Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday 30th April

Today was interesting.  My maths teacher still hasn't marked my test paper! He was conveniently 'ill' today. And in R.E, the school was 'pleased to announce your child has been assessed and is being forwarded to a 90 minute exam.' YAY! Another exam I don't want to complete. Or even think of having. I'm low in RE- about a D+. And this is suitable. I've just started my GCSE's this year, I don't want another! Gym was interesting. You gotta admit, watching a large, 50 year old teacher lifting weights (really unfitly) is funny. I also did the infamous, 'TREADMILL' today. Amazing. I started off by thinking, 'I don't wanna run this, this is too easy'. I kept increasing the speed, the minute I thought I was steady enough to have a mouthful of water. I did the famous fall. Yay! To top it off, I got a new skirt I wanted to test out. Turns out it was incorrectly worn so i'd been flashing all day. Hoorah. See ya's for tomorrow! xx

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Today was interesting. Gotta love the Sunday night feeling. I do love skyping to your friends and then your brother comes in. So he does the thrusting, and then I scream. 'STOP THRUSTING IN MY BEDROOM!' Yes, my friends when mental. Gotta love friends. There was a kareoke going to be hosted at school, which we decided to attend (I didn't everyone else did).
She  does NOT have a talent for singing, but she seems to think so as she decided to sing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in front of everyone. Prancing around like she was full of talent! She even did a really weird dance, directed at the event organizer (My headteacher). Everyone was staring and laughing at me, I had to make up some excuse about a weak bladder. Just to hang my head in shame. It was disturbing. Anywhom, see ya's for tomorrow!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Today was interesting. As you see I jazzed up the treasures i've purchased this last few week. May of forgot the accessories, but i'm up with the colour popping trend. Prepared for the 'BANANA BABE' comments on the street. Check. A snazzy t-shirt. Check. Saying, 'Very Important Princess' well. [Baby voice] My mummy says i'm her ickle princess. Messy room. Check. I never realised that when you're on skype and you have your 'I wanna see you shake shake move move drop what yo momma said!' and 'Its getting hot in here' (Old tunes. Yes the joy of friends.) Well all I can say is, sorry for party rocking. Awkward moment it's a rather hot guy (Think Justin Bieber, Sam Way and a tad of Liam Payne in one) looking a bit stunned. All I could say was. 'Sorry for party rocking'. Gotta go get changed, two secs and will write a tad more <3

I want one of those

I want one of those!

Movie memoribilia? I'm thinking a tad of Marilyn Monroe. When I makeover my room (No hints!) i'll have a Marilyn autograph, like this on my wall. How lovely is it? It's under £20. Take a look here:

Friday, 27 April 2012

Friday 27th April

Today was interesting. A surprise test in first lesson, YAY! Screaming on the inside. Best part of the day was arranging a 'Video Lock In' with my best (and slightly disturbing) friend. We'll be the next Smosh on Youtube, so stay tuned... You'll see a very hilarious (dirty) side to me! I also cleared a GCSE project out the way, yay. Turns out mine's going to be in the 'sample' sent off. Sample's are samples of the low level work and the high level work. Kinda thinking i'm the lower level work; AFTER ALL THE EFFORT I PUT IN! Cheek of it. Oh today I was meant to be going to a 'Creative networking event' to get scouted by model scouts. But of course I invite a load of people then they say they can't come so you sit on Facebook, as normal. Of course see them all online, say nothing. Let's just say the dirty looks will be on full view on Monday. Oh well. Don't you love it when a guy flirts and flatters you. Then when his girlfriend's online and he leaves his skype on you can hear them giggling... Yeah, don't call me at all. I won't call you at all. Mr Player, they just have to play girls, see how many they can get on their ickle belts. Coolies. See ya's for tomorrow! x

