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Halloween Recipe!

Heya Stylistas!
Happy Halloween. This is another recipe and frankly, everyone loves food so who cares if you make it after Halloween? My last strawberry recipe was really, REALLY popular :) So this is another variation on what you can do with strawberries. As strawberries are yummy! And chocolate is yummy! So it's a win, win situation when there's chocolate covered strawberries involved. Before we begin, this recipe is for the novice chef in everyone. If you can handle a microwave, you can cook these!


  • Baking white chocolate (can use chips as long as they melt like a witch)
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Baking milk chocolate (to be piped, or you could use frosting)
  • Heatproof bowl
  • Microwave
  • Spatula or wooden spoon
  • Piping bag
Yes just 3 ingredients

  1. Firstly, crumble up your white chocolate bar and place into a heatproof bowl. Then put the bowl into your microwave for around 2 minutes. Stop the microwave every 30 seconds to mix the chocolate up, using a spatula or wooden spoon. 
  2. While you're waiting for the chocolate to melt (like the wicked witch) wash and dry your strawberries, using a sieve. Once the chocolate is ready move onto the next step. 
  3. Now the best part, dunking the chocolate! Hold the stalk and dip it into the white chocolate. Make you coat one side of the chocolate. Carry this on for all of your strawberries, then let the chocolate set in the fridge.
  4. While you're waiting for the chocolate to set, melt the milk chocolate via the microwave. Let this cool before you fill a piping bag with this. 
  5. Next, once the chocolate has set, coat the other half of the strawberry in white chocolate. Let this set again.
  6. Lastly, use the piping bag to draw on two eyes and a mouth to the strawberry.
  7. Enjoy :)

Halloween Nail Art!

Ghost Nails!
Are you afraid of ghosts? Well I don't think you'll be scared of these ghosts! Some people may be scared by the concept of ghosts following you around all day... but with these scarily accurate ghost nails, will it be a trick or a treat?

  • White nail varnish
  • Black nail varnish
  • Toothpick (or a bobby pin)
  • Matte top coat
  • Clear base coat
  1. Firstly, apply a base coat to your nails then paint your nails with your black nail varnish.
  2. Make ordinary black nails, black matte nails with a layer of your matte top coat.
  3. Next, paint a dot of white nail varnish on the tip of your nail. Keep developing the shape until you have a good ghost shape on your fingertips. Or you may find it easier to make a ghost by tipping your toothpick in white nail varnish.
  4. Time to add the eyes and the mouth to your little monster! Once your nails have dried, dip your toothpick (or bobbypin) into black nail varnish and dot on its facial features.
  5. Let your fingers dry before tearing into those Halloween treats!
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Pimp my Pumpkin!

Pimp my Pumpkin!
I saw this show last night about how they farm pumpkins and let's be honest, the plain, orange pumpkin is a bit last year. Am I right? So how about this year we make a pumpkin that even Dracula would applaud? This one is black and silver themed, but I think a pink one would be awesome! As always my tutorials are only a guide and you can go wild with how you want yours to look like. Feel free to paint yours in different ways, Halloween doesn't always have to be creepy :)


  • A pumpkin (bit obvious)
  • Black spray paint
  • PVA glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Gems/Jewels (or sequins or maybe stick on bats would be cool)
  • Newspaper (to put around your surface to avoid mess!)
  • Silver paint
  1. Firstly, put some newspaper down around your work surface. It always gets messy when you've got paint out!
  2. Get that pumpkin out and it's time to pimp it out! With this tutorial you use black spray paint to cover the whole pumpkin- you could always use paint but spray paint takes less time. You may want to paint it to a minimum of 2/3 layers, make sure it's all covered and evenly done.
  3. For the stalk of the pumpkin (the top part) use your paintbrush to paint it all silver. You could spray paint this, but make sure it doesn't overlap onto your whole pumpkin.
  4. Time to start sticking your jewels onto your masterpiece! I recommend having a lot around the top and having the jewels 'drip' down the side of the pumpkin, like a necklace would drape around someone's neck.
P.s: I understand my picture looks messy, but who cares :)

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Happy Halloween 2013!

Hiya Stylistas!

Okay so I know that I have barely blogged the amount as I would want to blog these last few months; especially with Halloween. The few Halloween posts I have released have been popular. As I should be studying at the moment... I figured I could post some Halloween ideas for you this evening when you get all dressed up! Plus most of my readers are from abroad, so by the time they wake up they'll see my posts and to the crafts :) If not, well Halloween rarely lasts one day and no-one says no to yummy food!

Here are the links to this years tutorials (note there may be a delay on when the links are up):

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And if you create something Halloween ish do email it in to or tweet @ArrayOStyle or just tag us in your photo on Facebook :)

Halloween Crafts!

