Saturday, 30 June 2012

It's going to be my Summer challenge to start doing something, 'Elaborate' with my hair. I'm not really a hair girl or a make-up girl; just a fashion girl. But, with all the time i'll have, I will try and do as many hairstyles as I can and will post some piccies (If they come out well!). If you wanna stock up on hair supplies, stock up now with these bargains! Yes, I work with penny items!

These supplies =

Eva Longoria hairstyles2 Eva Longoria Hair Styles

Friday, 29 June 2012

I want one of those!

Fifty Shades of GreyI'm not sure I personally want one, but yeah. 'Fifty shades of grey' is a bestseller at the moment, I have actually read sections of it and it wasn't my kind of book. If this book was a music video; it would be one with sex, sex, sex everywhere and just computer generated voices, singing boring lyrics anyway. Sex, sex, sex no story. The sex is probably what everyone's so hyped up about, everyone wants some written sex. Maybe they're deprived, idk. If you want to check the reviews and look into the hype, check it now! As one review said, 'It's so terrible, it's hilarious.' My reaction to TOWIE.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Today was interesting. I'm such a good girl, I went from a volunteer interview to more volunteering. I think it's so rewarding; and the exercise is good too. If you have time for Facebook you have time to give back (Not farmville gifts).
Guess what?! My sister 'That' was lying to me, she hasn't sold a single thing! Oh yes. In Art it was amazing; I got into a fight you know. Had the fake blood on my face to prove it. Even scared a few people. 'You shouldn't be doing that to yourself' 'Are you alright?'. Gosh, I must of scared the passerby's too. I was walking home with a (slightly evil) grin on my face, a black eye, a bruised nose and a fractured finger. They must of thought the freakshow had come to town or they wanted to call the police. Not my fault i'm amazing with stage make-up. My art teacher gave me a black eye. Literally. Black eyes with fake blood; if I ever bleed I hope my blood tastes as nice as that did. 'Mummy, blood tastes nice' I'm not encouraging people to say that to their Mum's. I sound like some vampire, 'BLOOD TASTES AMAZING.' As a vampire would say, LOL. Not cool when you walk past a nursery on the way home from school... I'm not responsible for any popped ear drums...
My holiday is booked, lovely jubbly. Where's everyone going? This is for next year so this year I can scribble in my planner, '365 days to go' tbh i'm not to fussed. Well I am but i'm not. I'm one of those people who look forward to the simple things like going home and having my dinner, playing the Wii with the fam. Anyway, my mum knows i'm allergic for chlorine and she books a holiday to a blooming water park. C'mon mum. She even says, 'What will you be doing all day?' 'I might pop along to the gym, i'm pretty quick on the tread mill'. 'Oh you can swim, stop being a wuss, that was just an excuse'. So going to the doctors for an allergy test was a lie? LOL. Yeah right Mum. She's probably reading this thinking, 'She's great with comebacks, but she's too wussy to say it to me.' See ya's for tomorrow! Don't forget to check out my t-shirts at fab prices:

I want one of those!

Lipsy Ladies White Plastic Bracelet Watch LP019An interesting, Lipsy watch at only £15. Saving £10! Check it out now:

