Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday 30th April

Today was interesting.  My maths teacher still hasn't marked my test paper! He was conveniently 'ill' today. And in R.E, the school was 'pleased to announce your child has been assessed and is being forwarded to a 90 minute exam.' YAY! Another exam I don't want to complete. Or even think of having. I'm low in RE- about a D+. And this is suitable. I've just started my GCSE's this year, I don't want another! Gym was interesting. You gotta admit, watching a large, 50 year old teacher lifting weights (really unfitly) is funny. I also did the infamous, 'TREADMILL' today. Amazing. I started off by thinking, 'I don't wanna run this, this is too easy'. I kept increasing the speed, the minute I thought I was steady enough to have a mouthful of water. I did the famous fall. Yay! To top it off, I got a new skirt I wanted to test out. Turns out it was incorrectly worn so i'd been flashing all day. Hoorah. See ya's for tomorrow! xx

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