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thursday 26th April

Today was interesting. What I love about boys nowadays; they're so vain. They could pass for gayboys a few years ago. Seriously, they're sat discussing designer brands in a lesson. Having a perfume off. I even sprayed a ickle bit of DKNY, to see if they could tell the brand. THEY DID! 'Who sprayed?' me of course, the person who actually owns DKNY (perfume, i'm not that rich!). But, She did randomly go to town and say. 'I've come all the way to town, for teenagers clothing.' That sounded a widdle odd. A 48 year old woman, interested in size 6 clothes, which no offence. But yeah we all know she isn't gonna fit in. She constantly says, 'I'll start tomorrow' when we all know tomorrow she'll be chomping on chocolate. With the wii unused. Anywho, we went into town into a cool hip store. Known for having nightclub promoters outside. Course she had to say, 'You're music is about as good as my sexlife. Rare, boring, unwanted, uncalled for, suckish, lame.' You get the idea. The bouncers seemed thrilled, or scared. She just had to do that didn't she. Well, the girl did look like the average joe on street corners. I did however get a nice pair of jeans. I didn't even ask. She was all, 'I HAVE TO SEE YOU WEAR THOSE GORGEOUS JEANS! YOU'LL BE MY ICKLE BANANA!' Colour popping jeans is in this season, so I will be zingy this summer. If these jeans split, that'll be it. (I had to put in the word split, when describing bananas). What did bug me however is spending £35 on a pair of jeans, and no-one had the audacity to even iron them! Like them? Calls for a donut top. See ya's for tomorrow! x

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Today was interesting. I went to the Gym at school today. Full of snotty year 8 brats. Who say, 'YOU WHAT?' really chav like. Get over it. You're not on TOWIE, you live in Essex. Before that stupid show you spoke normally, not some demented seal. Okay? Jeez. I did really push it hard. I must of burned about 250 calories. I get home and I can't say no to a piece of choccie which was lovingly bought by the mother. Love you mum. (Curse you mum). She then took me shopping, I went shopping her because I had some gift vouchers I wanted to spend. Everything I wanted to buy added up to £24, so I had a spare pound. I decided to ask my mum if she wanted to add anything to make up the difference... Bad idea. My mum gave me a pair of 'Bridget Jones' knickers she'd got from the sale rail for a pound.  As I walked up to the till, I could feel myself going red as a tomato because the person behind the till it had to be a young, really good-looking lad. As he picked up my mum's pants, I quickly explained that they weren't mine but he just pulled a weird face and carried on swiping my things. Hr must of thought we were right tramps (bargain hunters as She calls it). After I walked away, I realised I didn't even need to explain myself - the pants were really big, so there's no way they could've been mine. See ya's for tomorrow!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Today was interesting. Gotta love it when your teacher doesn't mark your tests. The gay maths teacher didn't today, if you have time to go and buy the latest D&G shirt in a size too small; YOU CAN MARK MY TEST! The cheek of it nowadays. Everyone's all showing off, i'm just 'I'm sorry my teacher isn't bothered. I may have to complain about his laziness.' What was weird was a male teacher teaching a female. Anywho. I went for a meal with three of my mates to a Greek restaurant. One of my friends burped really loudly while I was taking a drink, which made me instantly want to laugh so I had to try and hold my drink in! My other friend knew what I was trying to do so she put her hand over my mouth to stop me from spitting out my drink. But it had to go somewhere, so instead it came out my nose! She moved her hand in disgust while I was spitting my drink out all over the floor. Major embarrassment :( See ya's for tomorrow.

Suzie Kennedy poses as Marilyn for USED Magazine

My icon. Reborn.

I'm a beauty buff!

Betty Buff Beauty!
I have been sent a whole box of sweet smelling (Some were a bit weird smelling) body and facial scrubs from the lovely ladies at Betty Buff. Betty Buff understands how fragrances, colours and other rubbish can really affect a teenager's smooth, gentle, delicate skin and they want your skin to not flare up, but have the complete opposite! When it comes to spot cream, I run and hide. I'm allergic to Chlorine (I think, or something similar) so really anything branded I use, I go to school looking like a tomato. Delish.

BB specialize in vintage remedies with a twist, brough to the consumer in convenient pots of sweet smelling and naturally coloured, sugar based scrubs. Sugar? Yes, diabetics don't be scared. You're catered for! I'm going to be testing ALL of the scrubs I have received, but for these last few days i've been going, 'Totally Oatly'. At first glance, I thought I was washing my face with flapjack. I EVEN TASTED IT! Not as tasty as 'Scrummy choco' because the oaty scrub is specifically for diabetics, no sugar in this one. But it still tasted nice! Oats are what Granny used in the rationing times, wel jel of beautiful skin on a budget?

