Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Look what came today!

This one isn't mine (THANK GOD) if it was i'd probably be in debt, at 14. What a book. Oh well. Another Claireabella, apologies for the picture. It wouldn't rotate! But, it was taken on a snazzy iPhone, what beautiful quality. The picture's still don't do these stunners justice! I looooove these bags if you're new to the blog, but this one I wouldn't have bidded on in the auction. You know the drill, but Claireabella's new twitter username is @ClaireabellaLTD and I must note the Originals won't be on till the first week of May. The Limited Edition's (Like these) probably won't be auctioned soon as Claire is going to New York in a few days...  This is a grey/silver one, with 3D fringing on her top. Gorgeous. Comment your ideal Claireabella!

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