Halloween Paper Wigs!
Okay so in case anyone has a bat hair day (see what I did there?), create some hair-raising masterpieces to cover up that mess. What's awesome about this tutorial is that- the wigs are made from everyday objects around the house. So part of your costume is made for free!


  • Plastic carrier/grocery bag
  • Newspaper
  • Masking tape
  • Round object to use as a head form (maybe a cabbage or pumpkin)
  • Newspaper (or if you don't have any thin coloured paper can work)
  • Double sided tape
  1. Firstly, cut up the grocery bag to create a single sheet of plastic. Place this plastic sheet over the cabbage.
  2. Secondly, take the masking tape and apply strips of it to the plastic sheet, overlapping each slightly. Till you have created the shape of the skull cap. Carry on adding masking tape to the cabbage for 2-3 layers, so you end up with a sturdy wig base.
  3. Next, remove the cap from the cabbage, use the scissors to trim the excess plastic around the cap. To fully support the cap, you can add more strips of masking tape around the edge and inside the skull cap.
  4. Now, place the cap back onto the cabbage model and start styling your wig. Cut up coloured paper and newspaper to 1/2 inch strips. Curl your hair by dragging the strip against the closed blade of the scissors (like you used to do in school!).
  5. Finally, add 4 to 6-inch strips of double sided tape to the bottom rim of the cap and start to add hair to the cap. Continue this process until the crown of the cap and the wig is full up. 

Halloween craft!

Boo-tastic decor!

This next tutorial is really cute and the technique could be used for bedroom decoration or Christmas decoration- not just Halloween :)

  • Cardboard or wooden letters
  • Fabric scraps (or you could print off Halloween pictures and use them instead)
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Strong glue (Not a glue stick)
  1. Cut up your pictures/fabric strips into strips. If you are using fabric strips, you will need to wrap each strip around the letter using the glue. If using paper/printed off pictures you will need to cover the letters in the papers by gluing them on normally.
  2. Using the paintbrush, slather on some glue over your letters. Leave this to dry overnight over a radiator.
  3. Proudly display once the glue has dried up :)
Plus you don't always have to use the word 'BOO' you could have 'Trick or Treat' written, so it decorates the entrance to your house. Or the word 'Wicked' if you like the musical :) 
Here are some links to Halloween scrapbook papers for this tutorial:

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

What did Cara Delevingne say this week?

Queen Delevingne said she wants to try a singing career!
Model, Cara Delevingne will be releasing her inner Beyonce as early as next year! To Rita Ora's disgust. (Well they haven't been chummy lately with Rita working with DKNY too 'by coincidence' pfft). 
Back in May it was rumoured that twenty-one year old Cara had been writing lyrics and testing our her vocals when she wasn't strutting down those catwalks; all hoping to become a recording artist. It was then rumoured that Cara was in talks with P Diddy about her singing career, well it definitely worked!
In 2014 model Cara may no longer exist as she could be trading make-up trailers for the tourbus, in the run up to her solo debut. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a fun tourbus! Where can I sign up to be Cara's tour assistant?! Imagine the look on Harry Style's face; maybe a 1D and Delevingne colab could be in the future. After all, they constantly seem to be having an 'on/off relationship'.
"Cara loves singing," a source close to the model told Sunday People. "When she was younger, she would sit at home and mess about but recently she has started to take it more seriously."
"She is a very busy girl at the moment, with a couple of movies lined up as well as her modelling. Now it looks like things will be kicking off for her musically next year." 
With featuring on Will Heard's cover of Sonnntanz's Sun Don't Shine and performing on stage with Rita Ora at the DKNY party- it's not the first time we've heard those vocals and certainly won't be the last. But, with the film 'Kids in Love' and a part in the new Amanda Knox biopic- we're surprised she has time to be recording!
Fair to say, Harry Style's is probably gutted he's not with her and will probably ring her up when she's a popstar.
Toodles oh and here's her singing:

Halloween Freaky Makeup Tutorial

How to be... a Monster Bride!

1. Cover your face in white facial foundation using a brush- then contour your face by using brown eye shadow under your cheekbones.

2. For your eyes, apply a green eyeshadow (Shade:Bitter by MAC) on the lid, inner crease and brow bone. Add a dark brown eyeshadow (Shade: Club by MAC) to add a wing at the outer corner of your eye. Then, line the top lash line using black eyeliner and go over the wing. You can use false eyelashes to enhance your monsterish look.

3. Moving on to your lips, transfer a dark berry shade to line and fill the lips. (MAC lip pencil in Currant and Lipstick in Cyber).

