Wednesday, 29 February 2012

An apology and promise,

Sorry I have not been posting for these last two days, I have a big exam tomorrow which I am expected to get high marks on. I have been revising like mad but I promise tomorrow night i'll be able to post!

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday 27th February

Monday *Groan*

Today was interesting. Oh the joy of a Monday morning, I didn't even get a chance to sleep through form! I do the school newspaper so I got to take photo's through a year sevens assembly. Some of you are thinking, 'Oh yes forgot to get my planner signed. Cbf to do spanish' etc. I'm more likely thinking, 'Oh dear god i'm going to be flashing all around'. Which I did and startled the readers ickle eyes. One of them got rather peed off with me, but the teacher said the photo's were amazing. Aha. Don't you love it when you get low mark in a mock test? I went home, cried a tad and blamed 'The Old&Wise One' because it was her fault, 'Check your Twitter for me for those bags' eurgh. Those bags drive our family insane. More insane than everyone buzzing saying, 'WHAT YOU PICK FOR OPTIONS?'. Oh dear. See ya's for tomorrow, no cake yet. Awaiting tomorrow's bday cake. See ya's and get your entries in!

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday 26th February


Today was interesting. She's birthday! Yay. What I love about birthdays, is you benefit from them aswell! Think about it, 4/5 days a year which are cooler than the rest. More beneficial, specially when someone orders take out. Or eating out. I have to say i'm normally a Pizza Hut lover, but honestly this weeks trip didn't amuse me. Delicious food, crap service. I ended up with juice! Juice! Not squash. Was the lady deaf or something? I mean she might of been from a job centre, but some respect to the customers please! I swear they have a different member of staff each week. But it feels so awkward when you don't get what you want, because they get peed off and you don't want them to spit in your food so you shush and get a rash all over your face. As you do when service stinks. What made me laugh the most Miss 'Dont-Listen-To-The-Customer-Bish' happened to be the manager, so she was training this younger girl who was showing her up. And she screwed up by saying, 'No, that's not right'. Yes listen to the manager who caused a girl to vomit on the food and go home itching their face. Nice. off to get a slice of cake. Ah yes. Who else has that mum who tries too hard not to spill on the table, and then she spills and world war three breaks out. Gee, you would of thought we were in a fight over something big. Not a stain. Gee wizz. See ya's for tomorrow!

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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday 25th February


Today was interesting. Awoke to the sound of 'Lots of cleaning to be done today!' oh yes ruin my revision time much? I mean any other time but not the weekend before an exam. Does bug me when parents just organise your day for you, not like I revise when on the laptop. I mean just intrude on us. Then whatever result you get, they tut at you and moan 'Oh you should of revised darling'. Should of revised? I couldn't bloody revise can I, I have to go to town with you and do the food shopping and do cleaning! When do I ever get time to revise, ah yes at 10pm on a Saturday. Fabulous. Oh and it's the mothers birthday tomorrow, yay another 24 hours with no revision. FMFL. See ya's for tomorrow!

Kid at crimbo happy!

A lovely Claireabella bag came today for 'The Old&Wise One?' see, when I get someone hooked on these bags, they can't stop! She even said she wouldn't order anything till she gets her bonus, and she's ordered 4! I'm still on my 2 (Classic and Original) and actually won one last week, so rather happy :) If I worked I would splash out on more, me and her do contests to see who's bag gets the most compliments when out shopping (I'm winning :P). The sister isn't as happy with this one< She wanted her dress like Lauren Goodger's. And apparently this isn't what she wanted. I love her hairstyle on this bag, and the colours. Only thing i'm not keen on is the bottom eye lashes look like they need to be given another paint job, the bag looks hardly painted and there's a big splodge (I love the word splodge, don't you?) of glue on it. If we compare to Lauren's dress, what do you girlies think? girlies!

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Friday, 24 February 2012

Friday 24th February


Today it's FRIDAY, FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY! Like my picture, I thought i'd share this one today. This picture is growing on me now. Anyway, who's heard that ZAC EFRON dropped a condom on the red carpet. Incredible awkward. If you were some porn star okay, but some squeaky clean disney star? Thanks for ruining my childhood. To be honest, Disney Channel sucks nowadays. And whenever I copied Hannah Montana's sayings, being a baddaman I was, I got told off. Don't you just love it when your mum decides to ring you up in school, the day I turn my phone on. Most of the time no-one calls me, so my 'Sexy&I know it' ringtone came on (Very quietly) and my best male mate, sung aha :P My phone was on vibrate too, so I made it look like I was doing some tropical dance number. Tip for anyone: taking the mobile to school. It's stupid in our school, most of the students walk home after school or take public transport, which isn't always safe in the dark. So we should be allowed them, just in the office or something! See ya's for tomorrow!
Naughty me a bit behind on Fashion Week, a good excuse for failing your exams 'I WAS REVIEWING FASHION WEEK SIR!'. Will do a blitz at the weekend :P

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wednesday 22nd February


Today was interesting. The middle of the week horah, two days till the weekend of studying. Screaming on the inside. Right, i'm getting a tad peed off atm. I'm a year 9 not some ratty year 7, so yesterday in the canteen a wrapper was thrown at my face, thank god it didn't stuck. Did they know I was wearing moisturiser and spot cream? So if it stuck I would be pounding their faces and getting my daddy to tell them off :) Today when I was walking around I got slapped by some grotty hand. Er hello, hygiene does exist? But, I had a plan today I rubbed some body butter on my face, so they got some of my Granny's favourite body butter. Always trending...I had the ever joying food technology, which you're meant to cook in but our teacher's been sick for 3 lessons. I secretly think they can't afford it... We had ICT too which was all careers based. Apparently when I finish university i'll either be a; retail buyer (Pretty cool!), Actor (YEAH BABES!), Merchandiser or in advertising(Cool!) or in Public Relations. Or some antiques dealer or a sex education teacher. I'm not sure how they got that! See ya's for tomorrow! P.S: Who also had last minute pancakes today? Delish, never by 'Shake and bake' they are utter crap.


