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#ABlogADayInMay 6th

Keeping up with the celebs. Who inspires your style? Why, how?
Celebrities are a massive part of most people's lives. We copy their hair, make-up, actions and fashion, as they influence nearly every part of our lives! There are some certain individuals who I completely idolize and want to copy their every outfit and make-up look!
The top most influential person for me personally is the one and only Kylie Jenner. Her style is always perfectly on-point. She changes up her style - some days it's dark and edgy and then the next it's girly! I often do this, so I take an awful lot of inspiration from her outfits! Her hair is absolutely beautiful! I also have ombréd hair, but I actually didn't copy it from her, but I would love to have her ombréd bob! Lastly, make-up. Kylie's make-up is always perfect, I take a lot of inspiration from her make-up looks also as she always looks flawless. Her signature look is the 'winged eyeliner and red lip' which I have tried to recreate a zillion times!
I think she's quite different to the rest of the Kardashians in some ways, as she has her own style and is very naturally pretty as well as when she's all made up!
My next fashion inspiration is Lauren Pope. If you don't know her, Lauren is a reality TV star on The Only Way Is Essex, which is a controversial show but I love it so much! Recently, she's had a very sophisticated, catwalk inspired style and I love it! She always looked very stylish, glamorous and classy. Wherever she's going or whatever she's doing, she looks set for the red carpet!
Her make-up is always lovely, with those perfectly chiseled cheekbones of hers! I try to channel a bit of her through my style some days, but I probably fail! Lauren recently developed her own clothing line with In The Style, so here's a link to that Not surprisingly, all the clothes are gorgeous and reflect her style very well!
No fashion inspiration would be complete without this beauty, Cara Delevinge. A model herself, she always looks beautiful. She has quite a boyish style, which I have tried to wear myself. She doesn't go over the top with her clothes, she just looks very casual. Most of the time, she's styling some skinny jeans, or high waisted shorts, which are my favourite! We have something in common in that neither of us wear much colour! Her hair is always very simple, and perfectly messy and it just suits her perfectly, and I would love to have her hair! She has her signature brown smokey eye look, which looks perfect and is also one of my favourite eye looks as it's quite edgy yet girly enough. I'm sure that Cara is many young girls fashion/beauty icon!

 How  could I forget one of my favourite people ever?! Cheryl Cole! She has been one of my inspirations for a very long time, when she had red hair I dyed my red, turned out awful but oh well! I do love Cheryl Cole's style as she changes it up a lot, and she always look gorgeous, whether she's casual or not. I was so happy to hear she's back on the X factor as she always looks stunning each week. I am incredibly jealous of her!
 I suspect many of your fashion inspirations will probably be the same as mine, very mainstream I know, but who are your fashion favourites? And how do they influence your style?
Blog Name: Blusherandbronze
Name: Lydia
Age: 15/16 (Depending when this post goes up!)
Favourite Make-up Brand: MAC
Favourite Model: Cara Delevinge
Twitter: @Bandbronze
Instagram: blusherandbronze

Monday, 12 May 2014

#ABlogADayInMay2014 5th

Hey there! Even though it’s been spring for quite some time, it’s still pretty chilly in my neck of the woods. On the rare sunny days, I like to imagine its summer and hang out in the sun. Haha. One of the best parts of summer is not having to wear so many layers! The outfit below is one that I’m excited to wear: a white tank from Hollister and a green skirt from Asia (unfortunately the sun washed out the green-it looks better in person, I promise).

Besides some different clothes, summer also brings along some fun activities! Actually, there are so many activities that I couldn’t possible do them all. But, I’ve made a list of some things I can’t miss this year.
Summer Bucket List:
* Sleep. J
* Picnics! So fun.
* Meet a new friend.
* Send a bunch of letters to my friends before we go off to high school.
* (saw this one on the internet) Say yes to everything for a day.
* Backyard camping.
* Watch a movie in a theater instead of the Internet.
* Eat lots of food!
* And have a summer project to keep me busy.
I’m pretty excited from summer now! My blog is Hey Iris if you’d like to see what I’m up to and tell me what you plan on doing this summer!
NAME: Iris BLOG NAME: Hey Iris (
AGE: 14

Friday, 9 May 2014

#ABlogADayInMay 3rd

By: Christina Madeleine (This Fashion Girl)

Hey everyone! I was invited by the amazing owner of this blog to do a guest post. The city I live in is featured in many films, magazines, newspapers, and television shows. This city is one of the few fashion capitals of the world. Have you guessed it yet? New York! As I have been growing up, I have been exposed to many different fashion trends. But now, since I have developed a love for fashion and makeup I take advantage of these trends.

