Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wednesday 30th November


Today was fun as the government went too far for teachers so we got a day off. They're always arguing and taking too much money, like pickpockets but they do it with flair.We decided to go to cinema (so was the whole country) to see the amazingest film ever 'Breaking Dawn' (If you hate it it's not the point)  I was walking down the high street texting and checking the time for my bestie. I didn't see a big stone that was placed in front of me. I tripped straight over it and went smash into a man that was walking by, walking his dog, a little boney thing that started having a fit. My bag flew out of my hand too with all my sanitary towels all over him. I couldn't stop apologising but the man just stood there laughing at me. Well a bit of respect to someone apologizing? Like my tangerine colour? Shade of the season. See ya's for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tuesday 29th November


Today was interesting. This is my costume for my drama classes, i'm playing a school girl. I've decided to do my three lines smartly. I'm going to do a really over the top snobby character, just so I stand out against everyones boring characters. Tip to actors': Really think about your character. I suggest do very stand out ones like a dumb child, a clean freak or a snob with an accent. Accent's are good for laugh's. We had some P.E today in the freezing cold (Sympathy, on go my sob story), We were warming up for a netball match by running around the court. I was running beside my friend so we ran along talking about the strike and our plans. I was so distracted and engrossed in our conversation, that just casually, ran head first into the netball post.  I received two black eyes as keepsakes of the day and another pro we lost the game. See ya;s for tomorrow!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Monday 28th November


Today was interesting. I had finished my task's in lesson today when everyone started confessing their crushes. I sat and listened, just to take in any gossip for the facebook.. The girls knew I was listening and asked me when they had gone round the circle. Instead of doing the whole 'No-one yet I go home and stare at his perfection everyday' I started saying how I couldn't choose out of two because they were both nice lad's and perfect etc. It all went a bit silent. Then, I seemed to be the entertainment. You could tell with the looks I was getting. So I turned around 'tidying the rubbish'  and he was right behind me having heard the whole thing. Sugar. The nosiness of some people, I mean really. No need to eavesdrop. As you can see today I rooted out a branded top, because I hadn't worn it yet on the blog. Quite nice colours really. I did it for some just dance in my living room. Mainly because I put a load of effort in and get humiliated by some 40 something who gets 10,000.  Jeez. See ya's for tomorrow. Check out my recent contest! for those hawt clutches :)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday 27th November


Today was interesting. That had a date today with an actual boyfriend. Ik she's 10 has worked her way around the football team, actually had a boyfriend and has her first date at 10 years old! But, I went to spy on them with my bestie. We got the table nearest the window, the one which also had a big plant infront of it. I ordered a portion of chip's and I always use my ketchup strangely. I actually squirt the ketchup on each individual chip. Peculiar, but taste's good. I was about to squirt some on this one chip and I heard That's boyfriend say some compliments to her, I hesitated from my chip's and concentrated on them. NO SMOOCHIES! Back to the chip's and bam, all my chip's got stuck in the ketchup bottle which then overloaded and exploded down my top. All that and no kissies! See ya's for tomorrow.

I want one of those!

Gift sets galore. You gotta love looking at them? Found out about a new brand 'Floozie by frost french' and thought i'd share some goodies. They're cheap as chip's but not as tacky as your thinking. Remember to order soon before they're gone!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Saturday 26th November


Today was interesting and I wore this little ensemble. Bold blue is a great colour blocking base which all the celebs are trending mainly due to the cold weather- You may of seen very bright shades of nail varnish recently. Layer up with accessories for a 'I didn't try too much' outfit. The Christmas church fayre was on today and my friend's and I thought we'd donate our time and volunteer with serving refreshments. Hard work serving the lunch crowd all over hot chocolate's! On break, We where messing around and for some reason I started spinning around with my hot chocolate in my hand. Round and round and crash, I smacked straight into the customer waiting at the counter. It just so happened to be my head teacher's Mum, as it is.. My hot chocolate went all down her (fabulous but expensive) white top. Sadly, she didn't want any hot chocolate so we stopped selling :( Also, remember yesterday I posted about a missing girl at school? Well I can confirm she's been found. See ya's for tomorrow!

I want one of those!

Less than a month till Christmas but do you have those presents bought for all your family? Since it's a month till the big day i'll be posting more items than usual, if you are stuck for a person comment and i'll get back to you :) Today I have picked some chocolate bath bombs, some Simpsons sock's for the daddy and some truffles for you.

