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Viva Naomi!

1001th Post
naomi campbell blonde
They say most models retire at 27 years of age. Well supermodels can retire much later! Legendary, British supermodel Naomi Campbell is still flawless at 42, photographed by Tom Munro for the May 2013 issue of VOGUE Brazil.

VOGUE Brazil celebrates it's 38th anniversary simply stating 'Viva Naomi!'. Couldn't agree more. For the cover she's also traded her brunette locks for a blonde Beyonce-esque wig and she certainly works it. Absolutely adore  the last photo. She's one fierce mamma jama who deffo gets better with age. The issue is now on sale!

Blonde or brunette? is the question,


It's the 1000th blog post! Woo. I wanted to create the number '1000' in nail varnish and donuts. You can see how that turned out above ^ Firstly even before the post I came on here to see my blog stats rocket up to almost 1000. So by the end of today I'd be elated if we got nearer the 1000 figure. It just goes to show you're as excited as I am! I even showed my 10 year old brother and he went 'HOLY SH!T'. Mum turned around to say 'No swearing' then she looked and swore too. Yes pretty normal family aren't we.

This post I wanted to be reflective; but not boring reflective :) 1000 posts is a lot in blog years and I wanted to show you all what's been popular, who reads etc. Also showing the journey it took and how we've changed in 1000 posts. In other words you'll see the rubbish posts too aha. A bit of an award show style post. Here's the links to the most read articles, so if you're new have a read. Obvs the giveaways have ended!
So the winners for the most popular blog posts are *cue drum roll*...

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  3. Model 'Monday' - 5 Feb 2013 Kelly Mittendorf read this post too! #Fangirling
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All time top audiences! In order,
United Kingdom

United States






New Zealand


Our top traffic sources. Let's give back to them!
And our funniest search keyword has to be '"wet myself in school"'. Seriously. When people search that we come up? Lol. 

Special mentions go to all our giveaway donators so far, to Dolly Magazine. Who really united us with Aussie fans. I 
really want to go to Australia and hug everyone who read that article and decided to read us. Well I want to hug everyone
who reads us but when you see a link in a magazine you'd rarely read it so thank you for everyone who bothered to!
It's launched us worldwide and you never know, might be famous in Australia one day. Imagine saying that at school.
That reminds me, a blog tour will be in the future. If you never got round to reading the magazine article it's here:

Favourite segment well I'll put that down to you readers. What's been your favourite thing about ArrayO'Style email/tweet 
us at or @ArrayOStyle and we'll put your comments in this post!

Another thing I wanted to mention is the fans. Many fans have emailed saying their views, but these few girls struck
out from the crowd. So if they're watching and having a 'Pinch me' moment smile!
Shall be baking cakes later, might be able to make a 1000 out of cakes. Maybe. Never say never. Thanks for reading the last 1000 posts, I hope you stay for another 1000 more. Hope you have fun reading the most viewed posts, maybe tweet your favourite posts too :)

Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday's Freshest

Friday's Freshest

Is our newest segment, basically saying what I'm rating or slating.
This week I'm loving mint. Tops, nail varnish and just anything with the colour. It's such a spring/summer colour and I can imagine it being encompassed into someones wardrobe at some point this year. Kim Kardashian's recently said she's loving emerald. But I haven't seen emerald around as much as it's bigged up to be. However, with the recession still present nail polish is becoming the new lipstick. Sales are increasing and currently mint is a top seller. It's light, fresh and versatile. Just perfect for that quaint outfit and it's not too vibrant for school too. I've done a bit of sneaking nail varnish on and well, mint makes a different to the boring nude. Here's mint in it's many forms, hope it sparks your interest as much as it does mine!

And mint related product links:

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Get those pearls shining!

At Home Whitening  -Put a tiny bit of toothpaste into a   small cup,   mix in one teaspoon baking soda   plus one   teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, and   half a   teaspoon water.   Thoroughly mix then brush your   teeth for two minutes. Remember to   do it once a week until you have   reached the results you want. Once   your teeth are good and white, limit   yourself to using the   whitening treatment once every   month or two.Gosh I haven't posted in a while! When I say that I mean a decent, thought out post; not the giveaway posts! Well they still need to be planned out. 

