Monday, 16 April 2012

Monday 16th April


Today was interesting! Back 2 skool, hooray. GROAN. (Screaming on the inside). I don't mind school but that rush in the morning. The whole, 'I-have-everything-out-except-my-socks-which-should-be-in-its-place-but-of-course-it-bloody-isnt' routine. It always happens and it's always the black socks which aren't matched up together. So I spend like 10 minutes playing around searching the drawers for them. FML! My guy friend and I were mucking about in class playing tug-o-war with a 50c coin. We were laughing quite loudly and completely oblivious to everyone else. Suddenly we were brought straight back down to Earth when the teacher shouted across the class, "You can't work properly if you're holding hands!" I was so embarrassed I immediately dropped the coin and turned my back on my mate. The whole class thought it was hilarious. I didn't... See ya's for tomorrow!

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