Friday, 25 November 2011

First to 100! Comp.

Okay guys. We didn't manage to give away the clutch at Halloween. We will be giving it away for Christmas, so you have exactly ONE WHOLE MONTH! The concept for this contest is a little different. We need to get to 100 followers to give this away and then we will have a raffle to see who win's the bag. There are more ways to have more entries, if you refer followers to the site you will gain extra entries. For example: I invite my facebook friends and 10 join= 10 entries to you! Good luck. You'll be winning this bad boy worn by Kim Kardashian inspired by Alexander McQueen. Have a look at the whole collection from

Friday 25th November


Today was interesting. A girl in our year has gone missing it was in the newspaper and I told She she said,'Your not very sympathetic'.  As She is one of those,'Oh my what about the poor parents' and always thinks I'm going to go off the rails since apparently 'Children  with fatherless figures are 70% likely to do drugs' so I always get a lesson on things. She sent me out saying, 'How can you sit at home when there's a girl in your school missing?' So me and my bestie decided to go 'looking' through the high street. We were 'looking' (Trying on outfits in a shop)  I had really tight skinny jeans on (Misread label and put on kid's ones) and when it came to the time to take them off I had trouble. I was struggling to get my foot out when just casually,fell over and burst through the curtain where there was a little boy with his mum standing there in shock. My best mate had pulled the curtain to cover her but I was left out in the open in just my pants and bra. You know your besties do care alot for themselves. See ya's for tomorrow! (I guess it's my duty to promote a missing child so if you see this girl call the police Thank you.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thursday 24th November


(Sorry for not posting last night guys, I was in bed all day getting sick of the taste of Nurofen so I could get to see a film I had booked tickets for 3 weeks in advance, turned out they didn't give refunds so I kept coughing into my tissues!). BEST MOVIE EVER! She also declared I needed more rest today, so she sent me to bed straight away. But you know when your in bed and can't move your arms much, so when you want a drink it's a mission not to move your whole body, well I was after my drink (Of apple juice) I got it in the end.Put it up and the mutt we keep for a pet came upstairs. He's quite a playful, cheeky dog; Likes getting into trouble and making us mad basically. He came up into my room and knocked my apple juice, magazine (I read when I couldn't sleep) and my bedside lamp. There might of been just a teensy mess, you know enough for you to get into an argument with She, 'But it wasn't me, that mutt is out to get me'. You know how it is. See ya's for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Christmas is here!

The Coca cola christmas adverts have been on, so we can now go crazy, and go a bit mad over what to get who. But if you'd like to go and see the truck in person check out this site.

Tuesday 22nd November


Today was interesting. Attacked by the cold day 2, not enjoying it. You know when your voice is really deep then sounds like a crazed Justin Bieber fan? Yeah, kinda my day really. Plus a form tutor who seriously mimics my deep voice, such a dick. I missed drama too, spreading around a cold for 3 lines isn't worth it. But at school It's school had a school trip to ours for some science workshop, which ment he came allow to lunch to stalk me. Me and my friends were talking about girly things like bra's, cycles etc. He must of heard the word 'Tampon' because he said, "Are tampons the pointy things that stick up your bum?'. Awkward turtle. BREAKING DAWN TOMORROW! If your in the cinema and theres a girl who had a coughing fit on the bits where Bella&Edward get it on, that's me :P See ya's!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Monday 21st November


Today was interesting. I wore sequin's which I rarely wear, sequin's are going to be big on the New Year's Celebrations. Of course along with sick from too many drinks. I wore sequins mainly due to my cold, to lift my spirits. I was walking to class with my brand new school bag, well let's say a bag She wouldn't approve of me bringing to school. But you know if the popular's bring there Louis Vuitton's in, not just girls, I might aswell bring in a designer bag i've been saving up for ages for!  I was so happy that it wasn't sold out and starting singing and letting it swing all the way around my wrist. I heard someone call me name, so I spun around and my new bag had smacked a really tough looking 6th former in the face.He wasn't impressed and started to clench his fist's together, luckily my room was just there :) Oh happy days. See ya's for tomorrow, don't forget to follow.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday 20th November


