Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hi guys,

I'm going to be revising all this week and some of next, there are a lot of past posts you can view if you can't wait for a new one.

For this time I would like to leave you a survey to complete. I'm not going to be strict about it, it's optional and if it could be completed for next Wednesday that'll be great.
Can you answer these questions:

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The most detailed respondent will get their answers posted here :) Email answers to arrayostyle@hotmail.co.uk a prize is undecided atm and will be sorted next week when exam season is over!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Who wore it best?

Archie's girls lipsticks..

I've always been a fan of Pop art and Roy Lichtenstein's work. Just realised he died when I was one day old, lol. Anyway... Pop-art (if you don't know) is basically comic book style pictures. As you can see from the shoes it's got the 'POW' which is how it would appear in the comic books, to add action to the tale. The shoes are from go-to-show-designer Charlotte Olympia and she's collaborated with Art Basel, the range is exclusive and can be bought in Miami.

The fashion industry has recently latched onto the idea; M.A.C cosmetics have launched their Spring/Summer 2013 range 'Archie's Girls',which encompasses the pop-art genre/style. The range features the two girls Betty and Veronica throughout the products.

It's not just M.A.C that have latched onto the trend, but the 'POW' effects, batman logos and comic shenanigans have emerged onto the celebrities we adore. Come to think of it, you've probably seen something pop-art inspired on someone in town/school etc.
If Style Could Kill: Dress for Action!One dress. Two celebs. Who wore it better? Little Mixer Jesy (accessorising with grungy ankle boots) on the left or Cheryl Cole (with tied back hair and sleek heels) on the right.

Comment below with Jesy or Cheryl.
Hi everyone!

Unsure what exactly to post, but I'm off to revise the whole of today. Actual revision, I know. Later I'll be back on :)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Holy moly hair!

love this. probably can be done with sock curls

Holy moly hair! As I showed a nail tutorial earlier on in the week, today it's time to show off those bangs. Or layers. Or frankly whatever you have on your head! This tutorial requires socks, smell them before you use them on that head! 

You will need:

  • 6-8 socks (preferably long and thin ones)
  • Hairspray

  1. Collect your socks. 6-8 socks is a recommended amount; but hair comes in different shapes and sizes, so if your hair is very thick you may need more (10-12 for example).
  2. Wash and towel dry your hair. Ensure your hair is free of any tangles/knots, hair should be damp but not dripping for styling.
  3. Grab a section with your non-dominant hand and hold it at the end. Place a tube sock across your hair so that it is perpendicular. The sock should be placed halfway between the roots and ends of your hair.
  4. Wrap the end of your hair around the sock. You should leave about one or two inches at the end loose.
  5. Roll the sock up toward your roots. Once you reach the roots of your hair, tie the ends of the sock securely together.
  6. Repeat on each section of your hair. It's easier to start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up. Don't style bangs, if you have them.
  7. Time to dry, best to sleep with the socks in overnight as they'll be fresh in the morning. Allow hair to dry. Or if it's sunny, you can sit out and dry in the sun (whilst getting a tan).
  8. Release the socks from your hair. Do this one-by-one using each section, and gently tousle your hair to release the curls. Be sure your hair is fully dry before removing the socks.
  9. Spritz hair with hairspray for lasting curls. You should use hairspray if your hair is naturally straight and does not usually hold a curl for long.
I found a video tutorial which is virtually the same thing-

Friday, 22 February 2013

Mothers day!

Mum's the word: Part 2!

So earlier I shared some Mother's Day gifts for under £10. But if you feel your Mum's priceless (and are willing to spend more on her!), ClaireaBella has just released her Mother's Day collection; exclusive to ToxicFox.

Complete with muted browns, pale pinks and creams, the collection is perfect for Mum- designed by a Mum herself, so she knows what Mum's desire!
ClaireaBella's a hit with the TOWIE girls so I reckon Nanny Pat would recommend!

The collection includes candles, cases and yummy chocolate. As they say 'Chocolate is a girls best friend because diamonds kinda taste funny'. And if I have any Mum's reading, there's cupcake&floral  diaries for you to keep organised! Best to note the next 'lunch-with-the-girls' session, Sex and the city style. Not forgetting the famous large jute bag at £44.99.

Guess what? There's even a competition on at the moment to win one of the famous jute bags, simply follow @ClaireabellaLTD & @ToxicFox for more :)

Remember to view the full range click here: http://www.toxicfox.co.uk/mothers-day-gifts/claireabella-mothers-day

Hair tutorial gone wrong, skip to 0:40

Mum's the word

Hi everyone!

