Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday 15th April


Today was interesting. Shoot getting that 'Sunday night feeling'. Curse you school. If someone doesn't mind blowing up my school they'll be happily rewarded. So I've been practicing my lines at home this half term for my drama class homework. I was asked to practice them with lots of emotion; bearing in mind it was a sad play, lots of deaths and stuff in front of the mirror. Same as my posing for my castings. Except I was meant to be crying, thinking about my dead brother. So I was at the shopping centre and saw a massive mirror in the changing rooms, and started crying. People thought I was mad (Must of looked it! Specially as I was in a big department store in the kiddies section, with mothers ushering their kids away). One of the ladies even came over and questioned my well being. When my own little brother came by, she went into hysterics. Anywho, got to go and get ready for bed (And cram in more of my revision, yes I did some earlier. Just need to refresh my brain...See ya's for tomorrow!

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