Today was interesting. I'm so jel at the moment, everyone's just going 'Sitting in cinema waiting for Breaking Dawn' rub it in thanks? Secretly i'm reading the book as fast as I can! But we went to a shopping centre today, I think She had needed some present inspiration *Cough, had to go to the post office to get big parcels, my prezzies*I got mega bored because of all the shops we could have been in, you know we could of walked all the way into somewhere actually interesting that weren't full of ancient junk that clutters the floor I asked my mum when could we leave because I was bored and getting hungry (A chocolate fountain was next door) , so she replied in a really loud voice, "Are you showing off because of the boy over there?" Of course straight away I said no, but I went bright red and She and It burst out laughing. They laughed even harder when the boy looked over. I was now ready to go and chase that chocolate fountain. So I did, paied and kind of filled my cup with too much, made a mess and ran out. Chocolate was nice you could say. See ya's.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Saturday 19th November


Today was interesting. Who else watched CIN last night? Does anyone else get it when you like One Direction for only one person in it? Then you have to go out and buy a load of merchandise, just to see that one? Well today the christmas market was in town and the high street was mobbed. So I was walking around and we got in a queue for some fresh hot dogs (Bleurgh, I'd love to go veggie, but I couldn't live without pasta ) and I recognised the voice infront of me. I soon realised it was my head teacher, looking normal no suit or anything! Today I might just mention I had caught an infectious cold from some germ ridden freak at school, with no hygiene who just yakked all over me. Yuck. I was there waiting for my mum's hot dog, and I knew a big sneeze was comming. Fumbling through my pockets, I just could not find the tissues. Ah, ah ah choooo. I went all on top of my headteachers bald head. But you know sometimes your substances travel long distances, let's just say a very firm looking woman didn't order mustard.. See ya's for tomorrow :)

Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday 18th November


Today was interesting. As you can see I am in my Pyjama's with a little buddy, Pudsey! Everyone does silly things for charity, whether that is going into school in pyjama's when no-one else does or sitting in a bath full of jelly. Well at school I thought let's be nice and organise a cake sale for Children In Need, so I called up my mum's baker friend who said she could only make a few cupcakes to donate, because she was stuffed with orders. So I decided to bake a load with my friend's round, dancing and messing around as we did this. We were in tears at hair nets.? So we sold out, even to the hotties. They were talking to us and one of them (The player who the year 7's hang on to his every word), you know with a little crowd of year 7 monster's (Not the nice ones!) and he bit into the cake (We'd made) and cracked his tooth! Year 7's started giving it to us, who the heck do they think they are. Some of them think they own the blooming school and expect Year 9's to move for them. Cheek of it! Can't wait for the telethon tonight, looking forward to the One Direction boys & the Outnumbered crew :D See ya!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

I want one of those!

Who's been feeling Christmassy all of a sudden? Well I guess if your not like me you would be raving to Christmas songs already. I haven't yet, i've been getting ready for Breaking Dawn! But, to help you with your Christmas shopping I've found a Thorntons chocolate box which is only £4 and is a decent size. Perfect for friends or relatives, or you know.. yourself! Here it is and if you are really stressing over someone's gift, post a comment what your looking for and i'll get back to you ;)

Breaking Dawn Premiere!

Who else has ordered Breaking Dawn tickets? Well the premiere took place today at Westfields Stratford City shopping centre. It was attended by an array of celebs including the X Factor finalists! Is it me or are Little Mix looking like Girls Aloud, dress wise? What was also interesting was Strictly's Holly Valance and Ola Jordan showed. No cat fights :( And Kristen Stewart in black, wow thats a shock.
Breaking Dawn UK premiere Robert Pattinson Kristen StewartBreaking Dawn UK premiere Robert Pattinson Kristen StewartLooking good: Tulisa Contostavlos (centre) with Little Mix (left to right) Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall, Jesy Nelson and Perrie Edwards arriving for the UK premiere of The Twilight Saga at the Westfield Stratford City
Caroline Flack arriving for the UK premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Pic: PA)Pixie Lott arrives for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (Pic: Rex)
Holly Valance arrives for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (Pic: PA)Ola Jordan arrives for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (Pic: Rex)

