Sunday, 29 April 2012

Today was interesting. Gotta love the Sunday night feeling. I do love skyping to your friends and then your brother comes in. So he does the thrusting, and then I scream. 'STOP THRUSTING IN MY BEDROOM!' Yes, my friends when mental. Gotta love friends. There was a kareoke going to be hosted at school, which we decided to attend (I didn't everyone else did).
She  does NOT have a talent for singing, but she seems to think so as she decided to sing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in front of everyone. Prancing around like she was full of talent! She even did a really weird dance, directed at the event organizer (My headteacher). Everyone was staring and laughing at me, I had to make up some excuse about a weak bladder. Just to hang my head in shame. It was disturbing. Anywhom, see ya's for tomorrow!

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