Anyway let's have Tutorial Thursday!

Teeth whitening. Ever wanted those effortless pearls donned by every celebrity going? Well follow this recipe for a paste to use on those less than impressionable 'pearls'.


  • Toothpaste
  • Baking soda
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Water

  1. Put a tiny bit of toothpaste into a small cup, mix in one teaspoon baking soda plus one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, and half a teaspoon water. 
  2. Thoroughly mix then brush your teeth for two minutes. 
Remember to do it once a week until you have reached the results you want. Once your teeth are good and white, limit yourself to using the whitening treatment once every month or two.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Winner is...

Hi Stylistas!

Giveaway ended at midnight, so time to announce a winner! Was very pleased with the recent giveaway, I rarely do short ones (gosh that sounds wrong) but might have to do another short giveaway again. The moment we've all been waiting for....
*Drum roll*

You have won a set of Betty Buff sugar scrubs! Wooooo. We shall be emailing you shortly; but thank you for everyone who has entered and has now discovered ArrayO'Style. Hopefully you'll stay for longer... But there's plenty more chances to win soon :)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Winsday Wednesday!

Winsday Wednesday!

I've now created a 'Segment Schedule' so everyday will be ordered. Wednesday will now be 'Winsday'. Where I'll introduce any giveaways and update on current ones.

We're giving away a set of Betty Buff sugar scrubs on our 'Giveaway' tab, so make sure you're entered as there's only 5 days remaining on that. But, next week we'll be releasing another giveaway. Cannot give away (no pun intended) too much information but a hint is that it may or may not be 1D related...

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tutorial Tuesday!

Tutorial Tuesday!

All of your nail polishes laid out in a book so you know what the color looks like! I need to make this... so many colors and I don't know what they look like! :D
Welcome back to school. Bet you're loving it so far... On the first day back you always get the impression that as it's the first day they'll be no tests, hard P.E lessons or anything which requires much effort. WRONG.  The word 'Test' can set off a negative aura for the whole day, specially if it's first lesson. Anyway. Do pretty nail varnish colours sound much better? Yes please. If you're a girl, you're completely aware that 9/10 times the colour from the bottle doesn't look the same from when you paint it on your nails. So, introducing the 'Colour Pallette'. This tutorial is self explanatory.
You will need a book (preferably a scrapbook). Label the pages accordingly so 'Neutrals' 'Fluroresscents' etc. And write the shade name underneath the sample splodge you've dotted on the page. This is also really good for blending colours. With ombre nails if you 'tickle' two nail varnishes together you get an ombre shade.  Have fun!

Monday, 15 April 2013

5 Minutes with... Kate Gell!

5 Minutes with... Kate Gell!

We caught up with fashion photographer Kate Gell of 'Jealous of the Stars Photography'. Her photography is recognised for being Tumblr-esque, artistic and 'pretty' original style; with her passion for her field it's clear she will continue to pull off fabulous photos. 

1. What inspires you? 
Pretty much anything. I think life is inspiring - I can see a glance between a couple or a touch, hear a song, see something in nature etc. Music plays a big part too, a lot of organic ideas come from music as its just you, your imagination and nothing else.

2. Are there any photographers that influence you/your work?
So so many. I couldn't possibly list them all but a few are: Kitty Gallannaugh, Rosie Hardy, Tim Walker, Alex Stoddard.

3. Why did you want to get into photography and how long have you been doing it?
I don't think for me personally getting into photography was a choice. It was more once I started playing with a camera an old friend gave me took one picture and was hooked. I felt like it was wrong when I wasn't taking picture after that (I call it getting "Itchy toes" when I don't shoot for a while!) I am self taught and have been doing it seriously for about two years now.

