Saturday, 7 April 2012

Saturday 7th April


Today was interesting. Oh the joy of having my first #BadHairDay, what you get for being an aspiring model. 'Volumized hair'. Oh the joy of not being allowed to go to a casting- which might of changed my life. Oh the joy of being told it was the only day available. Oh the joy of my acceptance letter to a stage school, not coming through. Oh the joy of a TV show being on TV (Lemonaid) which I was meant to be on (They even called saying what date they're filming me) and being so diva style whilst watching. NOT SO JOYFUL! What has my life come to. Did I mention that It; decided to have her friends round and squirt me with fake tan? Proper Essex chic enit babes. On my way to Essex fashion week looking like i've come back from Africa, bet you're like wel jel. Yes, I come from Essex- not proud of the stereotype. Not proud I had to go to the corner shop, in such a dreadful state. The faces I got for looking like an Essex girl in a hurricane. (Pretty much me yesterday, the amount of make-up I had for my shoot. Not so 'natural'. First time wearing make-up and boom! Hair got stuck in it all. Sorry hair ) :( Oh well. I turned to a slogan tee and mint jeans. 'Hey Honey' 'Sup Bee'. See ya's for tomorrow. x

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