Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Stylish Saturday

 ‘Sistah what you gonna do today?’ Asked brother.
Well bruva, we sauntered to London. Reaching Choccywoccydoodah. Chocolate deffo got me out of bed that morning. Their cakes need to be served by Francisco Lachowski; who doesn’t dream about male models and cake?!

 You’re probably wondering what I bought (which wasn’t food related) If you’re a girl and you haven’t visited Victoria’s Secret, you gotta go there. Even when strolling into the store, the lovely sales assistant gave us a free bracelets. And it wasn’t a ‘Smiles-Then-Looks-Down-On-You’ kind of employee either. I bought ‘Love Spell’ which smells sexy and eradicates the ‘Looks-Like-An-11-Year-Old’ aura I have.
Who likes the other smexical stuff I bought?
When you’re working at Kate Moss’s model agency, you’re obligated to strut your stuff around. Work it. Literally. Plus when you’re organising the new breed of male supermodels, it has its [pecks] perks. It’s awesome to be sat in a room surrounded by the model’s cards. They’re smouldering at you. JOURDAN DUNN CAME IN! SHE SIGNED A PICTURE FOR ME AND SAID I HAD ‘A BEAUTIFUL NAME!’
*Passes out due to coolness overload*

Jourdan forgot to leave the card and took it with her -.- But it’s in the post. RESULT. I didn’t speak to her (too busy updating LINDSEY WIXSON’s portfolio, IKR). But looked fab. Like she does in pictures, but she was natural, perfect and nice. Her street style beats Rihanna hands down. (Sorry Rihanna if you’re reading, if you are I like signed albums too).

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Hi all!

Sorry for the delay in posts, Blogger has been working up recently and I haven't been able to log in (let alone post) for about two weeks now. Instead our Facebook page has been where I've been posting, so do check it out. Hope everyone's gotten back into 'The Routine' again as summer has sadly passed our shores.

It's Christmas in 14 weeks (apparently, I know people are counting down before my birthday is even upon us!) so maybe I should start a countdown? I'm still in the mist of exam/assessment preparation but next week I've got some free lessons so I'll be blogging before revision (don't tell my teachers! and don't really follow that example). To make up for the downtime, there's a few goodies in my hive ready to be posted for a giveaway.

7 Days till my birthday <3 Of which I haven't even started arranging, oopsies.

See ya soon!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

New York Fashion Wee - NYFW 2013

Hi all Stylista's!

As you may already be aware, New York Fashion Week (shortened to NYFW) is underway at this moment in time and as a blogger I am actively watching the shows. Infact, I just missed a Marissa Webb show! That's the thing with time differences, right now it's morning over here but there it's dinner time. Last season for the shows, I did literally post the whole show on the blog- which is fine, but a bit boring in my opinion. So, as I've been getting into the Facebook page - I'll just have albums with pictures of the statement outfits by each designer. Plus that way, instead of browsing through every blog post- you can find the outfits straight away and I love the organisation of Facebook albums. But, on the blog site of things I will be doing a show/country synopsis each time. And if my lovely graphic designer can spare some time, we could get round to doing magazine style graphics- which do take longer as my software is a bit pants...

So for the meantime, happy fashion week and like us at to stay tuned!

Plus, if you want to watch the shows via your laptop/phone check out

Happy Fashion Week!

Friday, 6 September 2013


Friday !

It's been manic and panic this week as I've returned to school; plus I'd love to give a big well done to everyone who received GCSE results or mock results grades, or any grades anywhere. I got mine, but I'm choosing not to broadcast them on the Internet- but I'm happy with them :) Also a congratulations to the winner of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, who is the lovely Lauren Lambert from London! But, congratulations to the two runners up Emma and Sarah. And all the other girls who provided entertainment each week. Additionally, one of my favourite models Natasha Poly posted a picture of a baby bottle on Instagram, so hopefully her baby is arriving soon or is already here!

The BINTM Queen has started her reign and her Company Magazine October 2013 spread & cover is ready to blog about:
Lauren Lambert in Company
Lauren Lambert in Company
Lauren Lambert in Company

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Juicy Couture- Viva La Noir

I'm not sure if it's Sasha Pivovarova in the awesome ad campaign, or the bright pink bottle but I'm dying to smell the latest Juicy Couture scentsation, 'Viva La Noir'.

It was a night fit for Elle Woods, or just for the inner Barbie inside us. Imagine the: overflowing pink roses, glowing pink lights, pink carpets and even leopard clad model like waitresses serving up a sunny side portion of Viva La Noir. Tipped as being Viva La Juicy's sexier sister, with hint of grown up darkness and mystery.

The scent itself is a sweet rush of mandarin and wild berries; with a honeysuckle and jasmine heart and a gorgeously sweet vanilla, caramel and sandalwood base that would make Barbie think twice.

Think pink, sounds about right to sum up the perfume.

To purchase this parfum of perfection, click on the links below for more Juicy-ness :)


Second Birthday!

ArrayO'Style has been here for two whole years! Weird right?

2 years,
730 days,
17,280 hours,
63115200 seconds,

It's weird as I never really think to plan anything for this day, mainly because I still think that nobody properly reads my blog. Which I don't expect everyone too, but a little comment or a follow every once in a while would make it feel less like I'm on Myspace. In other words= talking to an empty room ..

Moving on, I feel like I need a blog overhaul. As in new templates, colours, layout etc. If you agree, do comment below :) Plus, the Facebook page is gradually being recreated. Facebook is going to be easier to recreate than Twitter- as the photo albums are so nice and organised! Although, Twitter is next on the list. I'm also looking into the possibility of an Instagram account, if you'd like that do say :) If you know of any graphics designers out there who are putting together portfolios/building together their work, if you want a project do get in touch! 

We've been here two years and we're definitely going to try and continue for at least another two. Maybe this time forward I'll try and prepare articles in advance, before I get sick and it looks like I've been away for weeks- aha.

Bring on the comments/feedback/areas to improve :) Oh and enjoy eating a virtual cupcake Stylistas xo