Monday, 31 December 2012

I've taken a bit of a break recently:revision, festivities and the flu (no I didn't splutter over my revision guides, as of yet..) but will be back this week doing 'Inspiration' posts, then will be organising those plans for 2013. My exam is first week back of school so will most likely be short posts till then. :)

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Juicy sales!

Peace, love, Juicy!
Juicy Couture "Peace Love & Juicy" Ladies Gift Set - Parfum 5ml, Body Creme 15ml & Shower Gel 25mlI'm loving these little, beauty gift sets. They feature: perfume, body creme and shower gel for a tidy £10.95. Look how beautiful the box is! I really do love the way Juicy Couture present their products, have you seen their perfume bottles? They are around something silly like £50, they probably do smell divine but I prefer cheap, gift sets myself. There's two types; which are both very close to selling out soon!
Juicy Couture "Couture Couture" Ladies Gift Set - Parfum 5ml, Body Creme 15ml & Shower Gel 25ml

And! If you are tight but still want something Juicy Couture to show off, you can purchase a pouch with a skin cream for only......
To purchase click on the links below:

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Blogger giveaway

Resolutions to a Better You! Event

Prize: $500 Cash
Event dates: 1/3 - 1/31
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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Just in case I don't get to a computer before the big day...

Holidays Nail art!
Free time this weekend? Why don't you get those nails in check.
Candy Cane Nail Art Tutorial

  • Make sure you leave enough space in between the green lines so you can fit the white line in.
  • Painting straight lines can be tricky, just take a deep breath and paint it in one quick sweep. Don't think twice about it.
  • If your glitter base is gritty and hard to paint on, do a layer of top coat before you start the stripes.
  • Saturday, 22 December 2012

    Holiday Baking!
    Recipe : 
    125g/4½oz butter, softened
    175g/6oz caster sugar
    2 free-range eggs
    200g/7oz self raising flour
    2 tbsp cocoa powder
    100ml/3½fl oz milk
    100g/3½oz dark 70% cocoa solids chocolate, melted
    2 tbsp Irish cream liqueur (optional)
    For the chocolate icing
    50g dark chocolate, chopped
    3 tbsp double cream
    To decorate
    giant chocolate buttons
    crisp-coated chocolates (such as Smarties or M&Ms)
    mini pretzels
    black writing icing
    mini marshmallows, sliced
    Preparation method
    Preheat the oven to 170C/325F/Gas 3. Line a 12-hole muffin tray with paper cases.
    Beat the butter and sugar together until light and creamy. Gradually beat in the eggs until well combined. Sift in the flour and cocoa powder and mix until combined. Fold in the milk, melted chocolate and Irish cream liqueur, if using.
    Spoon the mixture into the muffin cases and bake for 20-25 minutes, or until well risen and lightly firm to the touch. Remove the cakes from the tin and set aside to cool on a cooling rack.
    For the icing, heat the chocolate and cream in a saucepan over a low heat until the chocolate has melted. Whisk the mixture until smooth and set aside to cool slightly.
    To decorate the cupcakes, spread the icing over the top of the cupcakes. Spoon the remaining icing into an icing bag fitted with a small nozzle.
    Press a chocolate button onto the cake as a nose, then stick a crisp-coated chocolate on top using a little icing. Stick on two slices of marshmallows as the eyes, and use the black writing icing for the pupils. Stick on the pretzels as the ears.

    Friday, 21 December 2012

    Wednesday, 19 December 2012

    Wednesday 19th Dec

    6 Days to go. Woop woop! Wrapped my final Christmas presents last night- have to say they're extremely fragile. So I cautiously made the journey to the Christmas tree downstairs (finally up). As I did this... someone decided to leave bits of paper on the stairs (midnight feasts probs, explains why when I visit the biscuit tin the biscuits have starved themselves) so as I walked down, piled high. I trip and well the fragile items are (hopefully) still in tact... Well they better be. Bit awkward if it's all fallen apart. 'Oh wow what I always wanted' SNAP. I would show piccies on the blog, but hey the people I'm gifting to read. (Hey guys no teasers for you!). I'd like to say I hope they like them. Including the little 'bruv' who well- is going through the 'attitude phase' at the minute and I'm his target. So I did kinda go with the bribery approach. Oh well. Can't wait to go shopping in the boxing day sales! See ya's!

