Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday 14th April


Today was interesting. So I woke up and of course I was ditched by That- who said she loves washing up. So woke up by spraying water all down my face. Then, I had the guesome task of melting marshmallows, then spooning them into biscuits to create 'Smores' (Basically marshmallow sandwiches, but lets be American!). Marshmallow is really sticky and stringy. Kept sticking all to my fingers. I got all the stuff for the bake sale prepared; Very proud I was indeed of all my hard nights work! I get there to the church and sell one cake and one cupcake in the first half hour of the sale. I was thinking, yes i'm going to sell everything and make £20. Then my donated cakes arrived from a lovely lady at Iced 'n' Tasty Cakes called Sarah, who made this fabulous cupcake catepillar and a Rainbow cake (I'm fundrais-
ing for the Rainbow child foundation) which were delightful! And created a lot of interest. Of course the customers
were snobby and wouldn't part with £5 for a cake worth £20- donating to a worthy cause. I can't believe
antiques stalls had more sales than us at the end of the day. I was really reluctant about selling the Rainbow
for £4.50 but I had to part with it. At the end of the day, the sale was dead 30 minutes in. But I sold one big 
cake, one marshmallow, and my brother spent £1 on cakes. I made about £7, but the lady didn't mention
a stall fee as it was for charity. Charity my backside! She kept being really pushy! Every 5 mins coming over,
'Have you made enough?'. NO I BLOODY HADN'T! Bearing in mind I had £3 in my pocket originally...
See ya's for tomorrow! Going to tuck into cupcakes :)

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