Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thursday 19th April


Today was interesting. Ah, GCSE results day! I got a C on the foundation paper (Pretty pointless if my target is a B and I can't bloody get it!) anywho, everyone who i'm friends with seemed to get A's and A*'s. I'm like okay, I got A* of my paper. Ah P.E in the freezing cold. Gotta fudging like it? , we'd been playing a game where you have to tap the person infront of you. So, I beat my friend easy peasy. Then, I get paired with this girl, who's really fast. So of course I go in front, and she chases me and taps me! Worse than that. She bloody goes and pulls my shorts down. We then moved on to leapfrog, which was fine. Me and my friend demonstrated to the class. Cool beans. Later on, we were in science and decided to show the teacher our leapfrogging abilities! My friend was in the middle of jumping over me when someone knocked on the door… He got a fright and fell on top of me, pulling my skirt up and over my back in the process! My spotty knickers were on show to the whole class and the head teacher - who'd just happened to have been standing at the door, all that time. See ya's for tomorrow! x

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