Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday 1st April

Sunday! April Fools!

Today was interesting.  Who doesn't put a dog near their mum's pillow, with fake dogs poo for a joke? Damn, Taylor Lautner's fine on the KCA's isn't he? Now whoever turns down him must be blind. If Taylor's reading, follow me on twitter, and email me topless shots! Anywho, today was interesting. I was awaiting a letter from a prestigious, stage school today.(This was yesterday), so I was at the mail. So annoying when a little brat is there before you, really ruins the dramatic Billy Elliot momentum. It hadn't come but there's still next week. *Fingers crossed*. Since I was bugged, I went out shopping with my mate and, for a laugh, we bought some red and blonde spray-on hair dye. I was aiming to be like Ariana Grande, she was more Lady Gaga. When we got outside, we dared each other to try out the dyes - so we sprayed some on each other's hair. Everyone was looking at us and whispering, but it was only when we went to the toilet at McDonald's that we realised how bad it looked! A woman in another shop even told my mate that it looked like she'd fallen in a bucket of custard! How crude and sincere of her. And she had grey hair. See ya's for tomorrow with my ickle fingers crossed!

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