Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday 31st October


Today is Halloween! OoOoOh the witches come out tonight! Witches aka me. I have the acne, the paleness yeah I've been sick all day. That and It had staff training day and well my mum was working so she kinda overfed me sugary foods last night (I COULDN'T HELP IT!) and being a sick lady, they conveniently looked after me. I accidently threw up on his face. Well he didn't get me what I wanted he was just like, 'No get it yourself'. I wore comfy pyjama's today and a warm comfy dressing gown, accessorized with vampire skin. But I'm not trick or treating tonight :( and I think i'm getting old now for it. But if you are stay safe, go with friends, keep your mobile with you and go to houses with pumpkins. They're not grumpy old gits who give you 2p and make it sound like a treat. Anyway on my day off I saw a witch already trick or treating. Wtf? Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday 30th October


(Today technical difficulties, sorry!)
Today i got that Sunday feeling, so annoying. I think we deserve another week off. But today we went to a country farm place and my friend got to come.I was hanging out with her then this guide told us to look at the river to see what was in there. We did, and I leaned over to take a closer look. I got a bit closer than expected, and slipped on a patch of soggy mud - falling face first in the river! Everyone was in hysterics, even the teacher! I had to walk around drenched all day long.And they had to get my brother in to save me. How embarrassing... I was in my new trench aswell today. Talk about bad luck. Worse was I had a zit on my face and someone said, 'Is that food round your mouth'. 

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Saturday 29th October


Today was interesting. So apparently there was this big Halloween party in town today and since our paper boy didn't bring the paper (I could do a better job!) and yeah the biggest halloween party of the year and dumbo didn't tell me? Oh well. I came home from doing a run (Me exercise, i'm starting to get obsessed with exercise!) I kicked off my shoes. Mum always told me not to leave them on the floor, but I forgot about them and the next thing I knew, my dog Max was running off with something black in her mouth... my shoe! She chewed it to bits and I had to go to get  a newspaper  with a big gaping hole in the side of it ! Let's say the neighbours were enjoying it.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday 28th October


Today it's friday, friday gotta get down on Friday! We were going to take a family day out to Westfields Stratford City, a new glamorous shopping centre built where the Olympics will be. So we got there and it's built near a load of corner shops and dinghy, not very glamorous shops. More of the area where women hang at night. We got there and whilst my family dug into the greasy, fattening, calorific food that McDonalds has to offer, my mum said, 'Oh please have some for me' and questioned me the meaning of anorexia. Seriously mum, I eat toast before I go and apparently i'm anorexic. Throughout the day my older sister (Let's name her the 'Old and wise' one) kept saying I rued the day and that we were walking round here because you wanted to and apparently I was very miserable. Hello? How can I not be Miserable. I have a little brat screaming on the way here resulting in a migraine, did she also know that I kept worrying about going to the toilet every 5 minutes to check.. Girls you know what I mean. Also did she know that this shopping centre had no Lipsy, no Debenhams, no House of Fraser, even no Pizza Hut! And people wouldn't blooming move, and I wore pink for their fundraising day (Free cupcake samples) and no blooming free samples as promised! I expected my free massage and rowed at the guy and still got no massage. My day from hell. Oh well. Freak me out with your Halloween costumes, please. See ya's for tomorrow. I apologise for my moodiness, but we've all been there.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Spooktacular Contest!

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year in something pretty 'Spooktacular'? Well, us at ArrayO'Style love a good costume and we will be giving away this clutch, inspired by top designer Alexander McQueen. Even been worn by Kim Kardashian!<

To enter simply take of you in your costume, then email it to us at
Good luck!
P.S: If your not a ArrayO'Style followers, you cannot enter.
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Thursday 27th October


Today was well interesting. Today, was the day I realised it was the fourth day of half term and I had completed 0 homework assignments and literally typed like mad on this laptop. But She didn't care. Her boss was comming to dinner tonight so she was rushing around moaning, 'You kid's never do anything around here, always me!'. Then when we're bored and say,'What can I do?' she says nothing. You can never please parents! But she said she needed to go out and get her hair done and stuff so she left me in charge to make my famous meatballs. But since I was so bummed up with homework they kinda stuck to the pan and well burnt? So She came back and I had left to buy some ready meals from Iceland (Where mum's go, because it's so good and cheap). Let't just say the boss noticed and wrinkled her nose up at it. But whilst we were eating very sophisticatedly with her boss, That came down and started showing us all his new move from LMFAO's video 'Sexy and I know it'. Geez. Liking my top? Yeah, I felt like putting on 'Little miss happy' but I well wasn't. See ya's tomorrow. I'll be pampered tomorrow!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I want one of those!

