Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday 20th April

Today was interesting. Like my smize? What I hate about webcam photos, you have to multi-task. You can get your hands and face in perfect position, then the 3,2,1 and your screwed, thinking it's done already. Anywho, on trend with these new Lacoste shoes. Kinda like Vans: light, snug and ballet like. Perfect for the Summer. No Lacoste didn't pay me for this, the Old & Wise one did. I love the way you get into Maths and you're meant to be getting results. After, at break everyone's screaming. 'WHAT'D YOU GET!' sorry to disappoint you, i'm so epic I got no marks. Literally, lazy, gay  teacher. Yes, dude you ruined my convo's with my friends. Speaking of gays, there's this new gay guy in my class. Because he's gay he's automatically directed to the popular group of: slags, bimbos etc. I spent 10 years trying to get there, think I might go plan a coming out party. Wonder if i'll get in? What I loove about school is I set the Claireabella Classics trend. I was the only one, now this goth has got one. A BRIGHTLY COLOURED ONE! How ironic. The day was really pretty crap from then on. I rung up the BRIT SCHOOL, and was really blunt about the whole situation. So confident, so bold. I sounded like a spoilt, posh girl. [No further comments]. They basically said they hadn't received it, and said whoever said it had was a liar. Yet it was the same woman who said it was there before. WHO CHASED IT UP. Cor, the performing arts industry.  Making a 14 year old cry on the phone, what a woman. (Not really). See ya's for tomorrow, I'm going to go and watch some shows and get ready for a casting tomorrow. See ya's amazing people!

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