Monday, 25 August 2014

#TeenBlogSeries ¦ 10 Facts about me

Hola Stylistas from far and wide!
So I've just heard about #TeenBlogSeries which is a ten week programme for teen bloggers where a different theme is revealed each week and all the teen bloggers involved post their interpretation of the theme at 6:30pm on Mondays through the #TeenBlogSeries hashtag.

Todays theme is '10 Facts about me' and on with the post we go...

  1. I've been blogging for nearly 3 years. This is an eye-opener as blogs have suddenly become a cult sensation within the last year, every company or retailer seems to have one and have only recently become a common factor in the job workplace, already. Sad as it now devalues the content written. 
  2. I've been retweeted by Zhenya Katava, Kelly Mittendorf and Karolina Kurkova. If you're a bit puzzled and feel alienated at the names you just read- they are models! And that's one of the issues I love to write about and even got me into the final of #ColumnIdol with The Sun Newspaper.
  3. A blogging event sent me to A&E with hypothermia. No further comments.
  4. The most popular blog post I wrote was 'Summer Bucket List 2013'- ironically I didn't do half of the things on the list.
  5. If I'm not blogging; you'll find me volunteering at Girl Guiding meetings, on a photo shoot, working, studying or burning off cupcakes.
  6. Yes, I go mad for cupcakes! Frankly, who wouldn't? It's a feasible, immaculately decorated portion of cake!
  7. My sister is my nail model as I have no nails for nail art tutorials! Literally, I had to order false nails for my prom night and well... I couldn't grab or hold anything as they were so impractically big for my fingers. 
  8. I don't wear make-up voluntarily. Which disadvantages me for future posts in this series sadly :(
  9. The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game is slowly growing on me (I hate the Kardashians... sorry, but how is someone moaning about their expensive life worthy of a TV show?). I'm on the A-list, thank god.
  10. Until last Thursday, I was the only family member (in my house) to have not attended a grammar school. 

Good Morning Stylistas!

Happy Summer all!

If you are new to this blog or haven't checked out my twitter feed @ArrayOStyle - welcome. This morning I collaborated with the mainstream, morning Television show 'Good Morning Britain' about going back to school. I wasn't actually on the show (sadly, it was scheduled though) but I wrote '5 Top Tips to solve #BackToSchoolBlues' for the Good Morning Britain website- for you to view here: 

And enjoy your back holiday Monday!

Friday, 22 August 2014

The Summer Tag

1. Favourite bronzer for summer?

I'm not really a make-up girl, (she says looking at the rest of these questions and realising this is rather inappropriate) and I think with the summer heat enriching your skin that bronzer will just melt on your face. Imagine, your sweat drenched from the sun with make-up on it. And as every girl (and occasional) guy knows; make-up makes you feel the opposite of 'fresh'/ 

2. You're relaxing in a hammock on a tropical island, what are you sipping on?
Tough question as I'm normally just a water girl (not literally, I hate swimming haha) but it depends how lazy the sun makes my mood, if so I'll just grab an old-skool Capri-Sun to prevent moving drastically. 

3. Favourite summer lip product?
My favorite summer lip product is the Kiehl's Lip Balm SPF4 'Sunscreen' in mango as it's non greasy and keeps these lips hydrated- with the tantalising taste of mango remaining for a good time length. 

4. Pool or beach?
If I was on holiday, it would have to be the beach as pool's are over crowded and the beaches abroad are sandy, scenic and pure. Giving the impression no-one has retired their in the heat ever. But in Britain, we have too many stones and sea weed on the beach- which is definitely not sandy, scenic or pure for relaxation. So undecided... but I'd lean towards the beach. 

5. Summer = crazy hair! What's your must have styling product?
None, keep it natural and sleek.  Release your inner hippie. 
6. Sun bathing or fake tan?
Sun bathing because who wants to look like a streaky, orange? 

7. Favourite summer nail polish?
I like the blue rhapsody polish by Essie because it reminds me of how the ocean should appear- idyllic. 

8. Any summer traditions?
I'm always working so I'm rarely chilling as said before... which is kind of sad because summer holidays are meant to be spiritual, mental and physical breaks from school and work.  But hey ho. It's becoming a summer tradition where I do some sort of work experience, write a whole bucket list which I never complete and try to get a head start on projects/musings. I think it's becoming a tradition on results day where my friends and I steal empty bottles of alcohol, fill them up with water and take photos with captions like 'Lets get hammered tonight'. :) 

9. Favourite summer scent?

I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs - it's effervescent floral, fruitiness is what summer's all about! Giving your mind a break and realising the beauty of the world - that is often underlooked in demanding, work lifes.  But anything Hollister as they just convey the scent of something exotic, flamboyant and out of my price range. 

