Saturday, 14 April 2012


Look what came today! My fourth one of these bags #CurbingTheAddiction , this is my first limited edition (No 66). It's actually an early birthday present (5 months to go!) but I asked if I could put money towards it and get it early. This bag was auctioned off on Facebook for £129 before around Valentines Day! The Old&Wise One? bought it for £80, so I only got it for £30! Which is almost £100 off the original price. These bags are the only things i'd buy used, from ebay. If you are thinking of joining the craze and i'm introducing you, (Amy Childs introduced me. I don't think I'd really look up to her fashion choice, but hey!). Follow Claireabella on Twitter @claireabella___ (3 Underscores) for their next giveaways and auctions plus when to order your own sought after bag. I've got four (And growing) and 'The Old&Wise One?' has 7! Let's follow her advice and say, 'Thank god it's not Mulberry prices! I'm already maxed out on them!'.

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