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wednesday 27th June

Today was interesting. The best quote I heard today was,'A cupcake the day keeps the sanity at bay.' Doesn't keep the calories at bay. Why is it always when you go and buy food it always tastes SOOOO much better than when you make it yourself? I know I probably put in a dash of sugar or butter (I don't own weighing scales yet, my mum always says 'remind me when I have money'. When I suggest buying a temp one she says, 'Noo I want a special pink one like Nigella!' true, Nigella has lush scales. I finally understood her 'flirty' cooking the other day. She was grating carrots and said, 'I would grate them in the processor, but it makes the carrots wet' then she winked, saucily. Even if you're just purchasing a birthday cake, it always tastes amazing. Or a fat free ready meal- it tastes fab. Whenever I fancy cake, I bake some to quite a decent standard (No burns, no lumpy icing etc) and I always say, 'Still fancy a Waitrose cake pop'.
Didn't record Katie last night. Did almost cry when it wasn't on Anytime. They record the first 3 episodes then expect us to actually record it ourselves. 'Nah, I rely on Anytime. I pay to be lazy.' Our family's reaction to the brainy, TV. But nooo, I was sat watching the news. The Spice Girls were interesting. I've always loved Posh, she's the pretty one and she's so 'laid back' about everything. Is it because she's 'posh' and loaded? Who knows; but I like it. They all babble on and leave her out. She's such a lovely person though. I've been offered the chance to see the musical, Viva Forever! AND The Bodyguard. They both seem fab, but i'm not sure. I'm paying so I could indulge or be the tight wod. If they can contend after Singin' In The Rain...
Maths exam went great; bearing in mind I had about 5 minutes of revision done. Also, Justin Bieber unfollowed my friend! Now she's just followed by the fan club. HAHAHAHA. My version of LMAO.
See ya's for tomorrow dahlings. P.S. AN INTERVIEW TOMORROW, OOOOH. x

I want one of those!

That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in BetweenI want one of those!
With Viva Forever a hot topic today, let's focus on the style icon of Spice Girls. Victoria Beckham 'Posh spice' released a style guide named, 'That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and everything in between'. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tuesday 26th June

Today was interesting. It felt like everyone rub everything in everyone else's face day. One moment it's all, 'Woah a new clothing line, you clever minx!' the next it's your bestie saying, 'I joined Twitter and I got followed by Justin Bieber, what does that mean?'. OMD. Can you believe she said that? Ok, she's from a different culture where parents are strict on about everything (I can't say the country because i'll get a load of rubbish) but they have strong morals against joining Facebook, pictures of you online etc... A 14 year old who has just joined Twitter, omd. My 11 year old sister codes websites! Js and she's really ditzy. I'll have to sit explaining Twitter for the week. She also still watches Disney Channel. Might cry. Speaking of Twitter, I got an email back saying I won't be unsuspended anymore and it will take an hour for it to work again. IT'S STILL NOT WORKING! Cry ;'( Speaking of my 11 year old sister; after I launched my clothing line she turns around and starts her own. Guess what? She's had more orders than me. Quite annoyed. Specially after I spammed the whole of Facebook and she just asked one person who did a load of advertising for her. I've never said this expression before but, 'well jel'. Anywho, I'm revising for my exam- which I just heard about today and the exam happens tomorrow. School, 'I am not amused' say that posh for the effect. Oh yeah, revising with your mum repeating herself, 'WATCH THE BATH' when i'm sat in the bathroom practically watching its every move. See ya's for tomorrow, fingers are crossed for this exam. It is foundation so hopefully i'll come out exclaiming the easiness of it. Whenever I get a C I bake a big chocolate cake for me :)

Monday, 25 June 2012

Monday 25th June

Well well well, Monday morning, another day to dread! I woke up to find a stack of pancakes on a large plate in the front room. The aroma made me smile. But then I realized that the pancakes weren't for me; for my THE BEST BROTHER EVER. I had to take the bus to school that morning, as I sat down, I felt a large piece of chewing gum wedged into my bum! At least I had my iPod there to comfort me, until I saw my headteacher boarded the bus and I had to hide it to avoid getting into trouble. When I arrived at school, I was greeted by my friends. They were happy to see me, but I dreaded seeing them because it meant another long week was about to start. During form, my form tutor got me confused with a really ugly girl and everyone burst into a chuckle. The rest of the day was fine until it came to P.E. I forgot my kit and had to use lost property. The only suitable thing in lost property was an ill fitted yellow leotard, made out of the dreaded lycra material; out of the 80's. Oh god. I wanted to die right then. Thank god I wasn't a man, but I got an equally, horrifying camel toe. OOPS. That was disturbing. But, I have secured myself volunteer work for the summer. I will be making a difference, I should start a campaign to raise awareness shouldn't I? Imagine me endorsing the big, glossy ad campaigns. See ya's for tomorrow. x

I want one of those!