4. To create the stitches illusion, sketch a dotted line (using the lip liner Currant)  down the side of your face.
5. Draw small horizonal lines in between your stitches, these will be staples. Use black eyeliner for these (MAC Black Chromagraphic pencil).

6. To build this look further, use brown eye shadow to create shadows around the lines. Then highlight with a white eye pencil.

7. Draw on scews using black eye liner and fill with white face paint or eye pencil.

If you need a visual guide, here is a video tutorial of the look:

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2013

 Trick... OR CHIC! Ba Baaam!

Well, Halloween is quickly approaching (as most of you probable know), so I thought that I would give you an insight in to some of the most popular and striking 'Celebrity Halloween Costumes'
First up is the lovely Kim Kardashian dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, in the very striking red dress with matching accessories.One of the more peculiar costumes was worn by Kelly Osbourne and Ex-Boyfriend Luke Worall, who wore the very 'different' costume of bacon and eggs! You may not have seen an even more strange PEREZ HILTON! Dressed as friend, Lady Gaga.

Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worall

Perez HiltonHeidi KlumKim Kardashian

Awesome right? Who are you liking the most?

Halloween Recipe

Hola Stylistas!

So I haven't posted in ages, as in a proper blog post. My last post (Entitled 'My Stylish Saturday') was for a competition and it'd be cool if you all read it as hopefully that would boast my chances up a tad :) The link will be at the bottom of this post x

Wow shameless promotion over... It's 12 days till Halloween, which is frighteningly less than two weeks. Halloween falls during half term and today it's a day kids go out and beg for candy (guilty of this), classy isn't it? Or when girls who wear barely anything can get away with it (Like as shown in Mean Girls, the best girl movie EVA). Or the day when you can walk into the shop and buy candy ridiculously cheap, without the effort of 'Trick or Treating'. There's always one who is on a 'diet' when it comes around to Halloween time and boy that must be hard. *Hands a gold medal*. So today I got my Nigella on and culminated scarily good strawberry treats for you :) They're more fruit than sugar so you can indulge a bit.

Creepy Chocolate Coated Strawberries:
Halloween Chocolate Covered Strawberries 12ct
This recipe starts off  with the middle design and takes each strawberry in turns. Then you adapt this to a batch. It's just easy to describe the single designs.

You will need:
  • Ripe strawberries that will make a witch jealous
  • Meltable chocolate- White and Milk flavours
  • Orange and black sprinkles
  • Orange food colouring
  • A piping/icing bag
  • Orange food colouring
  1. Starting with the easiest design, melt your milk chocolate. It's quicker to melt it in the microwave than on the hob. Break the chocolate bar (or pour chocolate chunks) into a microwave proof bowl. Put this bowl into the microwave and take it out every 30 seconds to stir. It normally takes just over 2 minutes. For the melting on the hob method, you put your microwaveable bowl over boiling water and stir. This method isn't as safe as the microwave method and does take longer. 
  2. Whilst you're waiting for the chocolate to melt, wash and dry the strawberries, ready for dunking!
  3. Once the chocolate is melted and cooled; take your first strawberry and dunk it in the chocolate! Make sure it's coated the whole way round. Put the strawberries in a safe container and try to sit them upwards, so the leaves are on the bottom of the container. This way the chocolate won't look messy.
  4. Once you've coated the strawberries, mix in a little drop of orange food colouring into your chocolate. Only enough to get the colour orange as you don't want an overpowering taste of food colouring, yuck. Once your strawberries have cooled, coat half of the strawberry into the orange chocolate. Let these dry and move on to your next design.
  5. Next, melt your white chocolate (by following step one if you can't remember!) and prepare your strawberries for dunking.
  6. Dunk your strawberries into the white chocolate then sprinkle orange and black sprinkles over them.
  7. Leave to cool then dip the rest of your strawberries into the rest of the milk chocolate. Using your orange chocolate from earlier, fill a piping bag with this and you may want to melt some more milk chocolate (if you've ran out). Using the piping bag, ice chocolate lines onto your chocolate canvas. Rotate between the two colours.
Yummy and eerily delish :) Below are low cost utensils/ingredients that were used during the tutorial, so check them out and here is the link to 'My Stylish Saturday' post:

Monday, 7 October 2013

Cara Delevingne Art !

Hi all!

Okay so I know there are a lot of Cara Delevingne fans (or Delevingners) who check out my blog and I felt that they'd enjoy this post. I love looking at artworks and this one I've obsessed over for the last few days, it's been drawn by Adrianna Jankowka; who is of around a similar age (14 or 15) as the people who this blog targets. On with the picture which is just spectacular; Adrianna should start selling these as they're amazing.
This is the original photo of Cara sucking her cheeks in:

This is Adrianna's drawing:

It's extremely accurate isn't it?

Follow Adrianna's Amazing Artwork at: