Thursday, 12 April 2012

Thursday 12th April


Today was interesting. Having to trail around a kiddies theme park all day (IN THE RAIN), such fun. So it was okay, till we got approached by those costumes. What is the deal with them? There could be some paedo under there for all we know. They're so creepy with their waves; things they both have in common! The rides were meh. The water ones are always the best. You should go on it last: but it's sometimes the best ones in the park. So we went on it first and I said to It 'Don't splash me, I won't splash you back.' As i'm normally the one to get high on this ride. She, the little devil she is, splash me right in my eye. I'm sure chlorine is hurtful to your eye. Agreed? Then it decided to rain, I slipped on the exit of a ride. Thanks rain. Could of bloody hurt myself. Just for a shower? Then it was hail, when holding onto handle bars not the greatest feeling in the world. Typically when we decide we've had enough the sun shows it's face. It's almost a little skeptical at the thought. 'Is it safe? Coast is clear GO GO GO!'. Anywho, big day tomorrow. Baking and a casting. Could get messy. See ya's!

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