Thursday, 31 January 2013

Thursday 31st January

Today was interesting. What happens when someone volunteers you for a 'Take Me Out' themed assembly? I'd go hide in a corner. Rather be forever alone. Well not FOREVER alone; Taylor Lautner would do nicely. Or a humongous shopping voucher. Decided simply, to pull a sick day that day. If I remember and I'm not having a 'rushed' morning. If I am well there goes my sanity and *cough* reputation. Let's just say everyone has strange, abnormal friends. What was even more awkward was, there's this guy who practically stalks me. Seriously if I had a penny for every time it happens, I'd probably be able to buy the Hilton and be the next Paris Hilton. Don't really want to be her, but oh imagine the luxurious lifestyle. Not gonna lie, not really into the guy. Girls we always seem to ignore the ones who like us, but like the ones who ruin us. But as soon as the teacher came over he was all, 'Are you doing that Take Me Out assembly?' I said no like the mean, dream crushing child I am. He went 'Oh' with a ;3 kind of face to him. Gosh I'm mean and feel a tad guilty now. But there's no way I'm doing a Take Me Out assembly- not if Taylor Lautner did stop dating famous girls and noticed me! I'm sure the teacher will understand... they better. 
Anyway onto the main discussion I wanted to point out today. Year 7's are incredibly abnormal creatures too. My sister's friends were round ours and whilst my sister went to get snacks; I walked in on a conversation about what I thought was about food. It wasn't. I came in and they asked, 'Have you got chicken fillets?'. I said, 'Well in the fridge'. They looked at me strangely. Chicken fillets weren't just food...When she said, 'I meant one of these' she put her hand to her bra and took out a chicken fillet. I was expecting a pink, slimy gross thing. Well these were kinda gross looking. And I know knew how those sly Year 7's had bigger chests than us flat-chested Year 10's. That would be a good business idea. Secret 'boob jobs' in schools. No surgery, but slimy stuff instead. 
Well that's it for tonight folks. Tomorrow I've got a review to do :)

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Rihanna: Popstar turns fashion star?

Rihanna has revealed she will be exhibiting her debut collection at London Fashion Week; which is just around the corner. The 'We Found Love' singer has collaborated with high street brand River Island and has released a brief video clip discussing details with her 'co-designer'and also fits models. Top cover girl Jourdan Dunn models for the collection.
Rihanna: Popstar turns fashion star?
The singer posted a picture of her at the campaign shoot with model Jourdan Dunn on Instagram

During this clip, she dons her signature style. Which consists of: a simple black vest, baseball cap (not going to judge) and a 'fierce' necklace, covered in claws. Rihanna said, 'Rihanna explains: 'I have been wanting to design my own fashion line for a very long time.' ''This has been something I have wanted to do ever since I started loving fashion.'

The popstar also said her style reflects her mood and this collection will feature many different moods and attitudes. Rihanna presumes her fans will relate to this too.

The collection launches at London Fashion Week and will be available to purchase on the 5th March. The designs shown in the film include: swimwear, striped tops with plunging backs, jumpsuits and a floor-length black dress with sheer panelling. The collection was created for 'sassy' young women, says Rihanna. With this in mind Rihanna said, 'The collection is casual, it's chic, it's flirty ... I wanted all types of girls to be able to wear this and feel comfortable but edgy,

'I wanted there to be character within the clothes, but without it trying too hard. It's just simple.' Rihanna has dropped several stylish hints on her social networks, from snaps to mood boards' in order to publicise the campaign. It is also explained that Rihanna directed her first ad campaign and the first Rihanna for River Island range. 
Home grown models: Storm girl Jourdan Dunn, Premier girl Bambi Northwood-Blyth and Models 1 girl Ataui Deng (A niece of Alek Wek, model genes run in the family!). 
Maybe Rihanna might strut like at the Victoria's Secret show? Who knows.
Her interview is below.
Rihanna posted this picture on her Instagram:
River Island shared this montage of pictures from the LA campaign shoot with their customers on their Style Insider blog
The collection goes on sale on March 5th and will be unveiled at London Fashion Week with a full catwalk show and after party
Rihanna says: 'I have been wanting to design my own fashion line for a very long time. This has been something I have wanted to do ever since I started loving fashion.'
The 'casual, chic and flirty' collection includes swimwear, jumpsuits and maxi dreses