The mixture itself was quite thick to what i'm used to, I think it should be a bit more liquid like. When a scrub works to me, I fall asleep with a tingeling feeling on my skin. Exactly what I got. My skin was nourished and very hydrated the next day, my T-Zone (Your nose and above it and your cheekbones) is always greasy. The scrub replenished my pores and minimized spot size on my obvious areas. As you can see from my 'Funny' face, my skin is so much nicer (and skin coloured!) that what i'd use on a daily basis. The only down side I had to this product was the next day some of the oaty parts were stuck round my nose, which I think is me not scrubbing it properly. LOL. I'd give this product 4.5 stars.

If you're interested in more items from Beauty Buff, check out or follow them on Twitter to hear about there next giveaways!!/@A1Betty Conveniently it's buy one get one free on these scrubs, use wisely. Discount code: 241SCRUBS

Monday, 23 April 2012

Today was interesting. I love it when you do 25% of your GCSE, then your teacher says, 'I'm sorry I have other classes.' OTHER CLASSES! Fine, so we're not important enough. Cool beans don't expect much else. 'Class homework please?' so we say, 'Sorry we have other teachers'. I was taking the bus into town with my nan, and as we got on, she reached into her bag to get her purse so she could pay the driver. Instead of her purse, though, she accidently pulled out her spare pair of knickers and they flew out of her hand and landed on my head! I screamed in astonishment, which of course made everyone on the bus look over at me! To make matters worse, I had to sit on the bus for a whole 20 minutes! From that day on, my life was officially over! See ya's for tomorrow!
I want one of those!
When a designer top is £10.  It's common sense to have a look at it, this one is actually pretty decent. I would check out this one, but I wouldn't pay anymore than a tenner for it tbh.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday 21st April

Today was interesting. Oh my days, so today I was meant to go to a fashion show casting. But She was all, 'NOOO, you don't want to take public transport do you?' making me think twice. I still wanted to go; Because someone from TOWIE would be at the fashion show. So, it was an unpaid job but i'd get paid in the joy of showing off to every tangoed bish at school. Yay. But in the end I didn't go as I was kept as 'Mum wanted you to stay so you could tidy the house for her' Say whut? Firstly this week she doesn't post my letter or she lies saying she's ring up BRIT now keeping me hostage for CLEANING. Is she insane? Like I really know how to clean. I spent most of the day not cleaning. But what did amuse me was She asked me to clean some wall or something then I said I need the lavatory and would do it afterwards. I come out of the lav, and she's already done it. 'I said I would do it!' then she turns around and complains for the rest of the say how her back hurt from bending down. Not like I said I would do it or anything. When our friends come over it's 'CLEAN YOUR OWN ROOM' but when it's hers we have to do it... Right now i've got a bunch of middle aged women heavily drunk. Cackling at a film. Not just any film, MY film. No permission granted they just took it! See ya's for tomorrow!
Everyone loves a good laugh, and if you're me; I invented the, 'Mood-Where-Everything's-Funny'. "I don't want to hold you back." So gonna be the line.

So, i've just been checking the site stats. Usually the top one is United Kingdom, then United States. But this week, Russia has beaten the U.S! These are the top three countries, I wonder who'll be next. I don't speak Russian, so I find a it a bit Irish (Another high ranking country!) that you can understand me! Google translate FTW. Привет!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday 20th April

