Monday, 9 April 2012

Monday 9th April


Today was interesting. Bank holiday Monday for some, still a day off for us. This morning I was out in my garden trying to get the sun, as you do when you wake up at 1:20pm. First time ever, but I did attempt an all nighter last night (Till 3am. lol). But when Family Guy stops, it's hard to stay awake with teleshopping on. So, there I was in the scarce sunlight. On my cheapie sun bed. I started to doze off, raving to some tunes; when I felt something move behind me. All of a sudden, my sunbed collapsed and I rolled off backwards, ending up in a bush (Full of stinging nettles!)with my legs in the air! Not a pretty sight when I was in shorts... Oh well. Good job the little kiddies next door weren't outside on their bikes. They would of got an eyeful... Eurgh, got some work done on the new venture for ArrayO'Style. I can't wait for it to go live :) Excited? Me too. Today, I haven't done much. I actually bought a habbo retro, lol. If it works. I've also got to plan my cake sale this weekend (Any cake makers interested give me a buzz!). See ya's for tomorrow! xxxx And have a hoppy Easter. Don't eat too much cake. Oh why not? 

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