If you're in the UK you should know that Mothering Sunday is soon upon us. Or is this news to you? Have to admit I didn't know it was as soon as it is! My Mum's birthday is the week before, so double presents for the wonder woman of the household :) March 10th is Mothering Sunday, but if you're in the US it's much later in the year on May 12th. Still you might as well stock up on goods in advance :)

First up is this fridge magnet <  is perfect for Mum's who loves decorating the fridge with magnets. Under £3, and free delivery. Who's complaining? Bet your purse won't be.
Next up is a locker coin keyring for your Number One Mum. Perfect for those 'yummy mummies' who do the weekly food shop. The keyring fits into trollies and lockers so if your mum's sporty, why don't you get a free gym pass? So a free gym session and free locker! Treat your Mum to a £0.04 treat :)

Sometimes a cuppa and a sit down is all Mum really wants. Or breakfast in bed; with a cuppa. Any fashionista Mum would adore this mug, so why not treat her to one?
For more ideas click the links below :)

Fan mail

Hiya everyone! I should think of a name for everyone who reads. Like Rita Ora calls her followers 'RitaBots' or Ed Sheeran calls his 'Sheerios'. 'Everyone' is too bland and no-one likes bland.

Skip to the punchline, I got a lovely email today from Orli and felt like sharing it as it made me smile :)

I was flicking through DOLLY and saw everything about you, i started reading and got even more inspired, i have always loved fashion and only just had the thought of starting a blog... If you read this please reply as i would love to chat about stuff

Orli :)

Yes the secret's out, we've been published! Woo. And not just in any magazine, but DOLLY Mag! Half term to remember me thinks. Also, this week we hit over 20K UNIQUE page views- which is amazing. Might have to travel to Australia to thank all you Aussies for reading the article! When I said that to my Mum she said, 'Good, I'll get you a one way'. I thought, 'Well sun, sea and Liam Hemsworth. Not complaining!' Mum realised the beauty of Liam Hemsworth and soon left the room to watch the Hunger Games, just for Liam.

I think to celebrate these achievements, I have to reveal a contest. All will be revealed on Sunday :)

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Who gets your vote for the Best Dressed celebrity at the Brits?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


As I said last week; models look very alike. This week ever thought of Italian beauty, Bianca Balti being a mix of american girl, Emily DiDonato and British babe, Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley?  And they've got a lot in common. All 3 models havestrutted their stuff in the annual, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show; with Rosie being an angel. They also also share captivating, crystal blue eyes.

Polaroids- Emily then Rosie

Can you see it? Let's try with make-up on.

I also get a bit of a Scarlett Johansson vibe from her in the last two pictures. It might be because that's from a D&G shoot, Scarlett did D&G so it might be similar styling. In the make-up it doesn't look as related as in the Polaroids. But with the models you can draw so many similarities. Maybe there's a bit of Miranda there too?
Like Rosie reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence and Candice Swanepoel in pictures.

Who do you think looks alike?

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


The 'About' tab has been updated with current contact information. So if you want to ask that one fashion related question or ask about anything teenager- check out that tab :)


Tarzan and Jane were swinging on a vine...

Well in this case it's more Spiderman and Mary-Jane. But Mary-Jane hit the big time in the world of fashion. That's when MaryJaneFashion comes along; and sweeps us off our feet! Anyway they're running an awesome contest to win a £50 shopping spree! And don't you worry child, as they offer free postage & packaging to any UK citizens- you can spend more :)

 photo 50poundvoucher_zps4ce3f2b3.jpg
To enter click this link:
 http://bit.ly/U6xwjm :)

 Forgot to add, wanted to share some of the under £10 goodies MaryJaneFashion offer (and a onesie which is £3 over):

Think pink!

So I saw these nails and instantly fell in love. I know a tad dramatic, but who wouldn't. Simple yet extremely glamorous. Here's the instructions and  the  equipment needed for the tutorial :)

You need:

  • Pale pink nail varnish
  • Gold glitter nail varnish
  • French manicure tip guides 
  • Tissue (for any mistakes)
  • Nail dryer (optional)
  • Cuticle pusher (optional)
  • Clear nail varnish
  1. Place the circular tip guides at the back of your nails. Make sure they are right up close to the skin. As you can see in the picture (the gold section) ^ Make sure the guide is firmly pressed down.
  2. Paint your nails pale pink, then allow drying time. You can use a nail dryer if you'd like to.
  3. Peel the tip guide off- you can use a cuticle pusher for this. 
  4. There should now be a semi circle shape with no colour near the back of your nails. Now you need steady hands. Paint the clear semi-circle gold, with the gold glitter nail varnish. You could always get someone to faintly hold the tip guide just above the gap whilst you paint it. Whichever way you want. Then allow drying time, you can use a nail dryer if you'd like to. 
  5. Paint your nails again, this time use the clear nail varnish. Allow drying time. Once dry, you can use the tissue (or if you have any other tools suitable, toothpicks work well) to clean up around the edges if you're a messy painter.
You're done! Time to go into glamour puss mode. 
Remember to email me pictures of your new nails at arrayostyle@hotmail.co.uk I always love to see what you create!

