Thursday, 5 April 2012

Look at these beauties!

I might be just a bit obsessed over these bags. Claireabella is an amazing company. As you can see here I have a Classic< Which is the 'Easter aBella' bag. These are Limited Edition, only 300 were made; released with other festive goodies too. Including phone cases, chocolate bars (YUM!), lunchboxes (Bought one too!) and mugs. These designs are just simply divine! I advise you to quickly get hold of them (The bags are out of stock) even if they're for Easter, they still make anything seem nicer! Especially packed lunch, which is never THAT great. These are available from and can be personalized with your name on them.

The next bag I have is a Claireabella Limited edition, which I think was for valentines day, but if you're like me you'll wear it on special occasions. (I.E EVERYDAY!). Claire auctions limited editions quite often, but no two bags are the same. On the night this beauty was auctioned, I was skint. And paying £150 for a jute bag was not on my mind. Thank the lord for ebay! I'd never used ebay before, but it does the job. Good place to scour the limited bags :)

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