Monday, 23 April 2012

Today was interesting. I love it when you do 25% of your GCSE, then your teacher says, 'I'm sorry I have other classes.' OTHER CLASSES! Fine, so we're not important enough. Cool beans don't expect much else. 'Class homework please?' so we say, 'Sorry we have other teachers'. I was taking the bus into town with my nan, and as we got on, she reached into her bag to get her purse so she could pay the driver. Instead of her purse, though, she accidently pulled out her spare pair of knickers and they flew out of her hand and landed on my head! I screamed in astonishment, which of course made everyone on the bus look over at me! To make matters worse, I had to sit on the bus for a whole 20 minutes! From that day on, my life was officially over! See ya's for tomorrow!

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