yours at


Blossoms, applique blooms and printed perennials, springs set to be blooming marvellous this season. At Christopher Kane, blossomed our catwalks with an explosion of flowery stickers on some very simple dresses taking a modern twist on the granny-like trend, whilst at Erdem they took signature florals and added some more adult allure. Mismatched flower prints were juxtaposed atMary Katrantzou, Sportmax, Clements Ribeiroand Erdem, again, mixing a bouquet of prints and a riot of colour. For those wary of brightly coloured blooms, monochrome florals created an offbeat allure at Alexander Wang, Dries Van Noten and Valentino.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday 29th January


Today was interesting, oh wait not really because it's the most boring day of the week. Today, we had the farbulous Stuart round for a show and meal, (Serving stew to Stew-art, how lame is my family?) we were going to see Legally Blonde (Again!) and he mentioned his sister was one of the dancers, so ya know discounted tickets. So we went, still a good show but my friends were there :L Trouble commenced. I told them my crush was in the same row as me.   I was telling them how hot he was and that he kept smiling at me, when I spotted him walking out of the door. I pointed at him as he walked past and told my mates that he was my ultimate crush. Suddenly, one of my mates shouted out 'THAT'S MY BROTHER!!!' Everybody heard, including my crush who even turned around. Worst of all he was Stuart's boyfriend :L Ever tripped over when bringing in a bowl of profiteroles?  Exactly what I did, thank god it was buy one get one free and thank god for microwaves! See ya;s for tomorrow!


With 2012 being the year of the Olympics held in our very own London, the fashion just got fitter! See what I did there? But the new luxe sportswear isn't just about hi-tech anoraks- which did see a makeover atVictoria BeckhamDKNY and Kenzo - but taking performance fabrics and fusing them with feminine lines. Like a track and field. At Stella McCartney, swirls of asymmetrical sporty mesh gave dresses a sporty spin, while silky track pants at Lanvin, Antonio Berardi andHakaan were teamned with loosely tailored tops for a modern evening look. One word of warning - to score a goal avoid sporty brights by night and stick to a clean monochrome palette for an air of elegance. This season's new take on layering? Cycling shorts worn under skirts or vest dresses, for a modern daytime look with a sporty spin. Punchy brights - verging on the flourescent - are in pole position for spring.

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Star fever agency

So one of my fave facebook games 'Star fever agency' has closed down. Think i'll start a Facebook page to re-open it. Yes i'm sad. If you liked the game, like my page maybe something will happen if we get enough likers.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Saturday 28th January


Today was interesting. Nothing beats cleaning on a Saturday.  The joy of busting your but off to be told, 'You did nothing all day'. I have you know I did more than It who was ordered to clean by his mother, and he sits on his fat backside playing on 'Roblox' all day on his laptop. He also goes on habbo and swears at people, when he swears he laughs so hard. I've had a real chocolate craving this week, last week I wouldn't go near them as i've been 'Turned off' them recently. Today I did go for a look in the celebrations tin, and there was none left! Except snickers and mars, but they're the boring ones! Gone off chocolate is not the one. When you don't want chocolate it's there in it's bars, but when you want it, it's been gobbled up by the mother. It's okay when she asks and it's not your Christmas present. But come on, it's like getting a present handed to you and you have to hand it back before you play with it! This girl in my school must of got through to a modeling contest, which was funny because she ('The best dancer in the school' I should call her. Quote her) didn't get in to the dance troupe either, she must of got through to this contest. Her status saying, 'AHH anyone who called me ugly now need to get their eyes tested cuz apparently i have gorgeous hair, smile, eyes and natural good looks' some people really make you laugh. It does bug me though, because I don't personally think she's drop dead gorgeous (Hello, did she get into a model agency noo. She's unknown to the model world) and she gets so cockey so easily. You know those people? I hate them people. Oh well, if she wins we'll have to listen to her sqeaming through school. If she loses, I have someone in the same boat as me. Imagine if it was a scam, aha. Probably is. They let anyone sign up and join. No audition, nothing. I'm still expecting my local newspaper article to appear in the newspaper!! See ya's for tomorrow, see what happens when stew is served to Stu-art. My gay best friend :) Byee!

Dreadful tweet found today.

What a terrible thing to tweet.

 Heather murray 
 you are a bit needy and demanding. Cf not the only charity out there.

What a crude thing to say to someone dedicated to a charity? Some people make me sick.

I want one of those!

