Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wednesday 30th May

Today was interesting. I made a bad boy of a chocolate cake! Literally when I got home I was all, 'Mommas cake, no go area!'. More good news, as i've made it so discrete- I'm obsessed with Rihanna's latest tune. To be told that we're doing the dance to it, WOOOOO! Who doesn't want to try that wobbly leg move. EPIC. Anywho, having a test while being told we can look at our notes? How epic is that. Quite bugged my 'epal' hasn't replied to me yet. It's basically a email pen pal, from around the world. Mine's from Honduras and is called 'Ana L'. Yes, it's true. Put it together and you're some sick minded, teenager who I love! I'm rather sick minded. I never knew people in Honduras had Internet access. How weird. In our school library we have a mannequin of the Queen with a mask on it. So I thought, when no-one was looking, dress as the Queen! Backfired when I had a bit of hayfever and sneezed, the mask then flew up! LOL. See ya's for tomorrow! x

Summer days

The sun is shining (8) Which is some Ibiza song which I don't know the name of...
Gotta adore those little, Summer dresses :) Check out my top 4 ditzy, dresses from Amazon brand 'Banana Flame'.  I think if this segment has much interest, i'll be discovering hidden brands :)

1. I love the Cath Kidston vibe from this dress. Cath Kidston is very British and has mastered the florals effect. Very vintage and very flattering with the 'Sweetheart' neckline. This dress is £19.99. This dress I would team up with deer coloured sandals and accessories, if a belt is needed go for a skinny belt.

2. This playsuit is a bit of an awkward one for myself. I adore the shape of it, but I'm not sure the pattern is as Summery. The playsuit is open back- perfect for all over tanning! And has some adorable ruffles. It's a tad overpriced at £12.99 and is in stock in ALL sizes. To look closer click here:

3. A bit more of a power print, and if you're late for that party on holiday; Just zip up in seconds! Perfect for 'Summer Nights', I think this should be worn with a bit more edge. Studs on sandals and silver accessories. Straps are adjustable :) Priced at £21.99! Bit of a rip off, but she's yours if you want a close up:

4. Wowzahs! You've gotta be brown to pull of this crisp, white, angelic chiffon, frill dress. Including waterfall frills; ooh, fancy! Comes with an elasticated waistband, convenient if you indulge in too many 99 flakes. Priced at £19.99, this dress is worth it. As it's white, white can be worn with everything. In particular i'd choose a cool, aqua accessories.To take a step into becoming an angel click here:

Tomorrow I shall find some perfect, sandals for the Summer :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tuesday 29th May

Today was interesting. Just been attacked by a mosquito; It doesn't matter how small I am, they always appear bigger and badder. The bad boys they are. I swear i'm going to have to buy a massive mosquito net. You've gotta love eating your lunch and there's rabbits, 'rabbiting' or as I like to say, 'ON IT LIKE A CAR BONNET' opposite a school- infront of a church. God must of had an eyeful. I mean you have a wedding at a church- for God to attend. So when you contemplate the marriage, God has to be there too? LMAO. I really hate my eyebrows. I was going to a performance at school one night and decided I had to do something about them, but I really hate plucking them as it hurts too much. So, for some reason, I decided to do it with a pair of scissors. I started chopping away and suddenly realised I'd taken off half my eyebrow. Not only was it major ouches, I looked like a right wally. See ya's for tomorrow! x

Monday, 28 May 2012

Monday 28th May

Today was interesting. I was at school, just about to get into the loooong line for the canteen- which by the way, isn't worth the time waiting for the quality you receive. As I pushed past this guy who's a few years older than me, the button on my trousers got caught on his trousers, and as we tried to pull away we got stuck together. Everyone was laughing hysterically, and eventually my teacher had to come out and untangle us. Not to mention he wasn't the Taylor Lautner of the school. He was the exact opposite. Down to the last spot (of many). See ya's for tomorrow! x