Thursday 17th November


Today was cool. Anyone get it when you win nothing. Including the lottery, raffles at school or those contest's on morning TV? Well guess what, I actually won something! £50 worth of free clothes :) I won the contest from the nice guy's at perfect if your fundraising for your school or club. I won the clothes including this bad boy< from, they are established in the UK and the USA. This is a genuine, Baby Phat jacket, which is very trendy and slightly nautical. The colour is so now. But on with today, I chose to do dance for an academy lesson so today we were showing our taster of 'Bollywood'. It's a shame we couldn't dress up in the sparkly stuff :( But we had to perform to the other academy class.I really went for it, mainly because I wanted to impress the popular's, you know the ones who are permanently orange?  I heard my friends giggling,there were a few other sniggers, but I ignored them. I was secretly thinking someone was just taking the pee out of me, so I kicked my leg's higher and really did it. Afterwards, in the changing room one of my friends said, "I think you need a better bra." I asked why and turned bright red as she told me my breasts were bouncing up and down badly when I performed. Bill and Bob, along the front row got a show. Who else is excited for Breaking Dawn tomorrow!? Eek! I don't know why i'm excited, i'm going on Saturday. But I will be posting some picture's from the premiere! Good luck to anyone seeing it at 00:01am. Remember Children in need is tomorrow!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wednesday 16th November


Today was interesting. Went round my friend's house and yes we're Year 9 and still play 'Hide and seek'. Of course we had the would you rathers. 'Would you rather sit in a fat persons fat or hug a person who has B.O'? I won't tell you my answer. But let's move on with what else happened! I was in a lesson sitting one seat away from my super-hot crush, who was staring at me (Because imma sexay beast :P) so I decided to impress him and put on some mascara to get some more attention. I went under the table pretending to have dropped a pen. I then tried to put on mascara with out any mirror or light, effort much? When my ancient, professor teacher called my name and, in effort to get up quickly, I smudged mascara all over my face without realising. Then I had a glance in my mirror, I looked like I tatooed my face in pen ink? My teacher came round and said 'You look very pretty with your make-up on' then stuck a gold star on my forehead? Is that even legal? See ya's for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tuesday 15th November


Today was well interesting. Do you ever get it when you have a meltdown when your meant to leave for school in the morning, and you cannot find your P.E room? Specially when you moved rooms into one the size of a shoebox. Then you arrive at school, check your locker and VOILA! There it is. I had to go to Art club tonight because someone thinks my art is good and deserves gifted and talented. If I don't go I get a lecture about how it improves my talent. So I was in Art and had finished painting my portrait, wasn't really looking where I was going as I was chatting to a friend. All of a sudden I walked straight into an A * (A+ to Americans)  piece of art made of glass, which wobbled, then fell on the floor and smashed into a thousand pieces. The teacher was absolutely furious and started doing a dance, because the poor student who's work that was would have to do it all over again. But who seriously places glass work in a room Year 7's use. Not like I'm year 7 or anything, but I act it..See ya's for tomorrow!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Monday 14th November


Today was a struggle. You know your family argue over stupid things, well mine had a tiff last night and I have had a migraine all day. Usually when I have a migraine, I vomit and have it all week. Thanks alot Mum, did the 'Who scoffed the biscuits' row really have to happen? Anyway, I was really bored in class (Pay attention in lessons kiddies!)so I started chewing on the bottom of my pen. I noticed that people kept giving my funny looks during class but I wasn't really sure why. Then we went to lunch and as I was eating a sandwich I noticed a whole load of blue ink on the bread. I legged it to the loos to discover it wasn't just all over my face, it was all over my lips and my teeth! It stained my teeth. You know, as you do. 

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday 13th November


Today was boring.So I rang my friend to go out shopping, although the night before I had decided my laptop for Christmas. She said, 'Aren't you saving' I said 'Yeah but why not look!'. As the shopaholic I am, well I say that but i'm one of those people who go into a load of shops see nothing I like (When I have money) and stop for the corner shop to buy a chocolate bar. Then the next week, when I have stored my money in the bank, there's something nice in the shops. While we were out I spotted my crush. I whispered in her ear lets go into the clothes shop he was in, not stalking him or anything... As we entered, she saw a dress she wanted to try on. I said I would wait outside. I saw my crush and waved to catch his eye, then sat down to try and look cool. I hit the deck and a whole load of clothes fell on top of me. Turns out I'd sat on a shelf, not a bench, and it had collapsed. What was worse was I started going into Drama Queen Mode by exclaiming, 'Ahhh help me! I'm being attacked by a pile of hideous clothes!'. The snobby looking shop assistant didn't appreciate that remark. Well she's not a fashion blogger, she has no right to judge.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Saturday 12th November