The One and Only (Six Steps)The final installment to the popular, 'All about Eve' trilogy.

The unbalanced discovery boosts the unseen blast.

Sunday, 24 June 2012


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The surprise!

The surprise is *drum roll*..............MY VERY OWN CLOTHING LINE! Well, it's more of a t-shirt collection. It features terrific t-shirts, hot hooded jackets and perfect posters. 42 items, all on sale. I love it, well of course I would and I have had a positive reaction from press so far. Here are some of the pieces from the collection:
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Look at the citrus flavours from New York, makes me want to grab a lemon slice. Designers flooded fashion week with draped, ensembles covered in vibrant lemon and limes. 

Citrus colours are always popular for the Spring/Summer as they ooze the Summer haze. Lemon also compliments tans quite well- another reason to go and tan. Overall, New York kept the colour muted; but decided to go zesty when colour was desired. 

How will you be rocking the trend this season?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday 23rd June

Today was interesting. Felt like showing off my gorgeous hooded jacket and my awkward face; oh and my teenage greasy hair and skin- which it doesn't  matter how much you wash it, it still looks like crap. Oh well, wearing Summery colours always helps wipe away the English weather. It came back from Paris today, with photos of her actually crowd surfing. She also met the French mayoress and endured pate. She brung back French Milka chocolate. WITH OREO'S INSIDE! Turns out the weather was worse than English weather (If that's possible). 

Today, I went to my town's 'carnival' which was pretty, pathetic and boring. There was nothing there, no fireworks, no 'fabulous displays', no Zumba. Well there was Zumba. Who in their blatant, mind would go out in hot pants and a crop top, in this weather? Ok, she was doing 'exercise' which was hugging her boyfriend but seriously, it was so annoying. She was just stood there shivering and hugging her boyfriend, suggestively. I do hate those, 'LOOK AT ME!' types. Or maybe she was just a bit silly. Bless her. The Zumba instructor was rather interesting, gay of course. He persuaded me to dance with the crowd, he had a market seller's approach. The pushy type. I'm not going to shake my hips infront of grannies thank you very much. That's why when I exercise it's when everyone's away.

 My bestie and I went home to hers for a sleepover and we had gone out to rent a DVD. When we were walking home, I noticed my hands had turned blue, and my friend got really worried. Her parents decided that I should go to hospital to be checked out, and called my dad to take me. When I finally got seen to, we explained to the doctor what had happened and how worried we were. He listened to us, then, mortifyingly, asked me to wash my hands. It turned out I had, 'New-blue-trouser-dye-itus'. See ya's for tomorrow and the surprise!
My beautiful handbags... <3


If you follow me on Facebook you will've heard about the 'Surprise' this Sunday. Tomorrow in fact! I'm rushing to make sure everything is perfect for tomorrow at 6pm. I don't want to reveal too much, but this will be a real 'adventure'. I will be posting it on the blog and a YouTube video will be released as well.


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Moses supposes his toes are roses!

Singin' in the rain, the title always makes me go into song. 

I'm probably one of a few people my age (I'm 14) who are transfixed by 1920's Hollywood; and Marilyn Monroe in particular of a later time. There wasn't many teenagers in the theatre, which I did expect, the original was made in 1955. When I read an article in the Daily Mail about the show, it said it was a flop. But, looking at the poised 'Gene Kelly' in the photo, I knew there was going to be a lot of flawless dancing, which I may go home and cry to my dance teacher about.