Here's some of the tools you need to purchase for this tutorial-

Monday, 18 February 2013




With Fashion week upon us, I thought instead of a 'heated discussion' why not showcase models of the moment Cara Delevigne, Jourdan Dunn & Rosie Tapner doing the new dance craze, 'Harlem Shake'. At the Topshop fashion show. Here you go:

In love with this look from London Fashion Week- trying to discover the designer.  <3


20,000 unique page views! So happy, thank you for reading and I can't wait till 50,000 :)

Giveaway on the way perhaps...

Sunday, 17 February 2013

#NYFW Round up
New York, New York!
Quick round up of some of the main A/W 2013 shows & trends to embrace,

Victoria Beckham: Very tailored and suit style. Colours were very muted and the prints were simple. I love the yellow. The cinched in belt and over sized handbag: classic Posh Spice. Also some pleatled, kilt skirts have been creeping up on the catwalks (were also spotted at Reed Krakoff). Triangular shapes were also spotted.
DVF: Models smiling? Well some tried and failed. I really some of these outfits, specially the last three. The use of jewel metallics complimented the clothes perfectly. Trends were clashing geometric prints, metallics, pencil skirts, cinched in belts, jewel colours and more :)
DKNY: Thought this collection was very varied. It started with a sport luxe theme, very bold shapes and muted colours (like pic one) then fiesty with leopard's taking over! Peplums and leopard print are the way to go. Sink your teeth into rawr-some leopard knitwear & beanies. Me guessing they've been on Tumblr recently. Liking the last outfit as a casual look, but the pic before is really urban. Mr T jewelry much?
Marc Jacobs: This collection was a tad saucy, if I dare say. Featuring pinstripe high waisted shorts and well legs everywhere. Not sure the public would wear shorts in Autumn/Winter. The style wasn't quite flapper, but maybe the 50's style or possibly older. Prints were mainly sequins with fur scarfs (not keen on fur) these definitely made the collection very decadent and demure. Peter pan collars arose on the trench coats; a little like Alexa Chung. Silver everywhere, guessing for the party season. But shorts in Winter? Marc if you're reading can you tell me when does anyone goes out in the snow, in shorts? Hair and make-up were a bit different, like Gallagher hair.

Calvin Klein: Saw Karlie Kloss, surprised she didn't open the show. Defintely a structured collection; with sharp silhouettes, shoulders and elbows you wouldn't want to get in the way of. Think modern and minimalism also think Star Trek. With the slick hair, stealthy coats, leather skirts 

That lovey dovey day

Valentines day! (On Sunday as only just got round to it!)
Today is the day bombarded with lovey, dovey ness. Or international singles awareness day. Whichever you prefer to call it; it's still Valentines Day. I got another card from Nan this year. A normal Nan would be all 'You're my Valentine sweetie!' or a cute, poem she's written. Whereas, my Nan sends me a card (every year) which reads, 'Aha alone again this year'. Giving the impression of Nan snuggled to her dog; caustically laughing.

With that thought in mind, I entered school. Of course as a teenager, you have weird stalkers. So as I entered this guy (in my year who pesters me 24/7 and obviously doesn't get the message I'm not interested) is all 'Oh give me a hug it's Valentines Day' and hugs me. I'm like, 'I wouldn't hug you anyday...' but before I could say that I've been hugged, and regretted it. Thank you my tired self; next V Day an early night is called for. Dance exams are certainly not lovey, dovey. These are tough. Literally just you, a camera and a eagle-eyed teacher in a vacant room. Thankfully this time around it was with a small group. So we did it once, it went okay. Wasn't as stop and start as expected. But the other girls in my group wanted a second try down to nerves. As we were jamming for the second time around, at the part 'My cherry popped' (Candyman we performed to) our form tutor and about 3 other boys walked in. We forgot the dance, they laughed and hid in one of the cupboards... with the door wide open. You wouldn't guess who one of the boys was, yes my stalker. Eurgh. If only you could pick your stalkers. Mine would be Sam Way, Zac Efron or MazziMaz. Even DanIsNotOnFire- I'd imagine he'd recreate one of those Mission Impossible moments.
Tomorrow it's #ModelMonday and I've got another debate to cause (what's new).

See ya's for tomorrow. Hope your V Day was lush. Do tell in the comments. What were in your cards this year? May I add my brother sent a girl in his class a homemade card and blushed when we arose the topic. Bless his little cotton socks! And apparently a girl in his class got a card saying 'Lick me'. She's 8...