Britney Spears Fantasy Circus Eau De Parfum Spray 30ml 
A bargain today. As you lot know, I am one of those girls who prefer the bottle than the perfume. The bottle's are so much prettier and more often than not, the perfume's just smell the same. Sounds odd, but I just smell a 'Perfumey' smell. It's a bonus when you don't have to pay about £60 upwards for a smell, that smells the same as something before. To purchase 'Circus' by Britney Spears for under £10, click the blue hyperlink :)

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Cor at you!

I've been cracking up all night watching this clip with the gorg Zayn Malik. If you hate him and think he's not hot, get a room and I bet you'll laugh anyway at this clip:

Friday, 27 January 2012

Friday 27th January


Today was interesting. It's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday! Gee not getting the Friday fever tonight. I had the joy of a Scope lesson today, (Scope is like PSHE). Scope is actually a waste of a lesson, I mean all you learn is stuff you already know and learn in other lessons; Personal hygiene (Science), healthy eating (Cooking/Science), Sex (Science). What's the point in it? You must also take into account the amount of times our assemblies are about the not so joy of paedophiles (Who are probably perving at my pics, hey there!) I needed the lavatory so I asked my teacher. She's okay but she gives out detentions often (All the time). I went to the lavatory, and I had to do #2, so it took a little longer than #1. I also had to wait, because both the stalls were taken by some tarts shoving all that slap on. I get back 8-9 min. later, and my teacher yells in front of the class "You're finally back!" so that the whole class is staring at me and my crush was right next to the door, so she was really close. Then she goes "You're in big trouble, that better have been a #2 or you've got a detention" so Ihave to go "ummmm yeah it was #2" then she goes "I can't hear you!" I almost died. So I basically have to yell "Yes I went #2!" everyone was having #1's all day. See ya's for tomorrow!

I want one of those!

Pink star

I posted an article about 'Daisy Does' jewelry a few days ago. Guess what?! They released a gorgeous new bracelet I just had to blog about! I really love the simplicity of this bracelet; So cute and it will go with any type of outfit, a lovely shade of pink and it'll go with that school uniform and give you that added pizzazz! Buy yours at www.daisydoes.net :)

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Urgent message of lolness.

Made me lol :) I do love Twilight, but Kristen Stewart bugs me.

Ooh on our way to 300!

I'm one of those bloggers whopost and post, and then realise how much i've posted. At 300 posts, I want to give away the clutchbag so keep following my dears!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thursday 26th January


Today was interesting. Thursday is so Thursday, nothing interesting happens you get bummed out and your friend walks off with another person! Not cool standing outside a classroom alone. Then you give her the silent treatment, you quit and say, 'Yeah I did round them up' and then you think it's ruined but you carry on being silent. Then halfway through the lesson she walks off and talks to that girl again! Not cool. Good job she doesn't have Facebook, time to slag off.. I love art and all but all the teachers have to come over and watch me paint every little brush stroke. Give the girl some space? I was walking down the corridor at school with my best friend to hand in a school trip slip, and we saw some hawt lads and the hottest boy in the school. I was feeling brave so I went over there and started talking to them. I was acting very cool and 'ard. They all started sniggering and I had no clue as to why, my face dyed red and I ran away (Like a gangsta innit) When I got back to my friend it turned out I had a massive bogey on my nose! I ran to the loos and burst into tears. My one chance at being a tough guy failed :( Oh well my peeps, they lost out i'm an amazing gangsta! See ya's for tomorrow!
P.S: Already secured a modelling job after losing yesterdays! Thank lord for Facebook!

I want one of those!

Hearts and Wings Boot

I really do want a pair of these wellie's for the rain, drizzle and snow because; it's coming too fast! These boots I have seen on Amy Childs, and they are handy for that wintry weather which has either hit you (Up North) or (Like me) you haven't even seen the snow yet! My two favourites are the Royal Crown and the Heart with Wings < These are from MUdDZ Sparkle and you can follow them on Twitter @MUdDZ_SPARKLE for any upcomming giveaways! To buy yours visit www.muddz.com

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The bags!

The bags are here and I do love my bag, but it's so similar to my Classics one. I asked for a hollywood style dress and spotlights look how cute it looks! I think the Classics look more the high street version, and the Originals are the designer versions. Who's abella do you prefer?

Casting call!

Mark Jermin Management are looking to find new talent in the North of England.

There is a possibility of a northern workshop.

We are looking for children aged 4-18 years based in Manchester, Leeds, York, Bolton, Yorkshire, Liverpool and surrounding areas.