Before the show- like at any theatre there's always a kiosk with the logo printed on everything in every section of the building. I picked up a souvenir photo book and a pretty keyring. Yes, I actually parted with cash but hey I had my first job recently, I thought why not. As you can see, it's quite pretty and is colour blocking. It also happened it was more expensive than 'The Old&Wise One?'s keyring, a yellow umbrella. As you can see their photography (and ability to make the keyring pose perfectly) is far more exquisite than mine.

As for the production, it was fabulous. The set was a bit like a car showroom, very grey and neutral. The production started off as a movie premiere and (as I was in the middle next to the walk through, the cast were right next to me as they walked down!) the cast walked down the 'red carpet' including 'Lina Lamont' who was identical to Monroe. Her walk was how I would've imagined Marilyn. She wiggled her hips side to side and her voice was very, 'BADDA BING BADDA BOOM!' that kind've era in a female version when they are screechy.

Of course you had the movie-esque Gene Kelly moment, when Adam Cooper (Royal Ballet performer, you could tell) trailed the streets in his kick bull changes and ballet moves. The front rows were soaked. I loved the build up to the rain, the strobe lighting (for lightning) and the music was phenomenal. I rarely notice the music in shows, but the music was grande and marvelous. When Cooper portrayed Kelly during the iconic number, he did it with such poise. Such porosity when he kicked the water for the front row!

The one downside to the show I wasn't too fond of was,'Make 'em laugh' sequence. In the film, the falling into walls and ladders was a lot more genuine. In the show the actor wasn't in time with the music and the plonks and wallops of the music weren't there. In the film, this routine never fails to make me laugh but in the play it wasn't as 'bigged up' as it was proposed to be.

Overall, the show has inspired me to go and become a tap dancer. I was going to look into it anyway, but with 3 months till my birthday that would be an interesting birthday present. 'Santa, make me a tap star!'. My birthday this year is on the McMillan cancer coffee morning day (Something along those lines) so I will have to bake some cake and organise something. I'd like to say a huge thank you to my older sister and if the cast are reading, keep up the great work! (And if you could get me on the west end email me!). I need to rethink my career choice. Model or west end actress extravaganza? I always seem to discover something and fall in love with it. Byee! x

Peplum Perfecto,

As you've probably seen on celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham and the TOWIE crew (Do two of those three count as celebrities?) and even 'royalty' as Kate Middleton has graced the Peplum a few times. I do believe designers have embraced 'The Kate effect' this season. As you can see, the Peplum has graced the catwalks many times this season- in particular I love them all, especially the second outfit. The third is rather regal.

The Peplum can come as a blouse or a dress; has originated from the 1940's. It's handy for cinching in the waist and flatters the hips- giving the illusion of an 'hourglass' figure. 
Lipsy have a fabulous range of Peplum's and I would gladly recommend some from Amazon- unfortunately on Amazon they do not have the style I was looking for.

I want one of those!

Six Steps to a GirlI want one of those!
I love, love, loved the first book of this series, 'Six steps to a girl' and just discovered Sophie Mckenzie wrote two more summer reads. I also love the part that they are one penny for a new paperback. There's two cover designs to entice readers- i'll post the first book I loved- in the two covers today!

Daily discounts!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tuesday 19th June

Today was interesting. Ah buy one get one free at pizza hut today- trust me to know, i've pigged out enough today.Best way to get what you want, 'Muuummmm, it's buy one get one free at Pizza Hut today...' She gave in today, as she doesn't like the Pizza Hut prices. But I did say no to dessert, *Happy dance!* Thing with rice cakes is they're only about 30calories then you find out there's chocolate ones for 60 calories and you can't just have one... Oh well, the rest of the week i'll be good (hopefully). Have you ever been sat under test conditions and you just sit there sneezing awkwardly? It's so awkward and of course it's the day hand sanitizer just vanishes- conveniently. Anywho, this week it's set to be sunnier than Paris. Where 'It' is going on holiday next week, she'll be touring France with her school orchestra she might just come back with photos of her crowd surfing and all her new fans. She does play guitar and does get the opportunity to rock the electric one! Downside is when it's sunny over here;meanwhile in Paris it will be raining. Na nicky na na. Anywho, you know I went to see Legally Blonde a few months ago- and my favourite character was the gay, hairdresser and Kyle? Well in school they did the same play and they didn't gay him up at all or funny him up at all! Bit of a let down. Tomorrow i'll be at the theatre, so if you're in the west end too i'll be the one miming the words along. See ya's for tomorrow, I'll be on my phone so might not be a long recount :)