10. Favourite BBQ food?

Hot dogs (she says, aware of having no BBQ around). 

11. What's your favourite summer proof product?

A good book is always a good summer proof product as it releases the reader to an unknown world, escapism. At the moment it is 'Moonwalk' by the King MJ, rest his soul
summer beach tumblr photography 7 300x225 summer beach tumblr photography 7
12. Any summer vacation plans this year? No plans? Tell us about your dream trip...

Sadly no plans, just work and driving towards the dream. But if I had no travel restrictions I'd head to Paris in the morning to engorge the delectable pastries for breakfast then visit Miami Beach and chill with some friends for the day. When we surrender to the heat, a trip to Disneyland Florida for a bit. For lunch, I think a trip to Italy is ideal then a visit to Hawaii and watch the stars in the Maldives. 

I tag Alicia,  Stella Etoile and Chloe to do 'The Summer Tag' :)

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Monday, 18 August 2014

How to take a good selfie #SelfieSunday

How to take a good #Selfie. 

It pains me to even mention the dhastly word (well euphemism) on the blog, but I saw VOGUE comprise a similar post and it suddenly struck me the lengths of how self-obsessed we are as a society. Surely if Vogue are writing about it... it must be something worth writing about... or at least something that wants to be read. My sister agreed and said I should write up some tips for more readers (hey it's better than a generic 'summer wishlist' or 'back to school wishlist' blog post). 

** Before I begin, I'm not a 'selfie expert' (who is? okay maybe Izabel Goulart) but I do work with Photoshop and cameras on a regular basis, so I can give advice on a photographer and well, Instagram scroller's view**

Tip 1- Wear fitted clothes
This may seem obvious, but if your body parts are fighting to get viewed... We won't be liking them. It's just inappropriate.

Tip 2- Check the lighting 
This may be really obvious, but it's very hard to edit over even the smallest bit of dark lighting in a selfie (even with a filter), so try to get as much natural sunlight as you can when taking one. 

Tip 3- Check your surroundings

This may be common sense; but always double check your location for anyone ready to but in. Also, try to ensure no-one is watching the selfie taking session as well... they may bring it up later around someone potentially life changing or devastatingly attractive. 

Tip 4- Angle your face accordingly and POSE! 

I think of selfies as the natural you, in your natural habitat. In that case, selfies are spot lifesavers! If you see someone looking really great in their selfies, but rubbish in real life- they angle their face and the viewer's attention away from their imperfections. Got a spot? Use your hair to hide it away. Got no hair and a spot? Take the photo in a different face location- or maybe look the opposite way of the spot. 

And finally tip 5- SMILE. 

After all, no-one's going to follow you if you look unfriendly. 

Hasta la Vista Stylistas
K, xo

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

UPDATE: #TheSunNewspaper

Hola Stylistas!

Update on my story in 'The Sun Newspaper' according to their sources, I am (unless evidence suggests wrong) the youngest ever contributor to ever have been featured in the newspaper. Which is awesome! I just wanted to post the 'Digital' copy of the column- in case anyone wants to have a read. Apologies for the delay, if you are a Sun + member you can read the article here: 

Catch up on what I thought of the edit here- 

Hasta la Vista Stylistas, xo 

Monday, 11 August 2014

#MyCosmoStyle What would you wear in #VEGAS?

So recently whilst chilling on holiday (well in England and working...), I got into the new Kim Kardashian iPhone app 'Hollywood' and reached 70 million fans on there (says a lot about how addictive the game's like grown up Stardoll). I'm not normally a Kim K fan and posting her name on here isn't exactly dream worthy; it links with my next point. Holiday locations. It only costs $20 to fly to Las Vegas on the app! $60 to fly to London! That got me thinking... Vegas. Flashy lights, cocktails in a plethora of colours and gambling. Vegas may not be a fashion capital [yet] but it sure sounds like an inspiration capital. Take a look at these images of the beautiful 'Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas'. To view more of the captivating Cosmopolitan, visit:

But, before you've hit the slot machine jackpot. What would you wear in Vegas?

Katy Perry's donned her 'Vegas' get up before at an event in... VEGAS! But, I'm not as daring as Katy's (stylist) style so I thought I'd try on my own Vegas get-up and gamble chic.

Viva Las Vegas!

Red tulle dress
£23 -

Mango motorcycle jacket
£48 -

Chevron jewelry
£12 -

NARS Cosmetics moisturizing lipstick
£15 -

Bon Appetit's Las Vegas Coverage, All in One Place

Viva Las Vegas Stylistas! xo