    Tuesday, 18 December 2012

    Swinging London. Outfit by Cavalli, sunglasses by Dior. (Taken with Pose)
For more from go to HERE.

    Clothes Show

    Not gonna lie, I would've died to been at the Clothes Show Live this year. I went last year; didn't bring a lot of money which was stupid as everything there was shops. This year I would've brung my savings and spent like there's no tomorrow! Doesn't help that they keep filling my inbox with delightful news of performers.
    However. I have got some gossip from those who went (including pictures of attractive men with BB from Dirty, Sexy, Things). No Dirty, Sexy, Things isn't a porno (my initial response lol).

    Celebs were aplenty including: Amy Childs (promoting her clothing line), Gemma Collins from TOWIE (promoting HER clothing line, I spy competition!), Katie Price, Tom Pellereau (From The Apprentice with his 'Style File'), JLS, Sam Fraiers etc.
    he SHOW! This year the theme was 'Life of a magazine editor' lets just looks awesome. Apparently it wasn't as good as last years, (Overnight at the department store). But the male models were in speedos, ooft. Henry Holland and Grace Woodward presented the extravaganza. Again, Jade Thompson was modelling.I swear she's lost weight since leaving BINTM she looks more toned. Anyone else noticed that? Speaking of BINTM, they were there. They usually do 'BINTM Live' but just decided to merge it. So on with the pictures:

    Saturday, 15 December 2012

    Christmas Nailart!

    Simply nailing, a wonderful set of nails!

    I was thinking of doing an advent calendar this year possibly with nail art tutorials? It's a bit late as it's the 15th, but let's add a tutorial anyway. In time for those Xmas office do's. Warning, if you have a wobbly hand this may not be for you- if you're up for the challenge use an incredibly thin brush for intricate details. Play around with the tutorial make it your own! If you want to use sparkles, g'wan it's Christmas! Snowflakes come in different shapes, you can experiment with other shapes :)
    Christmas Nail Art Tutorial
    Products used in this tutorial:

    Wednesday, 12 December 2012

    Designer Interview!

    Babe & Butter interview
    Babe & Butter is a brand I recently discovered through the power of online magazines; I was intrigued by their gorgeous prints. Specially as i'm a girl with 'Glitter in my veins' too and knew I just had to get something from them! They sell a variety of handbags, make-up cases, prints, notepads and not forgetting they also provide commissions for extra special prints. I won a 'Caked Up' make-up bag which I'll show later in the week, but for now indulge in Babe&Butter- from the talented owner and artist, Tanina Jackson :)

