Friday, 13 April 2012

Friay 13th April


Today was interesting. OOH Friday the 13th. Once my dog got out on friday the 13th, we had to walk around at midnight going 'HERE PRIMMY' looking like saddos. Frankly, we didn't know what we were doing. ANYWAYS, back to today. So I walked up to She's work and 'The old&wise one?' said she'd ring me to make sure I wasn't raped. I get to the bakery to order lunch and whilst waiting I was reading a sign saying, 'Please refrain from using mobile phones when ordering'. Of course she just HAD to call me when I was ordering, had to go right to the end of the queue. THANKS SIS! Love yah lots. Then we actually get to London and of course the girl who deals with the new people wasn't there and had mistaken me for a 16 year old. Just ruined that day and the guys time. But I must say Jody Furlong (Or Bayo? Can't tell the difference!) are really nice and took the time to ring us back with an appointment for childrens' agency. Of course we get lost around London and I think hey let's be the next Kate Moss and get scouted in Carnaby Street. All the photography I got was for some landscape photo. Snazzy. Of course Oxford Street was congested and yesh went in a few shops. Felt like I wasted my mums time, but hey that's show business. *JAZZ HANDS!*. See ya's for tomorrow with gossip on my charity bake sale.

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