Today was interesting. Like my smize? What I hate about webcam photos, you have to multi-task. You can get your hands and face in perfect position, then the 3,2,1 and your screwed, thinking it's done already. Anywho, on trend with these new Lacoste shoes. Kinda like Vans: light, snug and ballet like. Perfect for the Summer. No Lacoste didn't pay me for this, the Old & Wise one did. I love the way you get into Maths and you're meant to be getting results. After, at break everyone's screaming. 'WHAT'D YOU GET!' sorry to disappoint you, i'm so epic I got no marks. Literally, lazy, gay  teacher. Yes, dude you ruined my convo's with my friends. Speaking of gays, there's this new gay guy in my class. Because he's gay he's automatically directed to the popular group of: slags, bimbos etc. I spent 10 years trying to get there, think I might go plan a coming out party. Wonder if i'll get in? What I loove about school is I set the Claireabella Classics trend. I was the only one, now this goth has got one. A BRIGHTLY COLOURED ONE! How ironic. The day was really pretty crap from then on. I rung up the BRIT SCHOOL, and was really blunt about the whole situation. So confident, so bold. I sounded like a spoilt, posh girl. [No further comments]. They basically said they hadn't received it, and said whoever said it had was a liar. Yet it was the same woman who said it was there before. WHO CHASED IT UP. Cor, the performing arts industry.  Making a 14 year old cry on the phone, what a woman. (Not really). See ya's for tomorrow, I'm going to go and watch some shows and get ready for a casting tomorrow. See ya's amazing people!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thursday 19th April


Today was interesting. Ah, GCSE results day! I got a C on the foundation paper (Pretty pointless if my target is a B and I can't bloody get it!) anywho, everyone who i'm friends with seemed to get A's and A*'s. I'm like okay, I got A* of my paper. Ah P.E in the freezing cold. Gotta fudging like it? , we'd been playing a game where you have to tap the person infront of you. So, I beat my friend easy peasy. Then, I get paired with this girl, who's really fast. So of course I go in front, and she chases me and taps me! Worse than that. She bloody goes and pulls my shorts down. We then moved on to leapfrog, which was fine. Me and my friend demonstrated to the class. Cool beans. Later on, we were in science and decided to show the teacher our leapfrogging abilities! My friend was in the middle of jumping over me when someone knocked on the door… He got a fright and fell on top of me, pulling my skirt up and over my back in the process! My spotty knickers were on show to the whole class and the head teacher - who'd just happened to have been standing at the door, all that time. See ya's for tomorrow! x

I want one of those!

Shorts season is on it's way! Better get in shape by purchasing these jogging shorts and exercise at home in them. They remind me of pyjama shorts. To get a closer look at these Lipsy goods click here:

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wednesday 18th April


Today was interesting. Who likes my outfit? Spent £60 on it, checked the sale online and found out it's half price. Fml... On the bright side, it's very pretty and came in handy for my photoshoot. Photos from the shoot to come very soon! The outfit itself is florally, as in ditzy florals in a jumpsuit style arm holes. Quite vintage actually, with big buttons. I ADORE the jacket. Pale blue + baby pink = MAGIC! This is ripped, with great detail. Not impressed the camera didn't pick it up aswell as i'd hoped. I'm never normally this tarty looking (As you know) but look what make-up artists do to me. The best bit of a shoot is the hair and make-up- such a transformation! The hair, 'volumized' was the aim. Volumized? More like massive knots in my hair i'm still brushing out! As I mentioned earlier, I have been practicing for my drama performance. There was only 70 people in the audience, but I wasn't nervous. It did bother me though that it was all the older years... In the play, I had to take a tablet and needed a drink to wash it down with. There weren't any water bottles around, so I used some fizzy pop instead - I didn't have any other choice. I swallowed the [fake] tablet no problem and everything was going smoothly until the fizzy drink came back on me and I let out a huge BURP! My first i've probably EVER had (Not exaggerating, I'm addicted to water). See ya's for tomorrow! x


Look what came today!

This one isn't mine (THANK GOD) if it was i'd probably be in debt, at 14. What a book. Oh well. Another Claireabella, apologies for the picture. It wouldn't rotate! But, it was taken on a snazzy iPhone, what beautiful quality. The picture's still don't do these stunners justice! I looooove these bags if you're new to the blog, but this one I wouldn't have bidded on in the auction. You know the drill, but Claireabella's new twitter username is @ClaireabellaLTD and I must note the Originals won't be on till the first week of May. The Limited Edition's (Like these) probably won't be auctioned soon as Claire is going to New York in a few days...  This is a grey/silver one, with 3D fringing on her top. Gorgeous. Comment your ideal Claireabella!


I love this! It's an artists' musical influences. This nail artist is 

@ScratchDollface how cool is this work? She does nail art, skin graffiti, shoe tattoos and more! looks so real. I WANT SOME!

