Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thursday 26th April

Today was interesting. What I love about boys nowadays; they're so vain. They could pass for gayboys a few years ago. Seriously, they're sat discussing designer brands in a lesson. Having a perfume off. I even sprayed a ickle bit of DKNY, to see if they could tell the brand. THEY DID! 'Who sprayed?' me of course, the person who actually owns DKNY (perfume, i'm not that rich!). But, She did randomly go to town and say. 'I've come all the way to town, for teenagers clothing.' That sounded a widdle odd. A 48 year old woman, interested in size 6 clothes, which no offence. But yeah we all know she isn't gonna fit in. She constantly says, 'I'll start tomorrow' when we all know tomorrow she'll be chomping on chocolate. With the wii unused. Anywho, we went into town into a cool hip store. Known for having nightclub promoters outside. Course she had to say, 'You're music is about as good as my sexlife. Rare, boring, unwanted, uncalled for, suckish, lame.' You get the idea. The bouncers seemed thrilled, or scared. She just had to do that didn't she. Well, the girl did look like the average joe on street corners. I did however get a nice pair of jeans. I didn't even ask. She was all, 'I HAVE TO SEE YOU WEAR THOSE GORGEOUS JEANS! YOU'LL BE MY ICKLE BANANA!' Colour popping jeans is in this season, so I will be zingy this summer. If these jeans split, that'll be it. (I had to put in the word split, when describing bananas). What did bug me however is spending £35 on a pair of jeans, and no-one had the audacity to even iron them! Like them? Calls for a donut top. See ya's for tomorrow! x

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