Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday 8th April

Today was interesting. Hooray Easter Sunday a bank holiday - Another reason to hate being in the same room with family. I don't mean that literally, but there is a point when having the pee taken outta me, I do tend to start cracking. I only started cracking on my Cadburys Egg a few minutes a go, oh well 'I'll live'. I'm not as insane a chocoholic as I used to, water's my baby now :) We had the traditional Easte egg hunt,may of er got a bit too competitive. But when shiny, sugary eggs are at risk here, who doesn't scream when they find one. Or when someone drops one and you're on the floor trying to grab it then snap your trousers decide they want a divorce. What great timing. I still didn't grab the egg in time, but when you dart across the floor and the person is right behind the egg, it's obvious who'll win. We also went outside and er landed in mucky business. And on a damp, trampoline. She was all, 'It's clean don't worry about it!', yeah right. Good job she does my washing. The roast dinner - hilarious. We had to do the doctor doolittle pump on Grandma. Gross. Good job my tummy didn't like it either, something was rather off about the lamb. The dog didn't mind, little pervert. He just sits there, when i'm watching TV. Then he comes in and puts his head in places. 'Oh he senses danger' says the 'Old & Wise one?' not so wise a comment. I'm off to weep at the Essex Fashion Week pictures (Not really, from Essex not proud. well Claireabella is another story. Wait she's from Hull! Thank god i'm safe). See ya's for tomorrow!

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