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Model Mondays

Model Monday- well Tuesday

As part of the new blog content, on Monday's I want to feature models a lot more. This may sound weird and a bit perverted; but while other girls compare boybands, I compare portfolios. Not sure why, I think it's just the fun of comparison and I sometimes go into my X Factor style judge mood. Specially when judging if the models have sold me the outfit or not. Okay, I do use images from but I'll only post images I agree with. This weeks is...

Agreed much?
Just like so say a huge thank you to everyone who's liked our Facebook page recently. We've had a massive  boast of likes recently and that's very encouraging! However, as there is a downside to everything can everyone who likes the page read this diagram as only 74 people read our latest status. Out of over 1000 likers. If you haven't liked our page, click here:

Sunday, 27 January 2013

901th Blog post! *Mini party*

Anyway, as you know I'm a ClaireaBella-aholic- Long word. Well, I've entered the competition below where you take a picture of your most loved ClaireaBella item; me not being prone to favoritism had to take a picture of EVERY one of them. Well almost all of them- Muzy only had a certain amount of slots in their layout so I had to pick most of them. My entry has been tweeted; but as I was playing around on Muzy (Muzy is like Picnik) I felt like doing a mini collage of the 3 newest aBella's to the family. I can't remember the last aBella I showed on here, so here's the 3 that have recently arrived. I have to say aBella's are great models. These are Limited Edition's.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

I want one of those!

Beautiful bargains for beautiful people,

So yesterday I posted one of my first make-up tutorials. Today, I'm bringing you some bargains for your nails to stock up on. Under... £1! Some as little as one penny! Check out the links at the end to view them: up close. Tomorrow it'll be eye's! 


Friday, 25 January 2013

Rainbow eyes!

  • Use a ribbon to mark the dash
  • Start at the inner corner of the eye. In this order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue then Purple. Like a rainbow.
  • Create pattern starting with colour 1.
  • After applying all colours, remove the tape.

  • Apply the eyeliner close to lashes.
  • .       Cover only half the dash of colour with eyeliner.
  • .       Apply the mascara and now glue on your the false eyelashes
  • .       Decorate with glitter eyelashes, low and as soon as possible! J

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hi everyone. I know I haven't posted in like forever (Taylor Swift moment). My layout has been delayed for technical reasons and well on with the post.

Today was interesting. Today implying this whole back to school shenanigan. Sleeping pattern is officially 'messed up'; I'm more or less half asleep all day. Am I the only one like this; but I just cannot go to bed early. When I do I'm just sat there befriending the wall. If wall's were people- they'd have no substance to them... But when I go to bed late I actually sleep. Mum doesn't buy that 'excuse', supposedly. Instead; when she see's me yawning, she just says 'Bed at 4pm then you'. 4PM! Doesn't really solve my problem mummy. Ironically, I manage to get up at 6am every morning. Anyway back to the gossip. What's your initial reaction when you see one of your teachers, in Boots... buying JLS condoms? Run and hide and end up browsing a random shelf (in my case rash medicine, nice). Or say to your Mum, 'That's my French teacher!' To your dismay Mum goes, 'I can't hear you, did you say that's your French teacher?'. So loud; the whole store is looking at her. Why do I get the feeling that I'll be getting triple homework this week... Doesn't help that I've got French tomorrow.

See ya's for tomorrow! I must add I did have a new years resolution to get more organised (obviously failed) with the blog and I haven't so far as revision is taking over my life! But, I will be posting a lot of catch up stuff these few days. What do you guys think about DIY fashion, nail tutorials, more clothes on a budget and more contests?

Monday, 7 January 2013

Just like to inform you all that ArrayO'Style will be having a maintenance break till Monday 14th January. I would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused; but I myself have demands (exams) and would also like to change the site layout and content.

See you then!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Freebies from my friend Suzareeta, One direction bracelet and a beautiful Disney Villains bracelet I bought for a Xmas present! :)