Today was interesting. I was out food shopping with my mum, uncool you may say but it's uncool when your mum brings you back the wrong food! So she asked me to go back and get the shopping bags ,which we had forgotten. So I was looking through the car and there was this lady, in trackie's probably on benfits, puffing away next to me. I am asthmatic so I really get cheesed off when people are puffing away carelessly. So to wind her up, I started taking quick deep breathes, acting of course, I got to the stage when I sounded like a dog breathing heavily. Faking it. Then I started panicking and had an asthma attack for real. Yeah then she looked, and  just stared. No 'I'm so sorry darling'. Just a look which said 'It's-a-free-country-i'll-do-as-I-want'. Kindly an old lady yelled at the woman for me. Haha. Cheek of it. See ya's for tomorrow!

Calling all bakers!

Lydia from The Only Way is Essex shows her support for BBC Children in Need

Calling all you bakers!  Asda's baking mad activity for Pudsey continues with ASDA stores across the country holding baking themed fundraising events today from 2pm - 6pm. At the Livingston, Beckton, Sheffield, Antrim, Corby, Minworth, Huyton, Washington and Patchway stores you will have the chance to decorate your very own chef's hat with Pudsey, watch bakery demonstrations, take part in Pudsey cookie decorating classes, join in with a whole host of games AND receive samples, goodie bags and prizes galore! Check out the link for your nearest store and to find out what other Pudsey goodies are available! :) Tbh why not get baking instead of doing nothing all day!

I want one of those!

Well, who's been waiting for more fabulous presents for your family that are below £20 or even £10? Well I have another choice for you my lovelies. Today I couldn't decide what to select and I have chosen 2 lovely tops from Lipsy. They are a little Summery but you can always layer them up?My fave is the first one. They're perfect for the bestie:

Click on them to get a closer look!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Halloween Contest Reminder!

Hiya everyone! Just a quick reminder for our Halloween Spooktacular contest. You have till next Saturday to enter to win this lovely clutch. All you have to do is email a picture of you in your halloween costume. Most original will win this clutch. Worn by Kim Kardashian!
To enter simply take of you in your costume, then email it to us at
Good luck!
P.S: If your not a ArrayO'Style followers, you cannot enter.
P.P.S: Remember to check out for more exclusive accessories!

Friday 11th October


Today was interesting. I was on the bus home because my mum got this new job and I either sit in the library alone on a computer with no homework to keep me occupied and no Facebook either. I was sat next to an ancient chinese lady who seemed jolly just smiling at me and saying 'Do you like school' and all that rubbish, all was okay until my Science teacher, with wild frizzy hair, sat infront of me on the bus.Recently I got braces, so I now sound well you know,  which have made my lips really dry I have this special lip liquid in a tube. I was putting a bit on my finger when it wouldnt come out, so I squeezed it really hard.Let's just say I would of got some sort of detention at what the liquid did. She didn't appreciate its somersaults. It absolutely stank of mint. Well luckily I haven't got her tomorrow. Who was a rude git today on Rememberance day? I wasn't. I want to celebrate the soldiers lives lost. RIP to them. See ya remember to follow me. Or I slap yah with me fishy.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Thursday 10th November


Today was cool-ish. Likey my outfit? I love the colours in this top, so cute and funky. Anyways your probably wondering what happened today but theres a rather gay looking teacher in my school. Bleach blonde hair, Justin Bieber swift. I've got to interview him about his dancing in the west end. Oooh lucky me! I'm not going to ask for any wacky costumes or anything.. I walked into my tutor group with my friends and sat down. Everyone started else laughing, but no one would tell us why. It wasn't until about a whole half hour later when we discovered we all had this really gross bird poo streaked on our backs! We must have all leaned on something a bird had pooped on! It was so embarrassing, but to make it worse my boyfriend said it was too embarrassing for him too, and dumped me! Oh dear 

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wednesday 9th October


Today, I had the exam. But it was okay (Got a little stuck on the SIX mark question but my mum will forgive me).But I was going round my friend's later for a study party (AKA no study as we did our exam) so it was a late night my bff was coming to pick me up to go to hers. It got late and later, and I was getting pretty annoyed that she hadn't arrived. When I finally heard her honk her horn I grabbed my stuff and legged it outside in a bit of a grump. I jumped in their car and put my seat belt on while saying 'gosh you took forever!', at which point I turned to see it wasn't her, but an old man with a very confused face. He started yelling 'who are you and why are you in my car?' I've never moved so fast in my life. He even started getting his walking stick into weapon gear. Oh well. Remember to follow me people!