4. Amongst your work, which one is your favourite and why?
My work changes so often as I learn with each photo shoot so its usually the most recent work that I prefer. But there are some pictures of mine that I feel reflect me and my work perfectly - where the light has been beautiful and I've captured a model in a nice way.
5. What word would you use to describe your photography style?
Hmmm.. Pretty!

6. What genres do you cover and what genres would you like to explore?
 I mainly do portraits. I am open to all different types of photography but I think expression in faces is where my passion lies.

7. If you could shoot anyone (model, celebrity etc) who would it be?
Michelle Williams. I think she is beautiful not only for her looks but her energy that she gives off in everything she does.

8. Any awkward moments you've had whilst shooting?
Many!! Dogs attacking models, things breaking etc!  I think as soon as its awkward when shooting you know you should just give up there and then!

If you would like to see more of Kate's work visit

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Miranda's VS Contract will NOT be renewed!

Miranda's VS Contract will NOT be renewed!

According to 'Multiple sources' reported by Us Weekly, Kerr's $1 million deal ((roughly £650,000) will be dropped. This is because she doesn't draw in many sales- amongst her other Angel colleagues. It's alleged that she will still walk in the Victoria's Secret 2013 Fashion Show (and pose in the catalogue) but the coveted role of 'VS Angel' will no longer be Miranda's job title. It's also been rumoured that she's had disagreements with other angels backstage, giving her a 'difficult reputation'.

This was an unlikely image in the future- considering Miranda's prominence in the VS advertising campaigns. At 29 she is not the oldest angel (Adriana and Alessandra are both 31, happy birthday Ale for yesterday!) and she has recently been made the face of Mango: replacing Kate Moss. However she has been replaced by Jessica Gomes as the face of David Jones. 

Update: However, a report by Metro now quotes Ed Razek, the president and chief marketing officer of Victoria's Secret, as saying: "Miranda Kerr is one of the best models in the history of the business - and easily one of the most popular. She is also a consummate professional. Any rumours to the contrary are simply untrue."

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Timeline of style

Happy Birthday Bella!

Twilight star Kristen Stewart has turned 23 today! The 23 year old made her mark as 'Isabella Swan' in the 2008 blockbuster Twilight. The series closed last year, boo hiss! The saga ended with Isabella now a vampire (called Bella Cullen who totes suits red eyes! Those red suckers were made for her) ends up happily married to Edward and with her daughter Renesmee Cullen. Who Jacob has imprinted on. Must be an awkward feeling that your boyfriend fancied your Mum.

Although she got her big break fairly recently; she's been acting since an early age. And her style has certainly changed throughout her career. Here's a brief 'timeline of style'.

You've all probably heard the news, the legendary Margaret Thatcher has passed. Thatcher definitely revitalised the image of women- doing lots to make sure they weren't just perceived as housewives.  

She was shot for VOGUE's July 2008 issue by the iconic Mario Testino < and well she was certainly in a 'Power Issue'. The shoot was in the lavish Claridges hotel. 

So R.I.P Margaret, to finish the article lets end on a famous quote. What is success? I think it is a mixture of having a flair for the thing that you are doing; knowing that it is not enough, that you have got to have hard work and a certain sense of purpose.

Daily Discount

Image of Feline Meow TeeLove From Misbehave Boutique!

The Daily Discount segment has been dead for a while, now Misbehave have revived it! 

Simply use the discount code LOANFTW for 15% off your entire order (valid until the 29th April). Plus when you spend over £45 use discount code FREE for free delivery. Simples. :)

Image of Cluster Ring
The giveaway is now live and ends on the 23rd. So head over to the 'Giveaway' tab :)

Monday, 8 April 2013

I'm a Betty Buff girl!

Hello Stylista's!

I owe you a giveaway don't I?! It's been a while. Well, I'm currently in the process of decluttering my bedroom- so it's likely there will be more giveaways in the forthcoming weeks.

