Sunday, 26 January 2014

One to watch!

One to watch!
UPDATE: GGC Clothing is now called 'Marbelle'

Okay so I've been dealing with my 'To Do List' today and right now I'm writing up a blog post which is probably late. I've been shooting a bit more recently (yayay behind the scenes piccies on the way?) so I would bring my tablet on the train with me to shoots, but who does that in London? If someone gets their iPhone out on the train- everyone eyes it up. 

Today I was asked to voice my opinion on the creativity of online British,clothing brand GGC Clothing. 

GGC Clothing definitely know how to showcase their clothes to a high standard in the images shown above. The fabric used to make the outfits looks luxurious, opulent and silkily smooth. The way the clothes hang shows how much skill and effort has been put into the clothes and they are presented almost, regally. The images remind me of regal, royalty and do project an aura of mystery to us the audience. I think that these pictures represent different moods and feelings. The jumpsuits look shows the comfort of  a Greek toga, but the colours symbolise the boldness of  a 60s/70s staple piece. And the blue lipstick shows this brand is daring and out there and I love that!

What a dress! I love the way GGC Clothing's fabric and material always looks so rich and luxurious in its photos. The blue is so vivid and it's not too bold, although after seeing the blue lipstick I thought some blue would've been used throughout the collection. This dress is hot but still looks comfortable and I could see it as a summer piece for when you're flowy, chilled and don't want to wear anything full on- but still want to look fabulous. I have to admit though, this shot could've been a bit more natural to suit the theme of the dress. The colour is for everything relaxed and the forced hand gesture is a bit too distracting and doesn't match the aura. Maybe some windswept hair could've added a more natural look to it? It could just be me, but in my opinion the pose doesn't match. But it is a good dress which I would wear myself! The colour doesn't immediately dictate one season either, it could be Spring as well as Autumn! It's also not age-restricted, an older lady could easily pull this off as well as a younger lady.

And third time lucky, 
Everyone likes a party dress and this dress is the life of the party! This dress just screams Cheryl Cole to me, I can just see her in it so clearly. This dress is definitely diverse to the others as this shows the more tight, body-con, almost sexier side to the brand. But the length shows that it's still within boundaries and oozes sophistication. I like the dress isn't patterned all over, but it works, it doesn't need to have a lot on it to shine. Less is more. After this, I am so excited for the new collection!

So what do you think of the dresses?

Found out more here (and the new collection details!):


  1. Interesting cut and dresses.Do you get to try the dresses?

  2. The girl in the top photos reminds me of the Lorde's Tennis Court video! She looks so similar.

  3. I think these dresses are flowy and silky just like you said. The colors are pretty vibrant and they would fit bright and happy occasions.

  4. Nice! Will definitely recommend it to my friends who're going to prom soon! Thanks for sharing! :)