Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wednesday 11th April


Today was interesting. So there's this new kid who moved in nextdoor today (YAY! No more of the house of tiny tearaways! It's not just that you get the shouting, the awkward bounces late at night). He's this gay kid, who is hilarious. We even invited him round for tea (Well not me, but She did. It's what you do to welcome neighbours. Apparently). So he came round, and She kept nudging me to talk, make conversation and be friendly. We decided to watch some TV in the sitting room. Things were going really well, until my sister ran into the room - wearing my underwear over her clothes! The worst bit was she then shouted, 'Look at sissy's new bras!' and stood for ages showing them off! When she eventually ran out of the room, she left me and my mate sitting in a VERY awkward silence! I think we may of just scared him off, away from our town ;/ See ya's for tomorrow!

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