Monday, 30 July 2012

Monday 30th July

Today was interesting. First day without babysitting! Wohoo, actual half term now. Meaning I wasted one week of my 6 weeks off. Thanks Mum. Oh well. I went to the park with the siblings, yay. I need to organise something with my friends. I'm usually the person who organises the meets and if I don't bother, our group doesn't really go. 'The Old&Wise One?' used to be mega popular and live with all her friends on the same street; so she could easily see her friends. Same with the little ones. But me, my friends live about 45 mins away, so I can't really knock for them :( Either that or I went to a scummy school. I don't mind going out with my friends but I am a tight wod. I'll admit it. I always save my money, mainly for things I'll have to save up a while for. Like Sylvia Young's or an iMac. But when you're out, you have to buy something. Normally lunch at a push. Does anyone get that? (My stinginess has saved up a LOT). I also hate going into shops I don't like, one shop in particular is a really cheap, tacky shop one of my friend loves. I'm just there doing my, 'I'm soo loving this' face. Anywho. When you're acquainted by someone you met in primary school. The cry baby of the bunch. To see they are now a chav and add a 'RARRRRRR' to the end of names (which end in A). Anyone else met that? I'm just there like, boy you've changed that scummy school changed you. She also dates a heffalump, who said, 'Do you know what 7up is?' not particulary I live on water. I just moved. LOL. She's now one of those people who find anything hilarious. Like my sister, 'Hello'. Cackle. Some people. Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow. I love yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. (See what I did there).

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday 29th July

Today was interesting. Hey we got bored <  More videos to come. I decided my own vids weren't going anywhere- and they were quite offensive (Not like these wont be. LOL). Jokes we created, copyrighted boomting. We call ourselves 'NerdAndDiva' which one do you think I am? Anyway, Youtube's new and it's confuzzling. Slipping in a puddle. Not cool. At work. Worse. Not cool when your jacket gets muddy and your in stupid, ballet flats, without socks (I know, thought it was going to be Summery. It was at home actually, till we got home...). They had photographers there, so we got on their set and partied. Then the lady came over and started trying to sell us stuff. Quite expensive stuff tho. Anywho, typical English weather. But, that means cupcakes can be delivered to my house cheaply :) I didn't have two delicious cupcakes at work in my break... See ya's for tomorrow!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Saturday 28th July

Today was interesting. Does anyone else get the, 'I-have-no-friends!' moment? Lets explain. I'm working tomorrow at a children's fun day thing (why I do the flyers) and my boss had someone cancel on them, so they wanted someone else to help so she asked me to ask my friends. Usually 14 year olds would be bouncing at the chance of money! Not, 'Oh i'm busy'. Busy? Could of told me hours ago! I don't wanna be there on my own! (Usually theres someone else there, who sits on their blackberry to their boyfriend. Ooh la la!). Oh well. If they cancel, I can rub in, 'I HAVE MORE MONEY THAN YOU, NA NICKY NAA NAA!). Like a 5 year old. Speaking of 5 year olds, I volunteered at the Summer Reading Challenge today, (Can never be too cool for books. Found 50 shades of grey in there! Speaking of that book, when I was on the beach handing out flyers EVERY mum had that book. Are they really that dissatisfied?). The 5 year olds are so sweet! Does bug me when the 11 year olds just read the baby books. Come on it's a challenge! You don't get the prizes for free, (You kinda do, but seriously they actually have to read!). The librarians weren't impressed when I wore a scientist, lab coat and got the Union Jack and pranced around with it. Then fell over a chair I was meant to pick up. It was a toddler chair...

Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday 27th July

Today was interesting. Woop it's Friday! Won't be babysitting the minions for a while now! I was at my Mum's work waiting for her outside in the waiting area. As she was taking FOREVER I started to read one of the magazines on the counter. Bearing in mind it was a college, you'd expect parenting books and celebrity magazines. However, I found a nudie magazine under the pile. How bizarre and inappropriate. Not like there's parenting courses here and family courses and things. What was even more bizarre was there was a neighbour on the front cover! Oh god. After, we both went to the cinema to see a movie. Before we went into the movie we saw these really good looking guys out in the parking lot, and asked for my number. So I gave it to them and entered the movie. Halfway through the movie- I started to get really sick.. I knew I was going to hurl, but had no time to run away, so i puked in my hands... but it gets worse while I was running down the aisle covered. I threw up right in the middle of the aisle, looking up I see the guy who asked for my number he looked up at me and laughed and handed my number back... I was never more embarrassed in my life. See ya's for tomorrow! x

