Monday, 15 April 2013

5 Minutes with... Kate Gell!

5 Minutes with... Kate Gell!

We caught up with fashion photographer Kate Gell of 'Jealous of the Stars Photography'. Her photography is recognised for being Tumblr-esque, artistic and 'pretty' original style; with her passion for her field it's clear she will continue to pull off fabulous photos. 

1. What inspires you? 
Pretty much anything. I think life is inspiring - I can see a glance between a couple or a touch, hear a song, see something in nature etc. Music plays a big part too, a lot of organic ideas come from music as its just you, your imagination and nothing else.

2. Are there any photographers that influence you/your work?
So so many. I couldn't possibly list them all but a few are: Kitty Gallannaugh, Rosie Hardy, Tim Walker, Alex Stoddard.

3. Why did you want to get into photography and how long have you been doing it?
I don't think for me personally getting into photography was a choice. It was more once I started playing with a camera an old friend gave me took one picture and was hooked. I felt like it was wrong when I wasn't taking picture after that (I call it getting "Itchy toes" when I don't shoot for a while!) I am self taught and have been doing it seriously for about two years now.

4. Amongst your work, which one is your favourite and why?
My work changes so often as I learn with each photo shoot so its usually the most recent work that I prefer. But there are some pictures of mine that I feel reflect me and my work perfectly - where the light has been beautiful and I've captured a model in a nice way.
5. What word would you use to describe your photography style?
Hmmm.. Pretty!

6. What genres do you cover and what genres would you like to explore?
 I mainly do portraits. I am open to all different types of photography but I think expression in faces is where my passion lies.

7. If you could shoot anyone (model, celebrity etc) who would it be?
Michelle Williams. I think she is beautiful not only for her looks but her energy that she gives off in everything she does.

8. Any awkward moments you've had whilst shooting?
Many!! Dogs attacking models, things breaking etc!  I think as soon as its awkward when shooting you know you should just give up there and then!

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  1. Dogs attacking models sounds like a hairy moment! Great interview. #UKBloggers

  2. Lovely interview and some good questions asked.

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