My Musical Icon Portraits nail art by Scratch Dollface

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tuesday 17th April

Today was interesting. Not as half asleep as yesterday but still alright. Oh my days, today since I revised on Sunday thinking I had a test today, I was tested! And because of my attitude to learning of a 3 for Science I spoke up my revision and had to do an experiment at the front, where I dropped the equipment :/ Awkward...I was in German class and we were watching an old version of Fame. I was sat at the back of the class with my mates and it got to the bit of the movie where the woman goes crazy swearing at people. I had got up to pop to the loo and my skirt caught on the table, and ripped right up my leg! I swore really loudly, and my teacher turned round and yelled 'NO COPYING THE FILM!' I slowly slid down into my seat as the whole class burst out laughing. Short blog today I know, but I've got a lot of homework to get done! See ya's for tomorrow xxx

Backstage at Vivienne Westwood Red Label A/W 2012

Some very pretty pictures from backstage at Vivienne Westwood's Red Label AW 2012 fashion show. Loving the eye make-up colour pallette.

I want one of those!

Confessions of a Teenage Drama QueenA book about me, obviously ;) When you can buy used for a penny, what's sweeter? Check it out here and you can read the first chapter for free:

Monday, 16 April 2012

Monday 16th April


Today was interesting! Back 2 skool, hooray. GROAN. (Screaming on the inside). I don't mind school but that rush in the morning. The whole, 'I-have-everything-out-except-my-socks-which-should-be-in-its-place-but-of-course-it-bloody-isnt' routine. It always happens and it's always the black socks which aren't matched up together. So I spend like 10 minutes playing around searching the drawers for them. FML! My guy friend and I were mucking about in class playing tug-o-war with a 50c coin. We were laughing quite loudly and completely oblivious to everyone else. Suddenly we were brought straight back down to Earth when the teacher shouted across the class, "You can't work properly if you're holding hands!" I was so embarrassed I immediately dropped the coin and turned my back on my mate. The whole class thought it was hilarious. I didn't... See ya's for tomorrow!

I want one of those!

I do normally have the £10 budget for this segment, and most often than not; I pull it off. This may be an exception- but when it's such an expensive brand like Lipsy- when it's sale time you've gotta stock up! These beauts are £11 saving £16! Snap them up quick:

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday 15th April


Today was interesting. Shoot getting that 'Sunday night feeling'. Curse you school. If someone doesn't mind blowing up my school they'll be happily rewarded. So I've been practicing my lines at home this half term for my drama class homework. I was asked to practice them with lots of emotion; bearing in mind it was a sad play, lots of deaths and stuff in front of the mirror. Same as my posing for my castings. Except I was meant to be crying, thinking about my dead brother. So I was at the shopping centre and saw a massive mirror in the changing rooms, and started crying. People thought I was mad (Must of looked it! Specially as I was in a big department store in the kiddies section, with mothers ushering their kids away). One of the ladies even came over and questioned my well being. When my own little brother came by, she went into hysterics. Anywho, got to go and get ready for bed (And cram in more of my revision, yes I did some earlier. Just need to refresh my brain...See ya's for tomorrow!

I want one of those!

Get 'The Fashion Book' for only 98p!
The Fashion Book

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday 14th April


Today was interesting. So I woke up and of course I was ditched by That- who said she loves washing up. So woke up by spraying water all down my face. Then, I had the guesome task of melting marshmallows, then spooning them into biscuits to create 'Smores' (Basically marshmallow sandwiches, but lets be American!). Marshmallow is really sticky and stringy. Kept sticking all to my fingers. I got all the stuff for the bake sale prepared; Very proud I was indeed of all my hard nights work! I get there to the church and sell one cake and one cupcake in the first half hour of the sale. I was thinking, yes i'm going to sell everything and make £20. Then my donated cakes arrived from a lovely lady at Iced 'n' Tasty Cakes called Sarah, who made this fabulous cupcake catepillar and a Rainbow cake (I'm fundrais-
ing for the Rainbow child foundation) which were delightful! And created a lot of interest. Of course the customers
were snobby and wouldn't part with £5 for a cake worth £20- donating to a worthy cause. I can't believe
antiques stalls had more sales than us at the end of the day. I was really reluctant about selling the Rainbow
for £4.50 but I had to part with it. At the end of the day, the sale was dead 30 minutes in. But I sold one big 
cake, one marshmallow, and my brother spent £1 on cakes. I made about £7, but the lady didn't mention
a stall fee as it was for charity. Charity my backside! She kept being really pushy! Every 5 mins coming over,
'Have you made enough?'. NO I BLOODY HADN'T! Bearing in mind I had £3 in my pocket originally...
See ya's for tomorrow! Going to tuck into cupcakes :)