Love a little bit of Lipsy. Check this tee out for only £11

Thursday, 26 July 2012


Today was interesting. SO HOT! I <3 IT! I get paid to tan #JobEnvy I hand out posters on the beach, heaven. Oh well. Do you get it when you say, 'I don't fancy any sugar, lets not have any today' and your Nan comes round with a load of cookies and junk. I was out shopping with my dad, and his phone started ringing. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard what his ring tone was - it just kept repeating really loudly, 'WARNING! WARNING! The wife is calling you!'. The shop was full of people and they all turned round to look and laugh at us! I was so embarrassed that I couldn't wait to get out of there! I insisted my dad change his ringtone after that. Mine's a One Direction, 'oi your phone is ringing pick it up don't you walk away get back!'. LOL. See ya's for tomorrow! x


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday 25th July

Today was interesting. Free books arrived this morning :) No, not 50 shades of grey. Although, I may have to read it. Anywho, who's seen the weather? It's gorgeous! What's greater is I get paid to sunbathe. Oh yes baby. Anywho, I watched all my recorded stuff today including; BINTM (Bit boring tbh. They rely on guest stars and the models aren't eyecatching anyway), Thelma's gypsy girls (someone deleted this weeks ep! Not impressed, but it's fascinating) & Katie. But, I AM IN LOVE WITH SMASH! Smash is a US show about the drama backstage- when producing a musical. I am loving it, mainly because it consists of everything I love. I got a bit bored of Glee... Smash is singing, dancing and very bitchy. Shows all the competition and what you have to do to get the roles. Competition's fierce. 'Bombshell' is the title for the musical (in the show) and it's all about Marilyn! WOOP! Teen wolf is rather attractive too. Turn it on for hot men running around shirtless. Anywho, see ya's for tomorrow. I might have to release some new t-shirts soon. New designs are ready :) AND some comps too! Enjoy your Summer darlings.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday 24th July

Today was interesting and hot for a change. I forgot crucial parts of yesterdays blog post, 'Blogger in Brighton'. Have you ever taken your Mum into Hollister? Well, I didn't she wandered in. Anyway, she wandered in because I was taking forever. Mainly because of the lighting (Specially in the back) I tripped on one of their racks. I did the 'That's-so- Raven- I'M- OK! moment. The rather attractive staff helped me up. Bizarrely, the guy wasn't as hot as I expected. It does bug me when people say, 'Are you ok?' after you fall over something hard or say someone dies. 'Are you ok?' 'No, i'm dying in your store help me before I sue you' I felt like saying. Only thing with sueing is you have to hire expensive solicitors. I could cope with lawyers, I could be the Elle Woods of the court. Even my mum commented she couldn't see anything in the shop. Imagine me with my glasses in there. Anyway... I went shopping with my friends and we had to make a trip to the ladies. I was finished before my friend, and while I was waiting for her I saw her bag poking out from under the cubicle. I thought it would be funny to nick the bag from under the door, so I did. The door promptly flew open and a very angry lady grabbed her bag and stormed out. I ran after her apologising, but the cleaner caught me and gave me a massive lecture on how to behave in the loos! My friends just laughed at me and tutted. See ya's for tomorrow! x

I want one of those!

The LookWho doesn't like: a chick flick with a beautiful front cover and bright pink pages? It's rhetorical, you don't have to answer that. Anywho, i've been ordering quite a few Summer reads recently (My summer holiday is 5 weeks. This week i'm babysitting the monsters till the afternoon. Let's be honest, no point going out with my friends in the afternoon! No time!). Although, I do like being in charge. Anywho, if you want a good Summer read under two pounds, check out 'The Look' and these other cheapo, goodies:

Monday, 23 July 2012

Monday 23rd July


Today was interesting. Magical, magical Brighton. Busy, busy, busy. Hot, hot, hot. A lot of repetition here. I hate coaches, with passion. Whenever i'm on one I just think, 'I'm not going to get off this alive!'. There must be a disease called, 'Coach lag'. Get it? Coaches just make everyone miserable, right? I SAW KATIE PRICE IN BRIGHTON! This morning I was all, 'I'll see Katie Price today'. We were walking towards ChoccyWoccyDoodah (YUM! Saw that on telly too!) and saw her pink car in traffic. I thought, no she'll have entourage it'll be a big scene when she gets out of the car (I actually only bought her books the other day, they've been dispatched. Better be good). Infact, there wasn't an entourage. Just her, Harvey & Leandro. I did want to speak to Leo, just to see if he could speak Spanish or if he was just faking it for the dosh... Have you seen the show? He honestly does make you laugh. No paparazzi. Unless teenage girls count as paps. I did want to ask for a photo; but didn't want to be rejected by Katie. Why is it always so hard to get moving shots! Oh well. ChoccyWoccyDoodah say it with cake! Cake is gorgeous there. It is a tad rich, but a delicious sponge. I've got a big fat slab in the fridge i'll be eating soon :) How's your day?