Monday, 18 June 2012

Monday 18th June

Today was interesting. I would've had a giveaway planned but over the weekend, teenage drama. I hate when you argue with siblings and you just get grilled completely. My mind goes blank under pressure so I sit gormlessly. 'WELL, OH LOOK YOU DON'T CARE' and you're sat thinking, 'THINK BRAIN THINK!' and you have an Inbetweeners cock slap moment with your brain. Why is it always us? Why do we have to be angels (PFFT, but okay) in school and stop controlling the mouth after school? Anyway, i'm going to start seeing a counsellor, so hopefully i'll have a positive aura. Anywho, this is meant to be a fun blog. I had a surprise test today. Yay, was my teacher's reaction. After getting told the whole year group had to retake an English test earlier, I was a little frustrated with the 'test' word. Specially as I was one mark off my B grade and someone got an A in my class. 'THAT'S MY PAPER, MY HANDWRITING!'. In the middle of a French test my best friend started kicking me under the table, as rude as friends are... Trying not to giggle I threw her a note telling her to stop but completely missed her desk. Hoping our teacher wouldn't notice I stretched as far as I could to pick it up but lost my balance, knocking my pencil case flying. I may have looked clumsy but at least it distracted everyone from the note. Involving the words:goat, eye, abs, sex, laxatives. See ya's for tomorrow!x


Jealous of you American viewers! Look how gorgeous the outfits are! I love long, butterfly dress. 90% it's not after Christmas either. GET IN THERE! I don't mind Betsey Johnson clothes shipped to me...

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday 17th June

Today was interesting. Why is it always you declare you will save up your money, so it goes in the bank and you find out that Lipsy has a sale on! I even said to She, 'Shame, I really wanted the thong charm bracelet'. *Spit take*. Oh yeah she thoroughly enjoyed her lemsip, which I then had to clean it up... Then I showed her the piccie and she loved it. Imagine if the thong trended. Not that thong, although lets be honest those thongs trend alot. Did the online shopping today and mucked up the online shopping today. I swear food prices just dramatically increase. We only got about 8 bags of shopping for £160. I specifically ordered tiger bread bagels, on the receipt it said I ordered them. WHY AREN'T THEY THERE? I get lame cheese&onion bagels. Not like i'm allergic to cheese or anything. I'll be the one dying in school then, yay. Infact, I should take piccies of my actual fridge. Thank lord cookies were two for £1 tho. So funny doing the food shopping with She, I always try to say 'Why not try the cheaper brands?' she just goes 'How very dare you' and buys the cheap 16p water to shut me up. It is quite funny when she's sarcastic mum. Everything's just automatically fun. I aWho else has been in the car when your Mum is naming all the drivers who get in her way? Awkward moment she does it in Scottish accents, phaha. What's been grinding my gears this weekend is the Geordie Shore commerical. The one with the girls vomiting on the beach, classy. The one line which gets me is, 'Makes TOWIE look like Downton Abbey' er hello? TOWIE and Downton Abbey have one numerous awards. Last time I checked vomiting on the beach wasn't cool. Or abusing wheelchairs. Okay, I get what Jack Whitehall meant with it being old, I think. You can tell how many episodes of Friends i've been watching... See ya's for tomorrow!
Contest winners!
So, I have just realised I needed to announce the 'Be a tweet star' winner. The winner is, drum roll please.......................................................................................SUE ROBINSON!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

I want one of those!