MTV Ema's

We HATE when people wear weird, tight, shiny pants that should be leggings as pants. It's ugly and unflattering, no matter how awesome your body is. And these high waisted pants/leggings are no exception. Terrible, terrible, Jennifer Metcalfe!
We adore this cream and lace white Marchesa dress on Selena Gomez! The red clutch adds the perfect touch of color!Everyone loves the EMA's (European music award's) to see who's won, I like it just to see what the stars are wearing or really who has the best (Or worst) stylist's. Are you  ready? Justin Bieber actually looked really grown up here! We like this look on you Justin!Katy Perry wears a pink, sunglasses print Jeremy Scott dress! She even wore adorable Jeremy Scott saddle shoes! We love Hayden Panettiere's braid!The winner of the night, Lady Gaga wore a silver metallic Paco Rabanne Spring 2012 dress. Very space age, very futuristic!Jessie J also wore this loud Dolce and Gabbana leopard print dress paired with bright red lips. She looked wild!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tuesday 8th November


Today I had the ever-entertaining dance and drama. Well, slight problem... I choose to do drama outside and you know it's usually a laugh. But since all the year above us have gone, it's so boring literally, you would of thought someone had died in there. And of course I chose to read a rubbish part (It was the only female left and erm who likes wearing moustaches?) and we stuck with those parts and as i'm a mouse I have to endour the pain of learning 3 lines for the show. 3 small lines! 3! How can I showcase my fabulousness in 3 lines? If I overexaggerate them it won't work will it? And it's not like my drama teacher said,'Oh know, Keira's got the lead because she is the most amazing, beautiful, oscar-deserving, breathtaking actress ever!'. No. My drama teacher is more fussed who brings what note to class each week. It should be you pay £5 a week but everyone pays at once and when your mum does the shopping and forgets to give you cash she's a bit, erm fed up with you? Dance is cool. Ish. The teacher is inspiring. Well she's copied most her junk from Michael Jackson video's and all we ever do is street. Street this, street that. You don't make a career in street do you! Thing called variety. Oh well. Performing arts schools gotta love them! See ya's and don't forget to follow moi.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Monday 7th September


Today, the fire alarm went off and their was an explosion in one of the science labs, so in my large school of about 3200 students,  I was going down the stairs, as quick as I could and I tripped and 20 people fell down the stairs as if that wasnt unexpected, I was in my PE kit in basketball shorts. When I landed at the bottom,my shorts and exposed my 'cheeky monkey' boxers came right off as I was tumbling down the stairs. Well, that was a day. Just a shoutout that you need to get your entries in for our project contest and halloween contest. See ya's.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday 6th November


Today, I wore this outfit which I officially love too much. Oh well, I can wear it as much as I like :) But today I went to the cinema, which really was no point going to, because like most films the adverts have the only good bit in it (Mr Beans Holiday repeat). So I was sitting in the cinema, and my friend was holding the popcorn and she went to the bathroom and the guy next to her had popcorn candy coke and ice cream all brand new and it was all on the ground next to my friends popcorn.I grabbed all of it thinking she had got it for me and ate it all before she came back I had a light lunch so I was starving but anyway: when she came back she asked me why I didn't eat any popcorn and I thought she was kidding so I kept eating, ya know as you do when your starved.Finally a raging man approached us and said that I had stolen his stuff and neglected to give it back. So I played cool and had my friend say she had just bought it for me he cooled down and said he was sorry he made a mistake. It doesn't end there; the cinema is in the mall so naturally we went to the shops afterwards. I was talking to my friend about how dumb that guy had been for beleiving me when all of a sudden he walked up to us and said I was was in a lot of trouble he brought me to customer service and they laughed but he refused to leave until they called my parents so they did and my parents told him he was a snob over the phone when I saw his face I ran so fast out of there its not even funny. Whatta day. See you tomorrow!

Celebrity Halloween Costumes! Part 2!

Okay, who enjoyed yesterdays outfits? Me too! Here are some more of the amazing costumes worn by the stars:
Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Rose McGowan, Leona Lewis, Lea Michele, Gwen Stefani,
Leona Lewis