'I want one of those!' is a brand new segment from us at ArrayO'Style. It's going to be myself showing you each week some affordable clothing that you can buy, which doesn't break the bank and will make you say, 'Wow, thats worth the price!'. This week's product is from designer Miss Sixty. It is fab and will work well on those days. You get me mon? Here it is and it's only £11.17!

Impressed I was too. I love the grey colour the best.

Wednesday 26th October


Today was well interesting as is everyday when you live in my madhouse. We had to go food shopping today, because you guessed it we didn't have any food. So we got their and my mum had watched this show called 'Extreme Couponing' when Americans buy like £400 worth of stuff and get it for 1 penny, using coupons. My mum thought well that'll save some money, so she scoured the internet and printed off coupons, and said her shopping would cost us £2, which was great. We got there and literally I have never counted 50 boxes of cereal before. We get to the checkout and my mums so confident it's going to cost us £2, she has her little £2 coin ready and she says, 'I'll have to book our next holiday after this'. All excited, it cost us £400.67 (67p over) she handed over the coupons and well... they wouldn't work. The checkout guy was laughing at us and the manager kicked us out in the nicest way possible. 'You waste my shops time, i'll waste yours!'. I was just thinking 'Steady on mate'. The embarressment of it all. But that's what happens in my house in half term. See ya's for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesday 25th October


Today was great. Sorta. So I had a walk along the seafront on our way to a theme park (Not one of the big ones) and our town has those water sprinklers. So I thought let's be a daredevil and walk through while they were small. I walked through and you guessed it. Soaked before it started raining. But, if you haven't rode a rollercoaster while it's raining, you have not lived. It is amazing, until you scream 'OH YEAH BABEY!' and it kinda sounds wrong, specially when theres parents with little 'uns giving you dirty looks. Did I mention we walked passed a hotel called 'The Hope Hotel' what are you hoping to find clean rooms there... Anyways, see ya's for tomorrow! You might just see a new segment appear.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday 24th October


Today, is the start of my Monday Madness. Please say i'm not the only one who woke up this morning at 6am and woke my mum shouting 'Mum, we're gonna be late. Move your fat bum out of bed!'. She wasn't impressed. So she confiscated my Blackberry and i'd also been staying up late on my laptop (Who doesn't?)  So I was screaming at my mum to give it back, and I was literally jumping up and down on the floor(Proper tantrum) I didn't realise that my sister was there filming it all, and then she uploaded it onto Facebook! My friends now call me Tantrum Girl. How embarrassing :( But who doesn't try to get their way? But today I wore a Lady Gaga top. I went down the shop to get a loaf of bread (Why me!) and in the shop the guy at the counter said 'Do you want all our meat while your at it. Make a little meat dress?'. I was utterly violated! Can't a girl wear a top in peace. See ya's later stay tuned for my Half term of madness!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday 23rd October


Well today was interesting. I was out shopping with my She, when I felt something damp on my head… She told me a bird had pooped on me, which was apparently lucky. I didn't feel so lucky! I screamed so loud that everyone in the street turned to look at me! I decided to run to the nearest shop to sort myself out, but stupidly ended up walking straight into a glass door! My head was now sore and covered in bird poo! The people in the shop looked at me like I was mad! Not like I am mad or anything? I wore my favourite top today which has appeared on the blog numerous times. See ya's for tomorrow, stay tuned for my half term of madness. And remember to follow!

More from NYC!

Raise your hand if you want more Fashion goss from the designers? Mee too! Here's the top five from the big apple.
DKNY- I loved the prints here and the bold colours. Wide brimmed hats were worn with every outfit.
Diane Von Furstenburg- Pretty show.  Classic DVF wrap dresses.
Diane von FurstenbergDiane von FurstenbergDiane von Furstenberg
Rachel Zoe- Is amazing! How can you not like these?
Rachel ZoeRachel ZoeRachel Zoe
Rachel ZoeRachel ZoeRachel Zoe
Betsey Johnson- Just gotta go and do some shopping.. But how cute are these?
Betsey JohnsonBetsey JohnsonBetsey Johnson
Betsey JohnsonBetsey JohnsonBetsey Johnson
Marc by Marc Jacobs- I see the British flag colours here, quite nautical.
Marc by Marc JacobsMarc by Marc JacobsMarc by Marc Jacobs

Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday 21st

Yay- photo's are now working. And if you commend saying i'm fat or something, I took this photo after I had my dinner so I was bloated!

Today, was dull. But it's FRIDAY! WOOP WOOP! Half term is upon us, but today we all came in non-uniform and the sixth formers came in fancy dress (As usual). Non uniform is a great day to find alot about your fellow classmates. You can tell the tramps, from the skanks. The snobs from the chav's. The people with no personality whatsoever and the label lovers. So yeah, take some advice when it's your non-uniform day, don't go in flashy labels that are not fake (I guarantee you'll be watched) labels are dull and everyone wears the same. Also don't wear a mini skirt in Winter (What is wrong you?). Also don't eat your lunch quick. I was late for a lesson because I hadn't finished lunch yet, so I quickly crammed my whole spaghetti bolognaise into my mouth and ran into class. But when I got there, everyone cracked up laughing, even the teacher! I had food all round my mouth and down my clothes. Something had puked on me, literally. See ya's for tomorrow! And stay tuned for half term madness!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wednesday 20th October

(Sorry for the technical delays).

Today, was interesting. Everyone in their school who has a big-headed brat who says they're so good at singing and all that rubbish and says she's been to so many auditions (But secretly not got anywhere) well she insulted me in P.E. today. We've moved on to trampolining in P.E. and she had the cheek to ask me to do my jumps again and tell me I wasn't doing them properly, when she couldn't even do a seatdrop. Funniest part was when it was lunchtime (The final show until the finals tomorrow) and she got a massive boo (Not from me or anything..) and yeah she was really annoyed. Also at the show, you know you get the breakdancers who are good? Well today we got one who looked like he was having a fit. Let's just say Simon Cowell wouldn't enjoy our show at all today. After school, me and a few friends went down to the chip shop after school. As I was walking down there, I stepped in a ketchup packet and it sprayed all over my area. People thought I had had an accident in the queue, the very long queue.Also do you know what question I hate more than ever, 'What are you wearing tomorrow?'. Clothes are a way to express yourself and your feelings and if you ask your kinda saying I have no personality. See ya's tomorrow. Remember to follow.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wednesday 19th October

(Technical problems with my phone today so I will resolve this situation).

Today, was exciting. Best part was hometime! Has anyone else had that moment when your looking through Facebook profiles and feel like commenting, 'Ooh, maybe change your hairstyle so you don't look like a dragqueen'. But we all decided to go to a park, mainly because all the cooler kids were there and we wanted to bump up our reputation, we were sat talking and one dodgy looking kid came up to us and then said, 'I bet you can't do a cartwheel.' Although I hadn't been cartwheeling since I was 4 and cartwheeling at 14 sounded sad I did one, but instead of landing on my feet I landed straight on my bum in a huge pile of dogs muck. My friend helped me with tissues and then the group came over and muttered to eachother and then said, 'Boffbags sits near dogs poo and likes it so much she falls into it'. I thought to myself how can they not be a boffbag if we in the same ability sets. So I replied, 'Boffbag can't find any slimfit jeans that fit properly, not up his legs'. That shut them up. Haha. Anyways enough of me today and see ya's for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tuesday 18th October

(Sorry for no picture, technical difficulties).

Today, was interesting. My sister (Helloo Gorgeous!) is currently on holiday in a place in Swanage and she is a foodie so her email said 'I love the food, it's lovely. Tailored to me'. But what school asks it's pupils for their email address AND password? To check their emails and send their parents bull? Anyways, on with today. I hate that word revision, don't you? And the letters GCSE they stand for Give Children Some Entertainment in my world. Revision is so hard, you never find any youtube clips on your subjects or anything. Right? But seriously when in year 7/8 revision for homework is no homework, but actually revise! We had dance today. We were doing girl and boy latin work. Sign :/ Always wanted to salsa and get paired up with some weedy child. Not a Patrick Swayze. Well, the last time I watched Dirty Dancing was when I was 6 and didn't get my way so I threw a strop. What 6 year old wants to watch that when they get the simpsons box set! Cake sale was still on today and my friend bought me a cookie, it was burnt and tasted funny. Not buying them again.I had the second half of my mock exam today. Wtf is with the word 'Mock' it doesn't make it any easier it makes it harder and sound like a bird! I also had drama with the nice looking kid on work experience, he didn't smell nice this week so I went off him.  See ya's for tomorrow, and remember to follow moi! xx

National Baking Week!

This week is National Baking Week, a time for you to roll up your sleeves, get out your scales and get baking! You can make anything, if it's your school charity week maybe try a batch for practice to donate? Here's a little inspiration but remember even if you can't bake, baking mixes count because you still whisk them up! Maybe try something new, there's lots to choose from bread, cupcakes, battenburgs, sponges etc!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Host a Segment with us!