Please email CV and head shots to kelly@markjermin.co.uk ASAP

My bag.

I've had to put 'It' back into it's packaging it came in, so it may be a while till I post the pic. This is my classic one and here is one of a close-up which is basically mine close up.

Wednesday 25th November


Today was interesting. If I had to choose a worst day ever, today would be near the top near the day I wet myself in school, I was in reception! First off, I am not the face of Colour Couture Cosmetics. I didn't win and Maria Gardner won, who I strongly believed she would win from the start. Fair enough for her. Means I have to go and buy professional photo's for next time, not sloppy ones done on an iPhone. Not really an amateur contest then clearly. I get home and my bag had arrived from Claireabella bags, I am freely advertising for them because they deserve it.  Let's just say the bag I had waited months for, all excited about shouldn't really of come. It was so similar to my Classics one it was unreal (I will post pics in a bit my phone's charging). I wanted a glamorous dress. I get the Classics one just longer. Did they glitter is so much to cover up that the design wasn't worth it? And to start of the day I was rather happy. Come home to that pile of rubbish. Not worth my pocket money for 3 months at all. Or waiting 6 months for it. You see the celebrities bags, the bees knees. Then you order yours which is the same as the classic when it should be an 'Original'. This is why I need celebrity friends. That's my day today peoples. I'm now in the mood where chocolate doesn't work, which says a lot. But as I was in the school canteen eating my lunch with my friends when my best friend dived on my lap and stayed there. I asked her what she was doing but she refused to tell me. A moment later, she let out the most massive, stinkiest fart and shouted my name as she did so! There must have been 300 people in there who all turned and looked. I nearly died. That school should fix their meals.

Just a favour!

If anyone has visited 'Westfield Stratford City' or lives in Stratford can they fill in my survey which goes towards the GCSE's :)
Thanks in advance!

Christian Dior Haute Couture Show

Wanted to share some piccies of Dior's 'S/S 2012 show'. Loving some of the outfits.


Someones not in a happy mood tonight, just saying...

I want one of those!

I thought i'd show a bit of Jinkksy love today! I picked out my favourite bracelet I could find and wanted to show you all the jinkksy love. I only like this bracelet in their whole store because the rest isn't me (Fair enough), this one is called Purity and is in their 'White magic' collection which I like most because it isn't too bold. If you want bold and to make a statement Jinkksy do some very fabulous candy coloured bracelets in their, 'Sweet  like candy' range where you also receive a free bangle. To purchase and view the Jinkksy world check out 

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tuesday 24th January


Today was interesting. I'm hyper today and the magical news is, I just had my first photoshoot for the local newspaper! Apparently I take good direction! I'm going to be in there due to my achievements in the Colour Couture Cosmetics covergirl contest, the winner of the contest will be announced tomorrow at noon (*Fingers crossed*) but even if I don't win I can walk around school saying, 'I'm in the paper na nicky na naa'. So tomorrow I may be exploding with happiness if ya know I do win. The photographer was really nice and said she'd email me pictures for my portfolio. But, a little incident happened... I happened to sneeze a bit and it went all down my school polo shirt :L Lucky the colour of the polo is green! The camera lense isn't green though... Funnily enough the photographer stopped saying, 'Perfect' after that. Have you ever dropped someone? Well, we were lifting in dance and I may of lost my balance just a tad and dropped my bestie! I wish her the very 'best'. The news will be in tomorrow if I win or not. :/ Also today, I was introduced coldy to Pi. A posisonous pie. What is the point in learning about pi, it's not like we're going to measure circles in our lives. Unless you're a tight wod when it comes to buying pizza. See ya;s for tomorrow!

I want one of those!

Benefit Dr. Feelgood velvety complexion balm 
Let's benefit with a bit of benefit make-up treasures today. Feel good with this lovely velvety complexion balm at only £5! The also product is a travel set which was originally just under £20 and is now just under £10, which is good for a WHOLE set of bestselling products!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Happy Chinese new year!

