Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wednesday 18th April


Today was interesting. Who likes my outfit? Spent £60 on it, checked the sale online and found out it's half price. Fml... On the bright side, it's very pretty and came in handy for my photoshoot. Photos from the shoot to come very soon! The outfit itself is florally, as in ditzy florals in a jumpsuit style arm holes. Quite vintage actually, with big buttons. I ADORE the jacket. Pale blue + baby pink = MAGIC! This is ripped, with great detail. Not impressed the camera didn't pick it up aswell as i'd hoped. I'm never normally this tarty looking (As you know) but look what make-up artists do to me. The best bit of a shoot is the hair and make-up- such a transformation! The hair, 'volumized' was the aim. Volumized? More like massive knots in my hair i'm still brushing out! As I mentioned earlier, I have been practicing for my drama performance. There was only 70 people in the audience, but I wasn't nervous. It did bother me though that it was all the older years... In the play, I had to take a tablet and needed a drink to wash it down with. There weren't any water bottles around, so I used some fizzy pop instead - I didn't have any other choice. I swallowed the [fake] tablet no problem and everything was going smoothly until the fizzy drink came back on me and I let out a huge BURP! My first i've probably EVER had (Not exaggerating, I'm addicted to water). See ya's for tomorrow! x

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