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday 27th May


Today was interesting. Beaches can be some of the most beautiful and yet most frustrating places to go to, specially on a day like this when not you. But the whole town decides to go to the beach. Perfect if you're leaflet distributing. She told me to go to the supermarket with her and put some on the car screen wipers. Instead, I walked to a car park near the beach and put some there. Only thing was I was unsure I was allowed to do it (My Mum later said it was fine as nightclub people did it. Yes nightclubs always make things fine mum!) so I did like 10 cars and legged it- police were nearby! Kinda made a mess of my pants... just kidding. Made a mess of my hands when I may of purchased a few 99 flakes. What's the point in naming it a 99 if it isn't 99p? It's almost double that, ish. I did however give up giving leaflets as my feet were cut in places I never knew, and with sights I didn't really wanna see again. So I just gave a wad to a few shops on the way home to display. Have you ever sat in your back garden, on a deck chair and it flips up when you sit down on it. Gotta love the Sun. Here it comes... SUN SUN SUN HERE IT COMES <3  I love the way my sister's always willing to do my homework. Gotta love it, so I can be out sunbathing. Or burning. Like last year I hope I don't catch sun stoke, that was painful. Bathing with cuts- Not the one. See ya's for tomorrow! <3


trends-swimwear trends 2012-digital prints
Assure passersby you can make your statement with vibrant prints this Summer. Go for playful prints like: ditzy, nautical and Hawaiian! Satin like prints have also been caught on the catwalk. Why not release your inner tiger this Summer?  Now to get the trends with prices that won't make you go overboard:
Almost got to 100 views on my Youtube video! Can you make it 100?

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Saturday 26th May

Today was interesting. Let's go to the beach-each- yes my first paid job is going to the beach. Oh it wasn't paradise. Doing the awkward stomp in the sand. Fudging hate sand with passion but of course all the parents were there (I had to hand flyers to families). And of course they go right down to the bottom of the beach, past the challenging, stones. I came home with glass in my shoes... And when they refuse the leaflets you just die in your mind. Even more humiliating when I fell 'accidentally' on the sand. Then they took a leaflet, thinking it was for the society of mentally challenged children; which my 8 year old brother exclaimed. He was milking it little shiz. He volunteered to help me, did nothing but beg for a 99 flake. Found it so hard to keep my cool down there. What's worse is when people (Foreign) 'shoo' you away like i'm some maid. Cheek of some, good job I got paid. Or some of them just say 'NO' strongly, in their mere accents and give you a dirty look which is also quite gormless looking at the same time. I must of given away 200 odd, apparently tens of thousands will be there tomorrow for the airshow. In my house you can tell when it's on, you don't have to look outside. The house 'senses' it. Anyway the shapes were pretty bland anyway. Looked like squiggly lines. God another day of it all tomorrow; please say someone won't notice my mentally challengedness because if it's like today I might have 'anger management' down there. Then get some ice cream and shove it down meh. Worst of all- I DIDN'T TAN! I'm not one of those people who never tan either. I usually burn and get asked if I wash my face often. I think I might put some after sun on and become an orange for the day. See ya's for tomorrow lovelies! How have you been enjoying the sun?

I want one of those!
silver drop earrings miatures bottled sweets - cute and small but looks so real - great detail - packed in a velvet bagHow cute are these? They are a little pricey; but still within budget. How life like do they look? I know i'm always obsessing over food, but having these mean you can flaunt it girlfriend! With no calories! To check them out click here:

Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday 25th May

Today was interesting. As you can see, i'm getting high on lipsmackers. Gotta love putting milk chocolate under your nose. YUM! Also been getting high on Rihanna's new song, not keen on the video. Imagine being a singer- I would honestly go mad. Madly outrageous. Little cousins came round today; apart from messing up my bedroom. Don't you just hate it when your room is in immaculate condition and they mess it up? I do too, with passion. So I took them outside into the sunnyness of the garden. Apart from complaining, we played with a tennis ball and he kept throwing it into the bushes, as they do when it's boiling and they decided to be a pain.  I decided to make them run for it, so I threw it as fast and hard as I could...right over the hedge and into my neighbour's bowl of soup and the others landed on a hot dog, slathered in ketchup. Soup flew everywhere and the ketchup had a mark.She made me go round and apologise. They didn't seem pleased. These are 30 year old males living together- they're normally always bubbly and happy. Oh jeez that 'Look' the 'Look-Of-Betrayal' and 'The-Look-Of-Poor-Disgust-Of-Your-Music' did I mention I also sung, very loudly in the garden. Did I mention I cannot sing at all and when I do sing everyone reacts as if there's a war coming. I can assure you there isn't. I can assure you I won't become a singer and if I do I won't do a Tulisa, I will actually just mime instead and get the best nerds around. Oh and i'll have the best backing dancers in skimpy outfits too. That'll sell. Getting paid £5 per hour this weekend for sunbathing on the beach! Always a catch. I'm handing out leaflets. Of course the scrounger, siblings of mine jumped at the chance and mentioned that they would 'help' if they received dosh. Poundland ice lollies then... and if they're greedy and actually help, a penny. To share... THEY HAVE MORE DOSH IN THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS THAN ME! I think i'm being quite fair. See ya's for tomorrow and good luck with the tanning! I've been 'bouncing' on the trampoline, in the blazing sun today.

Daily Discount

Daily Discount!

25% off Kurt Geiger!
Use discount code MC25 at the checkout! Valid until 31st May,

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday 24th May

Today was interesting. Mash banana, mash, mash banana. Getting songs stuck in my head which are waaay too immature for me. I had a stupid Disney song earlier, now I have the Banana song stuck in my head! What I love about volunteering is it's quite funny to interact with the kiddies. Interesting to know five year olds have heard of the word alcohol... Anywho, I sneaked into my Mum's bedroom and borrowed a couple of her plastic water-bags that she puts inside her bra to make her chest look bigger. It was only when I arrived at school that I realised I had P.E. Luckily, nobody noticed the bags as I was changing… In the lesson, we were doing basketball and a boy launched the ball at me. It slammed into my chest and the bags burst and leaked all over my clothes. Trust us to wear white polo shirts... Thank god i'm flat-chested, otherwise the class would of had an eyeful... Don't you hate feeling bloated in school? Feeling like some pregnant girl and it doesn't matter how many times you go to the toilet, the water doesn't come. I absolutely detest it! Specially when it makes you look fat. See ya's for tomorrow, hear more about my first paid job too! x Paid to go on the beach and tan? Yes, that's me.

Breaking Dawn posters,

Breaking Dawn part two posters!
Character profiles for the upcomming film in November,
breaking dawn part 2 bella poster
breaking dawn part 2 poster
breaking dawn part 2 poster

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Wacky Wednesday video!
I'd love it to get a comment this time on the video! :)
I've decided to do videos on Wednesdays over than actual blog post, hope you enjoy!

I want one of those!

I want one of those!
Lipsy Heart Beaded Bracelet of Length 16cmLipsy Chunky Charm Bracelet of Length 16cm
Who doesn't specially if they're under a tenner! Usually they retail at £15+. To check them out click here:
This weeks Youtube video is on its way. It's very fit, if I say so.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tuesday 22nd May

Today was interesting. Gotta love the weather! Last P.E lesson we were shivering; this lesson we were tanning! Cheek of some chavs though. One of them was singing some song which was apparently High School Musical. She even said, 'I can't remember the song' and the bratty one who-shaved-their-eyebrows-off said, 'Ask one of the sad people on the team, ask her' she pointed at me and called for me. Yes, I'm really so sad that I rave to High School Musical and get it stuck in my head. Maybe 8 years ago darling, fudge off kfanx. I was at the bus stop with a lot of people that I don't really see that often so naturally I was trying to act cool. It was really quiet, and my phone rang, which normally wouldn't be a problem. As it was quite a popular, flashy phone I did show it off a bit. However, my friend had recorded me a ringtone shouting out my crush's name. Everyone stopped and stared at me as I desperately rummaged through my bag to switch it off. Died. Of. Embarrassment.Now known as the girl with the best phone. AND the best ring tone. yeah right. See ya's tomorrow and for my latest Youtube video!x
What are your opinions on this dress?

I personally HATE Cheryl Cole with passion. Made me laugh seeing this piccie on FB with the caption, cheryl cole going out as a used tampon. It is a shocker of a dress to me, what about you?

Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday 21st May

Today was interesting. I've just found out that a £40 bag is a plastic bag compared to a cheap, Primark bag which is probably a plastic bag. The joy of randomers. Yes a plastic bag gets so many compliments and is stopped in the streets to look at. #GetAGrip Anywho, I woke up late to a science exam, which quite frankly I didn't even need to get up to go to revision for. I hate that temptation to look at other peoples writing during an exam. So tempting. Gotta love it when you write a load of stuff for one task in English, then you write a little for the second task and of course you get picked on to read out your boring, short one. Typical. Anyway, gotta hate it when you carry ingredients around all day. Like fragile eggs. Then they crack in your bag before the lesson and of course your teacher isn't in so it was a waste of carrying them around for the day. Huh. Anywho, I'll see you lovelies tomorrow when i'm not rushing to go and watch Gok! See ya's! x


My Youtube channel!

I did do a video last Wednesday for Youtube, basically my opinion on things that really 'Grind my gears'. If you're interested and want to be tuned in for this Wednesdays check out this video!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday 20th May

Today was interesting. #AhGotThatSundayNightFeeling! Today, I was mostly seen with sweat patches all day. No I wasn't on holiday, I was bizarly still in England. I was in a dance class, zumba-ing my way to a dance festival this Summer. Eh rehearsals, kinda needed it after a cookie for breakfast and 2 cookies yesterday. Feel free to call me unhealthy, but after the workout I did today :L At least these rehearsals will be burning off my sugar cravings during the week; I apologise for going ooooon about it, but i'm a teenage girl, you're a teenage girl you get me? The teacher even said, 'Sweating is good for you and your skin' er hello, going home to a spotty face didn't seem pleasant after that judgement. Went home to scoff my face and 'revise' for my exam tomorrow. What I hate about reading and screens is you receive the #DreadedMigraine within seconds and paracetamol doesn't help. If I ever just collapse in an exam hall, blame the paracetamol. Then it'll kick in, tad late. Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow and good luck to anyone taking their exams this upcoming week! NOW GET REVISING!x

Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday 18th May

ITS FRIDAY, FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY. How exciting a weekend of revision (Screaming on the inside) for an exam on a Monday morning. Monday morning? Are they insane? First thing on a Monday. I can barely get up out of bed on a Monday without shoving cream which isn't moisturizer on, let alone remember electrolysis! Dudging dieting. Give up chocolate and junk for like 6 months; today I went and did it again. Darn you ice cream truck. Darn you Mum for stocking up the cupboards and thinking of me. Not saying that ungratefully but she knows I can't resist a chocolate croissant, with running stream of chocolate. OOOOH. I'd show you, but it's gone and i'm done vomiting up stuff.  I was sitting in a classroom at lunch reading my revision guide while my teacher went to get practice papers. Then some guys walked in, year 10 guys. Oot. I decided to leave them to it and go and find my friends, so tried to act all cool as I got up. It was a shame then that I didn't see the stuck-out chair, I went flying right into the teacher's desk. Also one of the boys thought it was a genius idea to clean her desk (Must of been suck ups trying to get off detention. Only way i'd tolerate that). So I fell on one of them. Course it had to be the short, scrawny one. Not the buff one. He must of thought it was a come on. Oh goodie. Oh well. Going to go and do some Zumba to burn this sugary goodness off. See ya's my lovelies!
Blogpost will be up in a little bit, very stressed out today :[

Cor at you! (Dedicated to the best models in recent editorials!)

This is belgusian beauty Maryna Linchuk, is the cover of Vogue Germany 2012. I love her look here. Slight girl crush towards her photos. She's probably most known for her famous 'Miss Dior Cherie' campaign.

I especially love these Summery shots of her, persuading me to prefer her to Alessandra Ambrosio. She really oozes the girl next door glamour and really intrigues you. If those sunglasses don't get you in the Summer mood you're a Summer scrooge.

Maryna Linchuk for Vogue Germany 2012 (11)

I want one of those!

The Anti-PromProm is a night to remember. When 3 cliques meet and form an unlikely friendship, what could go wrong...
Great young adult read, check it out :)

Feeling fabulous?

It's farbulus dahling,
Yes I can spell, but pronounce that sentence like that in a posh accent to get into the mood! In 13 days, Forever Fabulous will launch their truly, fabulous website (  and they are inviting you to get on down to their launch party. Stunning crystal jewellery, darling accessories, super stylish clutches, 

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Official Launch Night: 
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There will also be photo opportunities and time to talk to Rachel O'Riordan the owner and founder of Forever 

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Hugo Boss in 3D!

Sometimes it's hard to commute to fashion shows, but tune in to Hugo Boss Autumn/Winter 2012 in Beijing today! Futuristic flair going on.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Thursday 17th May

Gotta love 'optional exams' yes the teachers just make you do it, even if it's optional. Cheek of it. I even had to scribble a whole page of 6 mark questions in 10 minutes. eh. I was so cockey beforehand, but I just panicked. I don't work well under pressure. The whole hall knew that as I yawned loudly. Then due to the popularity of that yawn (and the attention I received) I accidentally alerted the hall that lunchtime had just 'popped' by. #TotalInbetweenersMomentRightHere What made it worst was you normally hear the pens scribbling, but there was no pen noise. I'm guessing everyone was stuck and were awaiting some action. Anyway we got pen pals today, mine's from Honduras and hasn't replied to me yet. They said to me first, 'Hi Keira, I'm from Honduras and would like to know more about your country' sounds like they've been taught stalker tactics in Honduras; along with their spiffingly good weather. Can always rely on volunteer work to cheer you up. Although they're colouring sweets, eating chocolate etc. Childhood obesity say whaaaat? Had a bit of a fat day tho, i've been craving so much junk it's unreal. Sometimes I say no. Sometimes I go and get one smartie to make up for it. Sometimes I take two or three. Most of the time I take a huge handful and shove it in one. I don't know how people call me skinny. But I guess I went without chocolate and sweets for 6 months, now it's come back on me. Karma. Oh well see ya's for tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


So, i've gone and done it. Recorded my first Youtube video! Take a look,

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The winner of the pink shamballa bracelet is.........................
My history teacher is a Miss Pilkington also, aha.
If you can email (Might be if .com doesn't work) with your address to be posted to you. 
Thank you to the farbulous Forever Fabulous for the competition and I will be posting a write up tomorrow for their launch party! WOOP! 

Tuesday 15th May

Today was interesting. Well I woke at 6:30am this morning, not that impressive. Gotta love showers. You can be half asleep, but showers can always wake you up. Especially when there's a spider in the shower, almost drowned myself thanks to that little rat. Okay, i'm not one of those 'drama queens' who seem to live with itsy-bitsy spiders and have the same reaction as an American bimbo to the thought of breaking. You know the whole, 'Oh mi gosh I broke a nail!'. I'm not like that, or so I think not... Also woke up the whole house, but hey if my life is in the line here everyone seems to respect the spider's rights. Er hello! I'm family and I seem to be treated like a spider. Not being offensive to spiders but hey no-one likes them; except those creepy, weird people who keep them as pets. I really need to do videos of my blog. If you agree comment. You'll get to see my drama queen-ity. If that made any sense. Anywho, doing the macarena for everyone to see isn't the best thing I want to do with my life. My form tutor's all 'Learn the macarena' yeah right. As long as we fail our exams, make sure we know the macarena? Get a life. This is a dude who called us scumbags and who sits raving to Mindless Behaviour. If you haven't heard them get onto Youtube now. Weirdly my form tutor's 40 odd, so that makes it worse he raves to some kids who sound like Justin Bieber. Got to admit, it's a tad cringey when you sit next to hot guys but then you realise they smell nice. Smell nice= wearing something very similar to your perfume. I swear some boys just badly want to be girls, they just smell girlier each day. Must have a gang discussing girly scents. HAHAHA.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Monday 14th May

Today was manic. I actually got up at 5:50am this morning, surprising myself. Haven't seen the 5 in a while. Sign of relief much. Then I went back to sleep, half asleep more like. I was checking my phone every 5 minutes to make sure I didn't over sleep. God the day was great. REVISION, REVISION REVISION! Had enough of it. Had enough of a lot. I swear one of these days i'm going to rage at the bus drivers. Oh wait, I did. Waiting an hour for the bus is a joke. Doing a run for the bus, didn't miss it. How could I miss it. The side opposite had 6 buses go past. I had none. Only thing I hate about public transport. Meanwhile, back at the court. I was in P.E., and spotted my crush walking past the tennis court.I turned around to look at him, but he didn't notice me (trying my hardest to pull an attractive trout pout. No go area) , so I turned back to return to my game. As I did, the tennis ball hit me in the face and knocked my glasses off. This is why contact lenses are made mum! Of course by this time, he HAD turned around and saw everything. He was in fits of laughter and I went as red as my attractive, stylish P.E. top (ew)I must of been a right clown. See ya's for tomorrow! x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

