Friday, 27 June 2014

Orange is the new black - really? REALLY. #OIStNB

Hallelujah, a post! Before I start, just like to say a big THANK YOU to our lovely guest bloggers who blogged for #ABlogADayInMay 2014. Including Taylor of Somewhere over the rainbow, Blusher and Bronze, Hey Iris, Christina of This Fashion Girl, Evie Stacey of Distaceful and finally Blushing Beauty. I haven't really had time to communicate with you girls properly, so thank you for your lovely posts and passion seeping through them. Will be adding you all to my blog reading list :)

Orange is the new black - really? REALLY! 

So after completing my exams last weekend I took a shopping trip, in person. I know, I'm not one for actually moving out of my bed at 6am in the morning to traipse around shops, knowing they won't have my size/style/budget. Of which, they had neither. Dang it. Anywho, when at lunch- I headed for twitter and the whole world was talking about this show called 'Orange is the new black'. Then, galivanted to Miss Selfridge and they were advertising the show too in the changing rooms. Hmm, fishy I thought. Kinda reminded me of the 'Breaking Bad' and 'Game of Throne' crazes that started not so long ago.

When I thought of the colour orange [in fashion terms] it made me think of Legally Blonde. 

Orange isn't a terrible colour, but it just reminds us all of that dreaded fake tan. 

But in fashion terms, orange can look very 70s and funky fresh. Oh god I said funky fresh- ergh. 

So the main point of today's post was to convince you that orange is a nice colour, regardless of the TV show's influence. Will the TV show help orange make a comeback? It's possible. Fashion is influenced by the media a lot. Whether its the people, places or past - fashion isn't new, just recycled.

Here's the Polyvore post. The outfit is for a budget and is a slight mix-match. But hey ho, what do you think? Is orange the new black?

Orange is the new black

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe

#HappyBirthdayMarilynMonroe Embrace your inner Marilyn with Marbelle's 'Tallulah' dress, like the #dress worn in the famous '7 Year Itch' scene. Available in white: email