Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thursday 5th March


Today was interesting. OMD, it's Thursday and i've done one mental maths test and nothing of my novel. I did however invite my friends round and did some exercising, for tomorrow's big day. I also got a casting *Happy dance!*. More info to come :) My friends and I always play this game with my dog where we throw the ball and hide, and she has to come find us. So my friends and I lobbed the ball and I dived behind a hill, and splat went my hand in a HUGE pile of dog poo. Ruining my lovely outfit, and I may of caused a fit. I'm not a clean freak as such; I just like the feeling of cleanliness.  My friends thought it was absolutely hilarious. We went to the nearby library so I could wash my hands, but they wouldn't let me in if it was dog poo. We had to convince them that it was just mud just so I could wash the stinky stuff off. See ya's for tomorrow!

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