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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tuesday 21st February


Today was interesting. A new picture today with better quality thank lord! I've inherited a new camera from a sibling, so you will be receiving better pictures now! (You can see one of my babys in the background). Today I went, flowy and with a purple necklace. As I have an exam in ten days, I have to cram in as much revision as I possible can, so I arranged a 'Revision party' which I thought would turn out like 'That's so Raven's study party. (WTF did they take that show off air and replace it with anorexic brats with stupid catchphrases which got me told off for repeating?).  It was going so well until the moment I came back from the loo, and realised everyone was staring at me. I started to sit down and read normally. Then they burst out with laughter. After a few minutes my mum let me in on the joke - I had the back of my new t-shirt tucked into my I LOVE CATS pants. Not long after my studiers made an excuse to leave... See ya's for tomorrow!

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday 20th February


Today was interesting, oh the joy of back to school on Monday! But seriously, 'The Old & Wise One?' gets Monday and Friday off work! How unfair. I find it silly we have to do a test the first day back, they expect us to multitask by revising everything at once. They seriously think we might not find ourselves describing what I did at the weekend in french, on a maths test paper? Ever rushed late for the first day and slapped on what you think is your 'Moisturiser and anti-blemish' cream, then you get to school and have to face the embaressment that it didn't moisturise my skin at all, it caused an orange stain all over my skin, making my blemish worse and shaving half my eyebrow off? Worst first day back ever. And yeah when you're ready to punch your maths teacher for not setting you homework or going over probably the hardest question in the test, worth the most marks in the test. Lovely. See ya's for tomorrow and keep up with the giveaway, tell those friends because more Facebook likes would be great!

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Second 6 of Fashion Week!

Mulberry- The Summer was very 60's, very MOD think skirts with buttons all up the side with leggings and Sorbet colour pallet. The Alexa's were bright yellow too! Autumn's very covered up, a lot of patterned scarves you could say are exotic looking.

Stella McCartney- For Summer think relaxed jumpsuits and linen trousers scattered in prints such as polka dots. For Autumn think blazers, all over patterns and darker colours like black.

Nicole Farhi- For Summer very 'Lazy Summer days' theme with short, sweet dresses sort of inspired by Grease in a way, with these cut out pattern. The metallic, leather skirts come out to play for Autumn. Some bin bag style dresses, with small belts.

Vivienne Westwood 'Red Label'- Wild for some, just right for Viv! For Spring she went all out for metallics, I mean ALL out! With some wild Jedward hair do's going on. For Autumn she went very gangster, with pinstripe's and tartan.

Unique- So Spring think metallics everywhere! Stripes, the whole Egyptian Goddess vibe going on. Including Cleopatra t-shirts. For Winter think school girl gone vampy.

Paul Smith- Think laid back nerd, then chic nerd. Banana style linen trousers, preppy. That sort of style.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday 19th Febuary


Today was interesting. Ever written a late Valentines card? Well I didn't actually mean to write one, I doodled a diagram of 'The Stud' across the street in a plain card. With an 8 pack, handsome looks etc. Like the actual; I haven't seen what's underneath, but it must be good. I drew all the love hearts around him and wrote 'Mrs [Insert name here]' (Like i'm going to tell you). And wrote madly about how crazy in love I was about him. She was on her way to post her friends birthday card today and somehow got hold of my card in it's envelope. (This is why I should've just been an only child, no need for brats that can't do as asked). And of course she got my picture. She opened it and sniggered in embaressment and thought 'Lets turn my daughters Monday into the worst Monday it could ever be'. She went over and thought they were out. I ran as quickly as I could and snatched it out of her hands. Why can't people watch TV and leave all their lights on? He was sat there in the front room and came to open the door! Oh shizzle. See ya's for tomorrow! P.S: I have a new project to show you's!


I've been involved in this for a while and the producer needs a VARIETY of characters. Whether you're a child, teenager, adult of a crazy old man he wants a range for his Youtube series 'Face on the tube'. Contact or email

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12 Outfits in 12 hours!

I didn't fail, I said an outfit every hour. This time I've decided to go for a mix of A/W 2012 and S/S 2012.
1) PPQ- Floral and pastels are all set for spring. Autumn think french scarves, hot pants and sequinned leggings.

2) Jasper Conran- The word MOD springs to mind with Conran, shift dresses a few Peter pan collars. A lot of shift dresses and these ¬ headbands.

3) House of Holland- Loving the Spring pastels! The pattern is more Cruella De Vil, but very chic. Autumn feel more colour blocking and doc martens.

4) John Rocha- Yes the first is for Spring. I'm not sure who'll ever be donning black in the summer haze. Looking like compost. I preferred Winter, more ruffles and really had that statement edge.

5) Issa- Went American housewife in Spring during the 60's. And then turned French chic for Autumn. Liking it :)

6) Temperley- Stunning Spring show, some gorgeous florals being used like this playsuit here. Hot pants cropping up, as well as headbands and hats. I think i'm in love with Autumn's collection, so devine. A lot of metallics like gold for skirts in this one.