Just found out about Cath Kidston's jubilee handbag. It's reusable and very cute :) Only £6, so I might pop in there tomorrow and treat myself. Also, it's printed on both sides! It's been out of stock for a while, on the run up to the Jubilee so I'll be buying it soon. Never know, might be worth something in a few years!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday 15th June

Today was interesting. Today in SCOPE (Basically PHSE, or whatever it's called. Where you learn about life, yay...) and of course we were doing the sex ed lesson. Nothing interesting happened. Our starter was 'Write words linked to sexual activity, starting with S'. My friend got saucy and wrote 'spooning'. As you can see, anyone who didn't know any better would think I had sex torrets. Sex and sixty nine, wink wink. Awkward moment you have to say it out loud... Giggle. Giggle. Giggle. Sixty. Giggle.Giggle. Giggle. Nine. Burst out laughing. My friends weren't as saucy, i'm amazing giggling like a little girl. We didn't play with any condoms this time, it was all about trust. No sexual videos. Except Johnny Condom, with probably the worst and scariest Michael Jackson impersonator ever. He was bright, red and had a massive nose (Frankly, it could of been anything). Awkward moment your mum looks in your planner and sees 'Explore sex website'...Anyway. If you're feeling a bit bored or down, tip is to look at someone's abs. I'm checking out 'Maz's now. Lush. Not actually keen on his face, but keep those abs coming. x See ya's for tomorrow x

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Two Coin Holly Necklace Gold FinishContest :)

Just a note, check out the 'giveaway' page for the chance to win a coin necklace, as worn by:

Nicola Maclean
Amanda Holden
Denise Van Outen
Jorgie Porter
Josie Gibbson big brother
Rochelle the Saturdays

Monday, 11 June 2012

Today was interesting. I dragged myself out of bed this morning dreading school. Tiredness. Dark circles. Early nights. Writing wobbly. Art club. WORK. No more laptop, shopping and friends for the week. Well all of them but a lot less. Well we started GCSE Graphics today which was interesting. We're doing movie posters and I found out on my birthday, 'Zoolander' came out. Fate isn't it? A film about a model, on the day a wannabe model was born. Weird. Anyway, awkward moment you google 'romcoms' and you get awkward pictures come up and your teacher checks your screen. Ooops. Every just walked into the canteen and there's some teacher having a hissy fit about 'GIRLS SIT DOWN' we just bloody walked in. LOL. We literally went bright red. Made me laugh cos there were no seats there! See ya's for tomorrow darlings!

I want these!

Never tried these before!
M&M Coconut Chocolate Candies 42.5gGosh, the things America has and we don't! Going to buy some and taste them myself. Hopefully they'll taste dandy!

I would like to raise awareness about 'The Butterfly Project'. At this stage; you may get the urge to rebel and ask for it all to go away. Take a look at this inspirational project.
Why don't you start volunteering today? (Well not literally today).

As you've read, I do sacrifice two hours a week helping out at Rainbows. Rainbows are girls aged from 5-7 years old and trust me they are lovely! No answering back, only a limited vocabularly. Just lovely. All I do is clean up, supervise and serve biscuits but if I wasn't there, I wouldn't be contributing to making sure as many girls can enjoy the fun of guiding. I think as a teenager you should spare an hour of your week, getting off Facebook would do you the world of good. Now would be a good time to arrange some slots for the Summer, if you're not going on holiday or if you are and you can still fit in an hour. You're probably thinking, 'Why volunteer?' 'Isn't volunteering boring?'. If you've watched 'So random' like I did the other day (That left it on!) you'll see it wasn't well shown.
Why volunteer?