Do you love fashion and writing about it? Who doesn't! Do you have an idea for a segment to host on the site? If you've said yes, ArrayO'Style is giving you the chance to own your own segment with us, that you host, advertise and present! How great is that? Here is the application:

Your name/nickname:
Your Age:
Segment Name: 
What is it?:
How are you planning to do it?(how many contestants, what they will have to do etc ):
Rules Contestants have to follow:
Will you do it alone or you will need a team(like judges or anything else)?:
If yes ,how many? :
Can you stay Commited to it until its done?:
Email this to  You can also apply for more than 1 project.

Monday 17th October


Today, I wore my top which says 'Gossip 'Did you hear?'. Because really that was how it was today, has anyone got it when you get moody people saying 'Why didn't you invite me?', and you simply reply saying we wouldn't fit you in the car, because it is like that? But you get a load of grief for it, and it's usually by people who try to impress you. It's like you can be so unknown and hated, your birthday comes and you get aload of friend requests! This week is Sixth Form charity week which is always good, you get to treat yourself to lovely goodies and watch little brats who think their god's gift prance on stage. Today we went in to the talent show and there was this one girl who cried because she didn't get in to Fridays final, and she was at least year 10. You feel like saying 'Well, did you hear people laughing in the crowd. Thats why you didn't get in!'. Although you do feel sorry for them. I had an exam today, the first half and well i'm gifted and talented in English but sometimes in tests I just go numb and don't think of anything. So I'm sat making gestures to my friends and  pretending to write when my teacher turns around! But I had to walk the dog today and the cringiest thing happened.  I was walking my dog Max with my friend in the park, when suddenly another dog appeared beside us. He and Max began chasing each other around, until Max’s lead got tangled in my legs and made me fall over! Everyone in the park turned to look and me. :/ See ya's for tomorrow, remember to follow.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday 16th October


Today, I went to meet the 'Mystery Celebrity' and it was none other than the fabulous Louie Spence! He was so nice and I was bright red! I was wearing my Pineapple bits and he said he was loving my sequins and he hadn't seen them in the Covent Garden store yet. I just replied saying 'Well, I had to make the effort!'. He was just laughing with me, he was so nice and genuine, really down to Earth. Much nicer than when I saw Amy Childs. I also gave him a little business card and he said he will be tuning in to the blog! I would like to say a big thank you to my mum and well you wouldn't guess what she did. She made me perform the little dance to Louie which involved alot of shimmying and hip shaking. Everyone was laughing at me! A fabulous experience and I will cherish the photo and book forever. See ya's for today!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saturday 15th October


Today, I was so excited about tomorrow I made up a little jump. I was practically a child at Christmas, wait till you see me at Christmas! My excitement got the better of me though, I had to distribute the last of my catalogues this week for fundraising though and erm. Let's just say the resident's down my road didn't appreciate a screeching teenager's screams down their letterboxes at lunchtime. Sorry for party rocking as LMFAO say. Speaking of lmfao I heard their recent song 'Sexy and I know it' on the radio and I hadn't of seen the music video and in form on Friday's we watch music video's we pick. So of course I pick that song just to see what the creators of the 'Shuffle' had done. And well my form tutor (Who's gay) loved the bit of bulge doing a wiggle on the interactive whiteboard. My year manager didn't when she walked in, she can't blame me for being with the charts? Oh well, today I wore a lovely shade of pink and really mixed it up with the accessories, my sister passed on to be a box of costume jewellery, slightly gothic but they look great on top! Tomorrow I will be meeting a 'Mystery Celebrity' and it'll be great. See ya's tomorrow, I'll be reporting much later tomorrow around 6pm onwards (GMT time) due to traffic. Remember to follow.

National Chocolate Week!

This week is National Chocolate Week! I only just found out but I have sent She to the shop to get me some! Today is the perfect day to pig out on chocolate, now which one to choose?

Let's hit New York!

We have visited London, Paris and Milan: Now we have to see what the big apple has to offer! On with the clothing:
Tommy Hilfiger- Very 60's inspired clothing.
Tommy HilfigerTommy Hilfiger
Lacoste- Sporty glasses cropped up, a bit of blue and lots of tangerine. Take note Tangerine is the colour of the season!
Vivienne Tam- Beautiful statement prints! Not granny ish but high fashion print.
Vivienne TamVivienne TamVivienne Tam
Alexander Wang- Atheletic clothing, quite a lot of leather dresses. Vampire style makeup.
Alexander WangAlexander WangAlexander Wang
Victoria Beckham- Anyone else see Mrs Beckham in the pictures? Well she took a turn into block colouring, sleek overblown shirts and navy shades.
Victoria BeckhamVictoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham
What do you think?