Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christmas Selfies.

Hi Stylistas!

Apologies for the lack of contact- when there's a giveaway on there's a lot of stuff behind the scenes that have to go on. Speaking of competitions, if you're the selfie queen be sure to check out the blog/Facebook page for updates on Monday.

As it's the start of December tomorrow, it does mean advent calendar time! This year it will be done slightly differently. Normally I just post it on the blog but this time it's specifically themed and a picture of the advent goodie will be shown on Facebook, Twitter (and possibly Pinterest, it's still not confirmed but will be confirmed tomorrow). Then there will be a link with it that links back to the blog- with a detailed post on the goodie. Also, I think I'll do the timing differently so it could be shown on Facebook first, then twitter one day- but the next maybe  it's Twitter first then Facebook- it'll be a mystery :) Plus on every 5th day, I won't display a picture- instead it'll be a 'Question mark'. That way, it's a big mystery :) So yeah; sounds complicated, but it shan't be.
I think that I will do the new blog layout/design in the gap between Christmas and New Years.

Along with the Christmas advent calendar there will be more nail art, fashion and gossip at ArrayO'Style!

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013

Hi all!

Basically, school has invaded my life AGAIN. Even after they re-arrange exam week, I still have a lot of coursework to do. And re-do. And do again. So, I have been posting more on our Facebook page, but I'll try to get blog posts under control. I say that, but plans never work out do they?

Today I decided to dedicate this post to the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The show hasn't actually aired (Airs 10th December in the US, so probably on at a similar time elsewhere) yet but last Thursday they filmed the show and bam it's received mixed (well mainly negative) reviews from fans. The music this year was a little surprising, I'll admit that. They had Taylor Swift, Neon Jungle (A British girl band, being British this is new information for most of our country) and Fall Out Boy. Considering last year they had Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber performing- they could've splashed out a bit more on performers. Or maybe that was the point, to have singers which wouldn't distract from the clothes? Who knows.

The themes this year were Snow Angels, Paradise, Birds of a Feather, Shipwrecked and British Invasion! The fact that Magdalena Frackowiak closed the show is just like a hug from God. Magdalena is probably my favourite model of 2013. She was the only model who in the VSFS 2012 show caught my eye and I've been watching her career this year. Magda and Balmain = Amazing. To be honest if Candice closed the show, not many fans would've been happy. I mean Candice is probably a nice person and all but last year Alessandra got the fantasy bra and Candice had all the screen time, when it was meant to be Ale's moment. She waited 12 years for that bra... to be upstaged by Candice.

Miranda Kerr was absent from the show, so was Barbara Palvin which is a shame as there seems to be demand for both of these models. Barbara wasn't in the US on the filming day but after her and Justin last year, I wonder what would've happened if he was performing there...  And with Miranda she was axed so she kinda wasn't absent. Fans have said the show 'wasn't the same without Miranda' to be honest, she was barely used so it didn't really feel much different. But with the media and the break up- everyone started to realise she wasn't there. Weird how the fans work.

Before I rant anymore, enjoy the photos and looking forward to the show ;)