  • Volunteering is a great boast to your work experience. If you're 13 and have emailed every single business looking for Saturday work (Who hasn't?) you'll know there's nothing out there. Many businesses have actually said they're more inclined to hire someone who has helped the community. In the process you develop you're- communication skills, teamwork skills and organisation skills. There's also good references to be had, these may give you the edge in future life when competing for a job. The way the economy's going, you may need it. 
  • Volunteering provides experiences you may not have realised. Such as first aid (Good for being a teacher/nurse), events management. You also get to attend a lot of fun event; raising money for the cause.
  • It's scientifically proven that volunteering two hours a week does wonders for your emotional and physical health. 
  • Mum's will be very happy and proud of their little girl/boy.
  • I do it and it's fun!
So, where to start. Google some of these organisations to get you started.

  • The Summer reading challenge.
  • Girl Guiding UK
  • (Click find a shelter. If you're not keen on cats you can volunteer for events).
  • Vinspired (Lots of awards to be granted!).
I've highlighted Vinspired as there's a special award which rewards you for your time with an excellent qualification for your CV.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

I want one of those!

Beautiful accessories today!
Lipsy Feather Bangle stackLipsy Feather Duo Drop Earring
I'm loving the pink and black look. Very feminine these are, and under a £10 each! From the lushcious brand, Lipsy. Check them out here:

Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday 8th June

Today it's FRIDAY! Where'd the week go? Today I thought hey let's do some painting. I'm not sure why, but I just painted a long, Gaga-esque dress. Of course something had to go wrong. I did a really angelic one and then I did a dark, edgier one. Of course the radiators were packed so I could squidge one in my room and I had to squidge the darker one in the kitchen. Next to the dog's food bowl. (I swear this is where my clothes end up drying. I can wear black skinnies and they always end up covered in dog hair! The cheek of it, of wait who does the laundy. 'The Old&Wise one?'). Did I mention she's a tad ditzy. Rubs off on me. I reluctantly placed my masterpiece on the radiator. I then decided 'Hey let's do Zumba. The most exciting, frustrating and sweating sport to do!'. I say exciting - well it is. Frustrating- have you ever played it? The belt never fits you properly and you have the move with it falling off you. The wii remote always flops around; if you're a boy it's normal, if you're a girl it's a skeptical thought of having a fake widdler for a session. And sweating- within the first dance you feel it coming off you. How glamorous. I was so concentrated on Zumba; I didn't think about what could be happening in the kitchen. Or to be more precise, what the dog was doing. I came back to the dog throwing up my masterpiece. What's worse was that the dog had got the darker paint colours. The more toxic ones. Oh well. He deserves it for all the times he jumps on top of me. 'Can we get a labrador like the ones on the Andrex adverts?' 'No darling they're too big'. So She buys a massive German Shepherd- a very overexcited German shepherd. Always full of beans, leaping everywhere. WOOP DE DOO. Oh well. Turns out whilst the angelic one was drying, he got to it too! She's just hairy. Too many boas. Very Gaga. See ya's for tomorrow when I dread (Not really I love them. Most of the time...) volunteering with angels! x

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Lulu Guinness!
10% off LULU GUINNESS when you Shop Online in June. Facebook Code FBOFFERJUNE
As you probably have read, I do have an addiction to Claireabella. I worship Claireabella. So I do take part in her giveaways and have won some of them. If you don't want to follow me, I can understand why. One tweet every 3/6 seconds in giveaways...

Casual cool

Casual cool.
Feeling snug: Pixie even wore a pair of slippers to her sound check
Pixie Lott took a very casual choice yesterday for her sound check at the Royal Albert Hall. Showing up in branded (By a favourite of mine) sleep wear- the crew members were rather surprised to see her in lazy gear. She was singing at the Rays of Sunshine concert, a charity which makes the dreams of seriously ill children come true. Alongside starts like JLS, Alexandra Burke and Stooshe. Thank god she changed into more suitable  gear for her performance. She would've made more headlines covered up than when she's exposing.

Party time: The singer went out to The Rose club in Mayfair, London, after performing at the Royal Albert Hall