Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Today was interesting. Gotta love it when your teacher doesn't mark your tests. The gay maths teacher didn't today, if you have time to go and buy the latest D&G shirt in a size too small; YOU CAN MARK MY TEST! The cheek of it nowadays. Everyone's all showing off, i'm just 'I'm sorry my teacher isn't bothered. I may have to complain about his laziness.' What was weird was a male teacher teaching a female. Anywho. I went for a meal with three of my mates to a Greek restaurant. One of my friends burped really loudly while I was taking a drink, which made me instantly want to laugh so I had to try and hold my drink in! My other friend knew what I was trying to do so she put her hand over my mouth to stop me from spitting out my drink. But it had to go somewhere, so instead it came out my nose! She moved her hand in disgust while I was spitting my drink out all over the floor. Major embarrassment :( See ya's for tomorrow.

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