Monday 23rd January


Today was interesting. Monday blues. It's actually so hard not to yawn, especially when you have the beady eye of a teacher eyeing you. Science was amusing, the joy of smoking. Well not really joyful as you die. If any of my readers are smokers, gtfo. The canteen is that playground. Everyones secretly staring at eachother. As She me a long lecture just because I said no to her delicious (Bleurgh) fry-up She gave me a long lecture saying, 'You're not eating properly, i'm a concerned parent. You'll be anorexic soon and dying'. I went in to buy a flapjack, I come out and everyones fussing, 'Ooh what's she got' and all turning their heads. Nosey dicks. Yeah I just had my lunch (Belvita's) I go for dessert and it's a problem. Then when people watch you eat, oh lord. You would think they're a bunch of tramps or something. Fake people tend to have fake handbags (Take notice). It's like you're not getting any of their delicious food you just look like a scavenger, not a good look. I had cooking today making a curry. You know when you add something and it spits on top of your apron? It's a monster! With an attitude, jeez. Then it burns your food, and you're buggered. At Art club it was rather interesting, got white paint down my black jumper. Fabulous. Can't wait for tomorrow! See ya's!

I want one of those!

A little show eye candy today for my lovelies! I am in a very, VERY happy mood today, so look at this bad boy! This is watermelon colour and stunning. Of course if I asked for this She may well have a heart attack, js. But if you want to buy some click on the blue hyperlink Good shoes don't come cheap.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday 22nd January


Today was interesting.Sunday the worst day of the week and I am currently getting that 'Sunday night feeling'. Today I had to go to the supermarket, eurgh. People bug me, they just walk right in your way sometimes, and they can see you're going straight? And when She has sprained her wrist, you have to try and lift the dog food oh (Insert swear/bad word here)! But, I selected two menu's from the Change4Life scheme, and they look rather tasty. #MeInTheKitchenWhatASight. What is also very hard not to be angrified at is when you're sat down at your desk, in room. Ready to complete your homework. The minute you open a word document, 'Kheira' what? 'Can you run a bath please?'. As a parent is hard to say, 'Can't you see i'm busy learning and gaining an education. You want me to fail my exams, fine then.' so you do it. After you get bathed, you realised you've wasted an hour or so which would of completed your work. Sit down, typed in your title. 'Kheira!' yes what is so worthwhile to distract me from my learning? 'Can you get my dressing gown for me?' I was never happy with textiles, always didn't cut fabric as straight as I should of. (Jokes). So I get the dressing gown while saying, 'You should be forced to do the naked walk'. As an organised person like myself never does... 30 an hour sugar. Research some statistics. 'DINNER!' Oh for (Swear word insert). What's worse is I say beforehand, 'I'm doing an essay don't disturb me'. Grr. See ya's for tomorrow!

Westfield Stratford City!

If you live in Stratford or have visited the city please fill in my survey, it counts towards my GCSE's :)

I want one of those!

Heathcote & Ivory Nature's Way Geranium & Chamomile Essentials Set

Full sized handcream, delicious natural coconut lip balm and a small travel soap for the perfect gift set rich in shea butter and glycerine. Of course, not a gift for others but for yourself :) That's what a good sales goody is in my books. Cheap and cheery. £4 never sounded as tempting as it does now!

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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Saturday 21st January


Today was interesting. Hooray it's Saturday! But if you've got a throat blocked it's quite hard to enjoy the joy of Saturday (Also a downer when fashion magazines are sold out, on a Saturday!) So today I had to endure one of those old 70s/80s/90s sitcoms. Which She rather enjoys, I on the other hand am sitting there more interested in my breakfast. She keeps cooing over the stars and then she picks out famous people, 'Is that who I think... look it's Piers Brosnan wait is it him?' She does that to every person on shows who say one line. You're just sat there chewing your toast nodding, if that's even possible. How infuriating is it teaching your mum how to use a brand new iPhone? So jealous of it, it just sits there with someone who hasn't a clue how to use it. You practically scream inside, 'I WANT THAT PHONE!' and She does the whole, 'Ooh look at that!' whenever she presses a button in it! We walked into a random furniture store today, and I swear furniture stores are going to close soon. Aswell as Peacocks which everyone's started a petiton about, but there's never anyone in them shops? Not really a shock. But whenever you're in a furniture store there's always that employee watching you. 'You alright there, if you need any help give me a shout' probably the next thing after a stalker. Right now remember the modelling contest I entered? Well i'm being judged. Dun dun duun, fingers crossed! See ya's for tomorrow!


Pastels, pastels pastels. Not just for a baby's bedroom you know! I do sometimes find little contests where people are challenged to, 'Beat the stylist'. I voted for the stylist this week. To achieve pastel looks, I think pale pink tops and baby blue denim are a match made in heaven. This is the stylists outfit < and below is the readers. I don't actually see any pastels in the readers outfit. But the stylists outfit works because she hasn't overdone the colours (Hence darker tights and shoes) but she's balanced out the colour palette by also adding darker accessories.