Look what came today! My fourth one of these bags #CurbingTheAddiction , this is my first limited edition (No 66). It's actually an early birthday present (5 months to go!) but I asked if I could put money towards it and get it early. This bag was auctioned off on Facebook for £129 before around Valentines Day! The Old&Wise One? bought it for £80, so I only got it for £30! Which is almost £100 off the original price. These bags are the only things i'd buy used, from ebay. If you are thinking of joining the craze and i'm introducing you, (Amy Childs introduced me. I don't think I'd really look up to her fashion choice, but hey!). Follow Claireabella on Twitter @claireabella___ (3 Underscores) for their next giveaways and auctions plus when to order your own sought after bag. I've got four (And growing) and 'The Old&Wise One?' has 7! Let's follow her advice and say, 'Thank god it's not Mulberry prices! I'm already maxed out on them!'.

I want one of those!

 For the ultimate screen star, check out these luxurious gifts. This t-shirt is £5 and fit for a goddess; without breaking the bank.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Friay 13th April


Today was interesting. OOH Friday the 13th. Once my dog got out on friday the 13th, we had to walk around at midnight going 'HERE PRIMMY' looking like saddos. Frankly, we didn't know what we were doing. ANYWAYS, back to today. So I walked up to She's work and 'The old&wise one?' said she'd ring me to make sure I wasn't raped. I get to the bakery to order lunch and whilst waiting I was reading a sign saying, 'Please refrain from using mobile phones when ordering'. Of course she just HAD to call me when I was ordering, had to go right to the end of the queue. THANKS SIS! Love yah lots. Then we actually get to London and of course the girl who deals with the new people wasn't there and had mistaken me for a 16 year old. Just ruined that day and the guys time. But I must say Jody Furlong (Or Bayo? Can't tell the difference!) are really nice and took the time to ring us back with an appointment for childrens' agency. Of course we get lost around London and I think hey let's be the next Kate Moss and get scouted in Carnaby Street. All the photography I got was for some landscape photo. Snazzy. Of course Oxford Street was congested and yesh went in a few shops. Felt like I wasted my mums time, but hey that's show business. *JAZZ HANDS!*. See ya's for tomorrow with gossip on my charity bake sale.

Contest update.

Our winner hasn't reponded or tried to contact us. Can Natalie Goatley please check her emails; if not by tomorrow we will pick another,

I want one of those!

Alittlestyle Vintage jewellery long owl necklace pendant cute retroA few weeks ago this little guy made an appearance in this segment, priced at £7.99. Just like to point out you can buy him for as little as 1 penny newly!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Thursday 12th April


Today was interesting. Having to trail around a kiddies theme park all day (IN THE RAIN), such fun. So it was okay, till we got approached by those costumes. What is the deal with them? There could be some paedo under there for all we know. They're so creepy with their waves; things they both have in common! The rides were meh. The water ones are always the best. You should go on it last: but it's sometimes the best ones in the park. So we went on it first and I said to It 'Don't splash me, I won't splash you back.' As i'm normally the one to get high on this ride. She, the little devil she is, splash me right in my eye. I'm sure chlorine is hurtful to your eye. Agreed? Then it decided to rain, I slipped on the exit of a ride. Thanks rain. Could of bloody hurt myself. Just for a shower? Then it was hail, when holding onto handle bars not the greatest feeling in the world. Typically when we decide we've had enough the sun shows it's face. It's almost a little skeptical at the thought. 'Is it safe? Coast is clear GO GO GO!'. Anywho, big day tomorrow. Baking and a casting. Could get messy. See ya's!