I want one of those!
A movie that's become a favourite this week. If interested, check it out now:

Sunday 13th May

Today was interesting. Yay perfect Internet connection today! I'm alive, my Internet wasn't. Course it came back on when I had homework to do. No excuse there. Have been revising like crazy. You gotta love it when you sit down and healthily, bite into Chemistry and your Mum shouts, 'HONEY WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR DINNER?' and the little sister turns up the cheese she watches. Then the ickle brother starts playing his wrestling games, forcing the volume up high. Of course 'The Old&Wise One?' had to have the day off today meaning she was going to go and 'lose weight' by raving infront of the telly. I swear they only do that when they're off. Some celebratory thing adults do to 'lose weight' rather funny when they make strawberries and cream afterwards for everyone. More cream than strawberries, obvs. I can judge, i've been going to the gym for 3 weeks now! That's my excuse when there's something sweet in the fridge. Had stawberries and cream AND a bowl of cream. Some are probably thinking, 'Is she mad?' well, when i've got an exam next week I need the energy. It motivates me. LOL. Not really, that's just what I say to adults. Really, i've been craving it all week and I go and pig out infront of weekend TV, which is actually shocking. Do we really want reality shows on all week begging for money? Eh. Answer for yourself. I spend the nights on Anytime. Movies in the morning &evening = heaven. Specially Dodgeball, such a classic. See ya's for tomorrow! My posts this week may be short, late etc. It's my exam on THURSDAY, so yeah don't be complaining if I get round to writing a line at midnight. BYEE! X

Saturday, 12 May 2012

So-cool surfers, get hot.

Did you follow the #HotLifeguards?
I didn't, but if you did please email them in! Everyone knows Hollister & Co, they were promoting their new sister brand 'Gilly Hicks' (Mostly a lingerie brand) by driving around to open stores in Westfields, Regent Street and everywhere else in and around London! In a big, London bus throwing knickers around! The girls that went must of had so much fun, picking 12 potential husbands. Must of been like kids (Well some probably were) in a sweet shop. Here you go, oooh and ahhh at the abs. And be jel at the free t-shirt and knickers!

Did you go?
Sorry for the downtime. My Internet connection has been really pants since Wednesday, that's the reason why the site has been dead since then! x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tuesday 8th May

What a day. You know when you finally get a test back, and they say, 'Only one person got 100%' and your teacher winks at you. So you get excited. Well I had that moment. Then I received my test and the girl who sits next to me who asked, 'Whats the difference between a jack in the box and a chatterbox?' got 100%! I got 95% which I got quite bugged about. Mainly because I always beat her in tests, or we get equal. Everyone's done the, 'Love-You-But-Hate-You' stare right? P.E was a dream. I love the game bench ball. First we all get split up so I get with the 'Cool people'. Sounded cool. Didn't when I couldn't bloody throw it over! First game I got it over, second it took me 10 times to throw it over! You could tell they were getting very fed up... So I just smiled, awkwardly. Cos that's how I roll. Then we went straight to the photographers to view my photos. My photos were on the big screen, oh god. They weren't bad, but near the end I got into it more. There were a few favourites tho :) Very annoyed on the website it said £20 when it was really £165, conning us practically. She had a 'Love-You-But-Want-To-Kill-You' face. Even bringing up that we'd have to go without food for a month! LOL. Nah, with my cooking skills we'll be well fed everyday. Well, burnt toast is rather nice. Just kidding, I can cook all sorts. I should actually do a food blog! (Comment if you'd be interested). Oh well. I was having a bath and, ’cause I was home alone, I set my MP3 player and speakers up just outside the bathroom door, so I could blast out my fave music as I enjoyed a nice, long soak. It also meant I could sing along as loudly as I liked without anyone hearing me – or so I thought. I suddenly saw the shadow of our window cleaner through the frosted glass. He couldn’t see me in the bath, but he could hear me yowling out Rihanna songs. See ya's for tomorrow! x

Met Ball best dressed

Met gala, best dressed firstly! I think Amy Adams looked gorgeous as well as Ashley Greene, but there's a lot of competition!

Lana Del Ray at the MET GalaJessica Stam Dior Couture light blue dress Met Gala 2012January Jones at the MET GalaAshley Greene at the MET Gala