New York isn’t all just big buildings and unfriendly people. There are many different places to go to in New York such as Chelsea, Soho, Brooklyn, Upper East Side, and so many more. One thing I love about New York is that everyone has their own style. When I take the subway I see people with hair of all shades wearing outfits I wouldn’t even think of wearing. This is where I get some of inspiration from, the atmosphere around me.

One of the things I like about where I live is the scenery. I have taken photos all over New York to display my outfits and the scenery on my blog. Here are some pictures I took on my little adventures:

If you are a fan of the show Gossip Girl, you might recognize the steps as the steps that Blair and her posse sat on in seasons 1 and 2. If not, these are also the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The school I attend is near this amazing museum so I never miss the opportunity to take pictures of this area. Many people don’t realize that the area they are in, everyday, can be one of the most beautiful.
In the picture on the right, there are streets throughout New York that are not completely paved, so they have cobblestones instead. I love these type of streets because it gives this vintage look to the street. These streets have been around since late 1800s and early 1900s. I personally love taking photos on these streets because it is perfect for scenery.

There are places throughout my area that people don’t think would be in New York. I get some inspiration for blogposts by walking around Manhattan (New York City) and some of the outside areas. I love showing my readers the places that aren’t seen on film.

I get a lot of fashion inspiration from many places such as celebrities, magazines and youtube, but I like going into stores to see what is “in style”. My favorite places to do this is in Soho and Chelsea, New York. In Soho there are long streets filled with store after store like Topshop, Hollister, H&M, Forever 21, American Apparel, Scoop, MAC, Sephora, and Brandy Melville. Recently, I went to Soho for a shopping spree. When I went to American Apparel I didn’t know what to get, so I asked one of the workers there. She went around the store and gave me all these different outfits to try on and told me

In the area of Manhattan called Chelsea, there is so much inspiration there. I love going to Chelsea because of the amazing High Line which is a park that is above the streets. There is the famous Chelsea Market which has food, drinks, stores for different needs, and stores that come for sales once in awhile. I partially grew up in this area so I have learned to love it there. The stores I like to go to there are Urban Outfitters, Sephora, LUSH, and a flea market (you don’t know what you could find!).

I love living in New York. It gives me fashion and blogpost inspiration. Hope you all liked where I get my inspiration from. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Name: Christina Madeleine
Blog Name: This Fashion Girl Blog:
Age: 14
Twitter: @thisfashiongirl (Christina Madeleine)
Instagram: @chriistinamariie Bloglovin: 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

5 minutes with... C.E.O of Marbèlle Clothing

5 minutes with... C.E.O of Marbèlle Clothing
So, I've been collaborating with a new womanswear brand called 'Marbèlle' and I thought 'Lets interview the owner!' so here is it. Are you ready to become a Marbèlle Babe?

Where do you get your inspiration from for your designs?
 When it comes to getting inspiration you can get inspiration from many different things. I love gaining inspiration from different designers Michael Costello , Lanvin , Givenchy and also high street brands . Topshop , COS and more I think in every brand you can find inspiration.

How did you come up with the brand name'?
 Coming up with my brand name wasn't easy but I wanted to bring out a name that I feel represents my brand something which sounds more luxurious as this is where I see my brand going. MAR stands for my initials and belle means beautiful in Italian and French.

How long does it take to create one of your artworks?
 Depending on the design and the structure of it to create it may take me up to 3 days less or more to get it exactly how I want it.

Did you face any obstacles? How did you overcome these? 
 I think you’re facing obstacles as a designer and a business owner by getting yourself out there and getting people to see your vision and love it enough to believe in it as much as you do. The most important thing is to focus on the dream and keep going. The way I overcome most of the problem I have been through is to have faith in that things will work out and hard work never goes unnoticed.
Add caption
What tricks have you got up your sleeves for summer and the rest of 2014?
 Tricks I have up my sleeve hmmmmm?
I have loads of new work coming out a lot of cool features and an online store coming so this year should be amazing!

Me in Marbèlle

Which celebrity/model would you in a dreamworld imagine wearing your clothes?
 I don’t have an exact celeb I would love to wear my clothing but when one does I will feel very proud.

Do you take custom requests?
 Yes we take custom request: Contact for any request which we will handle

Keep up to date with Marbèlle via:
Instagram: @Marbellefashion

And check out their collaboration with FabFem here: 

#ABlogADayInMay 4th

Thrift shopping with a £20 budget!

