Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tuesday 17th April

Today was interesting. Not as half asleep as yesterday but still alright. Oh my days, today since I revised on Sunday thinking I had a test today, I was tested! And because of my attitude to learning of a 3 for Science I spoke up my revision and had to do an experiment at the front, where I dropped the equipment :/ Awkward...I was in German class and we were watching an old version of Fame. I was sat at the back of the class with my mates and it got to the bit of the movie where the woman goes crazy swearing at people. I had got up to pop to the loo and my skirt caught on the table, and ripped right up my leg! I swore really loudly, and my teacher turned round and yelled 'NO COPYING THE FILM!' I slowly slid down into my seat as the whole class burst out laughing. Short blog today I know, but I've got a lot of homework to get done! See ya's for tomorrow xxx

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