    Where do you get your inspiration from for your designs?
    For me, inspiration is similar to the feeling you get when you shop, see something, and automatically start building an outfit in your mind of how you would put all the elements together. I get inspired by all kinds of things and heels are one of my greatest inspirations.  When I have an idea for a painting, I try to draw inspiration to make it will work on many levels. I want my paintings to be hip and feminine, but also portrayals of women as smart and confidence. 
    How did you come up with the brand name 'Babe & Butter'?
    Babe&Butter is the name of my studio and the inspiration came from a Lil Wayne song. He has a love song and there is a line that goes "You called me Butter and I called you Babe". I loved the line so much, i flipped them around and went with that. I know it was right for me because I never get tired of it. 
    How long does it take to paint one of your artworks?
    It used to take me forever and a week to paint a painting! At a certain point, I started to put a lot of pressure on myself to start and finish everything, and do it faster and faster. Now I pretty much paint everything in 2-3 long sittings that last about 8-10 hours each time.
    How did Babe & Butter begin?
    I started painting when I was around 13 and started selling artwork immediately. Around the age of 14 or 15 I had a boyfriend that was really into fashion and he is really the one that got me interested in fashion. I have always been very extreme, and if I love something I will do it relentlessly and to the best of my ability for however long the interest lasts. I have always painted, but when I started to do it for a living - I decided to mix my passion for fashion and art. Quickly after I painted my first High Heels, I dedicated my whole studio to painting Fashion Art - and Babe&Butter was born.
    Did you face any obstacles? How did you overcome these? 
    Obstacles! Yes. I have had highs and lows. I have had many points where I wanted to 'give up', but most of that was me just talking myself down in my own head. What has gotten me through it was mostly my parents, my family, my friends, and fans of my work. (Especially my mom - she would need 10 hands to count all the times I have called her and cried to her - she is the love of my life and I fall more in love with her everyday). It's not always easy to take your own path but their are also amazing parts that you cannot experience if you don't - and at this point of my life I cannot picture myself doing anything else.
    What do you love best about your job?
    My dad would tell me everyday before school, "Do your very best at school today." This is something I translate into the way I work today; every painting, every email, every project I undertake I do my very best. I adore my job because it allows me to put my heart and very best into everything I do - and I want to do it too because I love what I am doing. Nothing means more to me than my Buttercups- I go out of my way to spread as much love as I can and make things special for other people.
    What tricks have you got up your paint-splattered sleeves for 2013?
    2013 is going to be an amazing year and I already have a lot of Fashion Art paintings planned out. One that you can expect every soon is a girl in fabulous heels holding flowers to one side and pinwheels to the other; it represents beauty and happiness. Also expect the biggest Facebook ( I have done yet...
    Have you got any new years resolutions?  
    My New Years Resolution is to see my Grandma more. 
    Check out more from Babe&Butter at Discounts are also available if you ask for a business card :)

    Monday, 10 December 2012

    And the entries are in!
    Will announce the winner tonight and hopefully post tomorrow! Quick question, do I have any aussie readers?

    Sunday, 9 December 2012


    You've got till midnight TONIGHT to enter our ClaireaBella competition! Share, retweet with your friends :) Twist and tear and boogie and woogie

    Onto our giveaway page :)

    Saturday, 8 December 2012

    Now That's What I Call ChristmasWell, well well. 16 days to go. Wanna get into the festive spirit? How about a CD compiled with all your festive favourites to get you into the mood? Or a perfect pressie, if you're a last minute shopper. Only £6.50 and features White Christmas, Let it snow and many more! Click the link below to check it out and purchase for a Santa saviour.

    Tuesday, 4 December 2012

    Tuesday 4th December

    Today was interesting. OMG clothes show live is this weekend!!! Why didn't I choose textiles!!! Could've gone :( If anyone goes, email me some of the best bits of the day. Any who  R.I.P to the advent calendar you used to see, his chocolates are eaten, baby they're eatennnn... ey ey I'm ready for moore. Short life of my advent calendar. 1st of December some idiot (No offence but seriously) put it on a radiation, licking my chocolate out isn't nice. Well it is, but ew dirty hands. 4th of December: dog decided to eat it. Just mine. How unfair. At least the advent calendars will be half price now :) The other day my mum was talking about getting rid of him- I think she should definitly get rid now. Eating my chocolates- dirty evil doggie.
    Christmas, fa la la la la, la la la la. T'is the season to be jolly etc. I know, Christmas is here. Doesn't feel like it though.
    Royal baby has been announced. What are they going to name the future ruler? Probably not 'Bendy'. Imagine if they named the child 'Simba'. The Queen will do the ceremony singing, 'AHHHHHHHHTABENYAAAAAHBADDABESINBENAAAAAAH'. That'd be quite a sight. Imagine halfway if her back hurts and she goes 'Ooooh me back!'. Victoria's secret fashion show tonight, wooo! See ya's for tomorrow!x