 NAME: Taylor McClure
BLOG NAME: Somewhere Over The Runway
AGE: 13
TWITTER: @OverTheRunway
INSTAGRAM: @SomewhereOverTheRunway 
FACEBOOK PAGE: Somewhere Over The Runway
When the season changes, so does the weather, and that means I need a new wardrobe, or at least some new clothes. Sometimes getting a whole new wardrobe and tons of new things from high-end stores can’t happen for various reasons. (Like spending all of my money on one really expensive thing that I don’t even need) But that doesn’t mean you can’t get any new clothes or accessories. You just have to find the right place to buy them.
I went to Buffalo Exchange several days ago. Buffalo Exchange is a store where you can buy, sell, or trade clothing, shoes, and accessories. Most of the items in the store are brand new and the price averages at $15 (£9).

 I got the Ella Moss dress I am wearing for $15 (£9) and the purse for $8 (£5). The hat was also $8 (£5). The total was $31 or about £19. £1 under the budget!

 You might think that going shopping for a new outfit requires you to spend all of your money, but it doesn’t. Shopping at thrift stores or consignment stores are a great alternative to shopping at a department store, especially if you want something that no one else will have.
 xoxo, Taylor

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#ABlogADayInMay 2nd


AGE: 21

I haven't been living in Brighton for very long, not even a year yet, but already I can sense a tangible change in everything I do, from the way I speak to the way I dress, as a direct result of living here. It's a strange city, everyone seems at once both profoundly different and yet entirely the same. Brighton as a whole has a certain style; the 'trying hard to not try hard' look that is perfected by the masses. It's notoriously tricky to imitate, but when one pulls it off, there are few feelings better than knowing you look great without having to try. Style inspiration doesn't solely come from the good people of Brighton, it's all around; in the buildings, the artwork, the music (as cliché as that sounds). Living here hasn't only altered my fashion sense, it's also introduced me to new music, cultures and notions. Brighton has aged me, in a good way, and I can easily call this place home even though I'll be leaving in a few months. But anyway, this is supposed to be a fashion post, not a dispiriting, self-deprecating ramble. In terms of style, I am being more adventurous, and trying to wear a lot less black. Layers are my best friend, because they always look good and hide any unwanted rolls (upon rolls) of fat. Brighton has a very hippy, boho vibe, so I now have a kimono, some harem pants and a giant vintage denim jacket in my possession. There's not much more to say about Brighton, as it's a difficult place to accurately describe. It has an infectiour atmosphere, and I 
would find it very hard to believe anyone could come here and not be influenced by such a dynamic city. 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

#ABlogADayInMay 1st

Hello Stylistas from far and wide.

Welcome to #ABlogADayInMay2014 ! This is the first time we've organised something like this and hope to continue in the next coming years.
May is such a stressful month for young bloggers as it's exams ahoy. So #ABlogADayInMay is what I've culminated to help unload the stress, whilst still providing quality reading content from bloggers around the world. It's also about exposing new bloggers to readers and letting them explore what else occurs in the world, in the eyesight of bloggers. You never know, you might just spot your new fave this month!

To start the month off here's Olivia from Blushing Beauty and her Hot Pink Beauty Edit!

Hot Pink Beauty Edit
For my post in this project I decided I would explore the colour pink in makeup and all things beauty so I hope you enjoy it and get some ideas from it.

1) So.. Dry Shampoo - Probably one of my most raved about projects over on my blog is this dry shampoo. I prefer it to the Batiste as it feels so much more fresher and clean on my roots. Also it makes my hair so much easier to work with on third or second day hair.

2) Vaseline Hand Cream - My favourite hand cream is this one from Vaseline which moisturises my hands and is supposed to keep your nails strong and healthy. My one hate with hand cream is how sticky it can get but this one wasn't and it smelled really good.

3) Elvive Shampoo & Conditioner - This product was a classic blogger influence and of course the glitter in there was a instant winner for me. I would recommend it for fine hair as on my hair (thick) it doesn't work too well. However the glitter specks are super cute and girly too.

4) Baby Lips Pink Punch - Another blogger influenced product was this Baby Lips in a shocking pink called Pink Punch. On top of the moisturising factors and the added SPF, I love the bright colour and its perfect for spring or summer time. However I also love the Cherry Me, it smells amazing.

5) Primark Powder Brush - Just starting off in blogging I needed a powder brush of some sort. For only £1 it doesn't shed any hair at all and does a fairly good job at distributing the makeup product. If I was to give one criticism then It does collect a bit of build up but that can be fixed with some washing.

You can follow me over on and I really hope you enjoyed reading this!