Teen choice!

Teen choice best dressed! Disney stars looking very, Disney. Lea is looking lovely and tanned. Very jealous! Loving the Aztec and the metallics! Selena's hair looks a tad Jessie J, right?

bella thorne tca rehearsal 04I think Bella Thorne has been copying my style. Or getting paid to carry these bags. I had one before Bella! Muahah. Not keen on her pants; but she pulls it off, and she looks pretty. 

Saturday, 21 July 2012

I want one of those!

How cute is this tee,from Republic? Even cuter at only a tenner. Check her out today! I'll post her ginger sister in a bit!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Paid to use Twitter?
Bring it on. I was asked to review the brand, new (Literally, just launched yesterday!) website StyleChi.StyleChi has a unique business model. At first glance, you may be fooled into buying full price. BUT! Clicking on 'How it works' reveals the secret. StyleChi works on 'Chi points'. Chi points allow the customer to get discounted clothing. The more Chi points you earn, the more is deducted from your total. If you sit and have a play around earning some, the shop page has everything reduced. 

The big question. How can I earn Chi points? Once you create a profile (You can do this with your Facebook one), you can click 'Want more points?' to answer questions, worth 50 chi points an answer. In fact, you earn some when you register. More ways to earn chi points include:
  • Inviting your friends to StyleChi.
  • Adding members as friends.
  • Logging into the site daily.
  • Purchasing an item.
  • Liking an item
  • Adding an item to your moodboard.
As you gain more points, you may move up a level. Like a game, a game for discounted clothing. (I say discounted- the clothes are not free. They may be heavily discounted, but the people who make the clothing still need wages!). These are the levels you can achieve-
Level 1 – SC Newbie- Site wide promotional offers
Level 2 – Stylist – Random double point days
+ Level 3 – Trend Setter – Free shipping
Level 4 – Fashionista – Access to the VIP lounge which contains limited offers on high demand items
Level 5 – Fashion Icon – Personal- StyleChi shopper service & chance to win invitations to annual StyleChi events.
StyleChi is growing and is set to be a trendsetter by August. So, while you have 6 weeks off why not start saving up those points! Did you know the average human spends 10 minutes on the Internet each day? If you think that's false, like me, join StyleChi. I already have my eye on a little dress. 
(Please note: I know I don't have many male readers, but the male collection isn't in stock yet).

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thursday 19th July

Today was interesting. End of term, WOOP! Boo hoo to those who have to go in tomorrow. I had a half day, (WOOO). Bit surreal thinking we have six weeks off. How bored am I gonna get? *Dream of me paintballing splatting everyone*. Very bored indeed. But going to Choccywoccydoodah in Brighton will be amazing. Can't wait to get photos- on my mum's phone. Trust me, say your friends have blackberry's and you'll get a special phone on 'loan' to prance about with. I may do one of those Facebook pictures when they get the whole bloody iPad in, looking ridiculous. It's not exactly a fan or a phone, it's a tonne. Imagine if you clicked 'Snapshot' and on the countdown you dropped it and you get a picture of yourself sneaking off... I'd laugh if someone did that. I might do that. Try the elegant, 'I'm-Holding-An-Elephant-While-Trying-To-Look-Elegant-Pose' as you do.What amazing things will you be doing this Summer? If anyone's going to the Maldives; get me some free tickets. Got some great sites to recommend to you tomorrow. How would you like to earn clothing, while sitting on Facebook? I know just as I thought. 6 Hours a day on the computer may be good for something! (Tad over-exaggerated I think, my mum disagrees). LAST DAY OF SCHOOL=REPORTS. I always get the usual, 'Quiet' 'Doesn't participate in discussion' 'Good behaviour' 'Pleasure to teach'. I'm not exactly the rebel. But, which scope (PSHE, sex ed etc)  teacher says, 'Oral work'? Not to mention we were doing condom positioning the other day. Did you know chocolate condoms, smell nice? Don't ask. On the other hand, they look like octopus (HAHA, just noticed the last bit) ink. Not impressed with my dance report. But hey, I can improve. Otherwise, i'll bribe. My free clothing will work. See ya's for tomorrow! I've now installed the 'Shop' tab on my facebook page. Oo'er.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012



Purple is the colour of passion and luxury. Now it's the colour of Autumn/Winter 2013. Historically, purple was only worn by those wealthy, few. But in modern times- it can be worn by everyone! It's the colour of all collections. This is not a trend that relies on key pieces - everything from trouser suits to cocktail dresses, handbags, ankle boots and clutches are ultra violet for autumn/winter 2012-13. Even the carpets were saturated in jewel shades of purple at Gucci, Prada and Christopher Kane.The models at Roberto Cavalli even had purple, lit eyes. Look at these outfits for inspiration:

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tuesday 17th July

Today was interesting. Finished my first, fashion moodboard for a 'Fragile Beauty' theme. I should really start on my other; time flies when you're busy gluing the pictures precisely on. Futuristic fashion tomorrow, yay! And the sketches for them. Eurgh. Or i'll beg my friend to draw them for me. I really do not see how i'm Gifted and Talented in Art. My sketches are literally stick men with shading in the wrong places. The praise I get is unreal. This morning was a nightmare. My friend kindly, decided to take me to school today, She was called to work early... My friend's mum's car just has two doors, so I had to push the seat forward to climb out from the back. Suddenly, I noticed my crush walking towards us. I tried to look cool by swiftly getting out of the car - only to get my foot tangled in the seat belt and fall face-first on to the pavement. Ouchies.  My friend, her brother and everyone nearby couldn't stop laughing. As you do when someone's hit them self and goes into school looking like a gargoyle.  See ya's for tomorrow!x

Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday 16th July

Today was interesting. Walking into school and being told you miss Maths and R.E (YES). Being told those lessons you would be sweaty- practicing a dance you didn't know at all. Boo, hiss. So I did the rehearsals, only thing was they kept saying, 'If you're not coming to the show tonight, go back to normal lessons'. Show? Don't you love it when all the plans appear. Before it was, 'We'll be performing in a show soon.' Now it's tonight! It's like when your mum says, 'Didn't expect to see you here.' When half an hour before it was,'THE WINDOW CLEANERS COMING SOON, HOOVER UP!'. You don't say. My family never fails to entertain. Came home to a mum who did a good, 'MazziMaz' 'WHAAT' impression when I told her my show was tonight. Not pleasant when she sneezed in my face. She was all, 'I CANT TAKE YOU' I pleaded but nope. However, she did make me perform in front of her. AND my whole family. Even the siblings, who couldn't care less. How embarrassing. Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow! x

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday 15th July

The things Youtube leads you to. One video lead me to 'Beckii Cruel'. Someone I hadn't come across before. Shame I don't look anime. My sister does. So she's 5ft8 and looks anime. GET HER! And she doesn't like dancing or fashion or modeling anyway! I could always push her and then steal her fame :) Nah, i'm not that mean. I wonder what country I could take by storm. I'm too tanned for Anime. (Comment below what country you think I suit). The sun read my blog yesterday and decided to get some exercise today, so I was wore flip flops, and my fam and I decided to take a walk into town. We took my dog with us because he needed some exercise (In other words, I was asked and I put on the 'Oh-Just-Because-I-Love-You' smile). We were walking around for ages and then suddenly I felt my foot go all squelchy and warm; no it wasn't an automatic heatwave. I looked down and my dog had pooed on my foot. I was absolutely mortified and everyone was looking at me. She even started saying, 'I knew it was a bad idea.' When she said earlier, 'Take him to town for some exercise!'.I had to find the nearest loo to clean it off, which involved walking through a restaurant. See ya's! Enjoy school tomorrow. If you're getting #ThatSundayNightFeeling it's your last for a while.

Eating for charity!

Eat cake for charity!
I'm honoured to say my Birthday is the same day of the McMillan Cancer Care's, 'World's biggest coffee morning'. I will be baking some delicious treats for a school bake sale. You can join in with the event by throwing your own and getting your hands on your free fundraising kit, . Or, look what's local to you and eat some scrummy cakes at various coffee mornings around the country! Marks and spencers will be selling cakes and coffees in their cafes, with a donation being made for McMillan. So. Ready, steady, bake!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Saturday 14th July

Today was interesting. I have a show on MONDAY and we had a choice of two dances to perform. One we've been learning the whole year; the other we'd learnt in 20 minutes. Guess which one we have to perform? Yars, number 2. Nightmare practicing it today. I may have to bring a Chicago stick and do my own little 'Can Can' dance in the background. A 'Can Can' is always better than just standing there. Day 2 of the Laptop reunion. What did amuse me today was I came back to picture's of guys pouting. When did that become fashionable? Quite funny seeing attractive males looking like ducks with lipstick actually... Hi weather; if you haven't realised yet it's July. Get a move on. When your mugshot (Year 6 class photo at 'prom) is posted and someone thinks, 'Hey let's comment something pointless' and you receive the notifications, forcing you to look at your unflattering, embaressing self at 'prom! Not like we were dressed as princesses or anything in terrible wigs... Badda bing badda boom. The excitement when you receive your modeling portfolio! The excitement when you asked for one in black and white and it's in colour...
See ya's for tomorrow!x
Check out my clothing line, may release some newbies tomorrow..

Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday 13th July, oooh

Friday 13!
Today was interesting. I've been away from the Internet so long; it was practically a #ChristmasMoment when I got it back. 93 emails, fml.  Mazz videos on auto play <3 I'm having one of those days when i'm just, 'WHATEVER MAKES ME HAPPY, DO IT'. That does mean watching hot lads, on replay. Anywho, hey stranger!
Last week we had the Olympic torch come to our town. Yeah erm, we had to stay in school. In our English class there was only 5 people. We still had to go in! The night before my fam were gloating they had the day off. She even said, 'Oh you can stay off'. The next morning, 'Get a move on, you're going to be late! Stop acting like you have the day off!'. Er hello, just sat having my day off. I had to go in. Damn it.
There was also this, 'Business/Finance/Enterprise workshop' at school for the people in top set Maths. *Wave*. Before I banter: I own my own clothing line & blog (And take profit) and I've been around money all I can remember (SHOPPING!). So you'd think i'm rather qualified than say someone who asked what the word 'Enterprise' is, this person is in top set too. AND THEY GOT PICKED TO GO! The person I spend half my maths lessons explaining too. They were making t-shirts to sell, even doing radio adverts! Fashion is my forte! If Fashion was a GCSE, I would get an A*. Infact, I think it is. Imagine a course going in there and reading fashion magazines. Then answering questions like, 'Who's Tyra?'. Soo me.
I did say ungrateful brothers. Oh wait, aren't all brothers ungrateful little monsters? I won him a t-shirt and book set in a Horrid Henry contest. 'Oh wow! I can sell that on eBay'. eBay, did he just say that? I spend ages entering competitions, just to see if I can win things. Sometimes I do :) But not always the jackpot ones. In this case, I had to repeat, 'Say thank you' a million times to him. Mum even said, 'Say thank you to your sister'. Nothing. I took the t-shirt back and I think I might wear it. Even if it is a boy's t-shirt. Who cares?
See ya's for tomorrow!x Any suspicious Friday the 13th antics? A few years ago our dog went missing and we were out looking like idiots calling him on the street! LOL.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tuesday 3rd July

Today was interesting. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I usually post around 8/8:30pm ish, but yesterday I felt like going to bed at 7pm (didn't feel well). Wasn't very helpful that next door someone forgot to clean their room and their mother fully responded. RIGHT next to my door. 'GET THAT ROOM CLEAN NOW, OR NO POCKET MONEY!' Then you get him crying because he doesn't want to, etc... Infact, whilst i'm writing this they're having a family band session. Drums, electric guitar it takes a while till they move on to the relaxing sounds of screechy, off-key flutes. 

Anyway, today we found out we had an hour to do a dance. Woop de doo. You could tell I was the most 'unexperienced' in the class, an hour isn't my style. Gotta love getting sweaty in a boiling room. Yes, radiators in a dance room? Genius. It's like wearing metal when walking through security at the airport. 

I was in French when the teacher asked the class to count to thirty in French in our heads (Fab. Stops the 'Umms' and 'erms' when saying them out loud), before we moved on to the next topic.I have a short attention span, so I had to concentrate really hard to do it and when I got to thirty, I was so proud of myself that I shouted out 'Thirty! Yay, I did it!'. Everyone looked at me like I was nuts because it turned out they had gone on to a different subject ages ago. Hence the new title and everyone had their books open... See ya's for tomorrow! 
Cutie of the day! Carlos Pena from Big Time Rush. How cute is he?