Saturday, 29 March 2014

'Sorry-for-not-posting-but-still-follow-me-and-love-me' Giveaway

Okay a 'Sorry-for-not-posting-but-still-follow-me-and-love-me' Giveaway is in order.

I haven't hosted a giveaway in a while, but hey this April giveaway will hopefully knock your socks off! With this nice weather, even if you're the person at home on the Internet looking disgustedly towards the sun- this giveaway will cater to you. Infact, I'm disguestedly looking at the sun too. Why is it all pretty and warm during exam season? Like thanks for mocking us sun. Yes those beams must show your happiness.

Surprisingly, I have a big stash of 'Future Stuff to Giveaway' which has been piling up a bit recently so it was time to unleash something fabulous for all of you, and to hopefully attract new viewers. (You can always check out my Facebook/Pinterest/Bloglovin pages if you're looking for pretty past posts to view). This giveaway will last throughout April as exams start in May/June I may post the occasional tweet but nothing permanent throughout this period. But, on the blog- you might not hear from me specifically in May...

On with the giveaway. I will be giving away a set of Models Own goodies! Including a limited edition Clothes Show Live polish, nail file, lip balm, eyebrow pencils and brushes :) So you can keep up with our awesome nail tutorials too: 

Competition starts Friday 4th April to Sunday 27th April. Ensure with all mandatory options you leave your usernames/names etc so we can detect which comment/like is yours. Only open to UK and Ireland citizens. 

Click this link to be redirected to our giveaway page>

Please note: All blog post comments must be posted back on THIS post, not the giveaway page- to avoid confusion!


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Fashion Inspiration

Hi all...

Being emerged into the school work is now what the blog will be like for the next 12 weeks ish. But, I wanted to show you all the inspiration i've been collecting on my download files and thought you'd like it an feel inspired :)

 Which one's your favourite?

Thursday, 6 March 2014


World Book Day!

A quick post because I have time! It's the traditional 'World Book Day' today and whilst you may be struggling to get into a boring story, you've probably read 10 times already- why not check out these stylish selections right here? Reading is about getting lost in a world completely different to a world you're in now and enjoying it. Plus, if you read at home regularly- you're more likely to do well in school. And if you're an artist (or have those moments when you feel like drawing- but with no inspiration of what to draw) these books may help you too! As always these books rarely go over £10, but there is the occasional one which is slightly over this budget. So click the links, discover and read on!

COMMENT: What's your favourite book ever?