Anywho. Many moons ago I reviewed Betty Buff sugar scrubs- which are still awesome! They've been sat in my room forever and I need to pass them on to another sugar scrub lover. I'm not gonna ramble on too much about them, I'll simply post the link of my previous review. The prize will be 6 sugar scrubs, would've been 7 but I love the chocolate chip muffin flavour :) Besides you'll still win the amazing: Besty Zesty, Peppermint, Tropical, Shea Souffle, Totally Oatly and Morning Coffee. Betty Buff actually ceased trading for 2013, so this'll be your last time to get your hands on the fabulous exfoliation Betty Buff provides. BB banish the use of colours, fragrances, chemicals and preservatives! Perfect for sensitive skin.

The giveaway will start on Tuesday 9th April and it will be a Rafflecopter giveaway. For the previous review visit:
 The giveaway will be live on the 'Giveaway' tab :)

Friday, 5 April 2013


Just an update!

Last year I entered the 'Company blogger awards' for the first time. I didn't really expect much as the blog wasn't that old and I was very new to the blogosphere. This year I am still new to the blogosphere-ish. But they've released a 'Under 18s' category which is perfect for me! Being under 18. I know my blog may not be as amazing as the other blogs nominated, but I'd appreciate it if you nominated ArrayO'Style. I truly love blogging and it's made me feel so much better about myself and what you can achieve with hard work and time. This picture is on the left hand side of the blog somewhere, so if you could click that I'd be so happy! It takes under 5 minutes so it's not a lot to do.

Another update is that we are very close to reaching '1000 posts'. Which is amazing! For this achievement we have decided that if we reach 100 followers, I shall do a huge giveaway. So do follow our blog!

Celebs without make-up sequel!

Once upon a time I posted the TOWIE (The only way is Essex for people not in the UK, it's a reality show) stars without their make-up. That was a very popular post, so today I wanted to do a sequel of that post with more celebrities. With the evolution of Instagram; the selfie is now a necessity for anyone. From Demi to Rihanna they're all bucking the trend. What do you think? In my opinion they can afford luxury skincare, so if you've got it flaunt it!
Millie Mackintosh
Demi LovatoKelly Brook Holly Willoughby
Kelly OsbourneLady GagaRihannaNicole SherzingerKaty Perry
Jessica Simpson

Nail heart hero!

Nail heart!

Everyone has an annoying habit at one stage in their life. Biting nails, biting lips, sucking thumbs, a painful addiction to chocolate, procrastinating. You can outgrow habits, but I've had an annoying habit since I was little and it hasn't budged at all. I bite the skin around my nails. Gross you're probably thinking, but my teeth aren't strong enough to bite the actual nail. Weird but incredibly annoying. Might as well admit to you that I never model in my nail tutorials either. My nails are that bad. I have to get my sister to nail model for me! After like an hour of persuading she will finally agree. After a push from Mum we decided to find a nail biting varnish to put around the nail, which gives off a bitter taste when you try to bite it. After the raving reviews from Amazon customers we trialed 'Mavala STOP' varnish for three weeks.

The bottle is only 5 ml and I did think 'Three weeks? I'm not refilling if it doesn't work!' when it arrived. The verdict, I still continue my habit. The varnish does produce a bitter taste. But as I drink a lot of water, It's easy to drain the taste out. I shouldn't really have tried it, but as water is part of my routine I had to drink it. So the spray could've been a bit more, bitter and water proof. If that makes sense. Maybe I should've trialed it longer but as a nail biter, I could easily break those boundaries.

The next obstacle I faced with the varnish is mealtimes. As the varnish is completely translucent, I recommend ditching finger foods. As the taste can prevent the 'finger licking goodness' of your edibles. The unpleasant taste will wake you up. Well if a fight will break out for the last foods, I wonder how you could get your hand on them... :)

The point of this article is to say that habits can die down quickly for some people, or not very quickly for others. The varnish has worked well on young children but as I'm a teenager, I'll have to persist with more varnishes. The verdict is that I still bite my nails, but I haven't been doing it recently. So the varnish must be working. If you feel like taking the varnish challenge check out the product below: