Friday, 19 October 2012

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Monday, 15 October 2012

Today was interesting. And people say I take forever to get ready- you should see my little sister in the morning. A mini-me that makes me look slow. Anyway, couldn't sleep a wink last night. I was frozen, which was a bit ironic as I had a hot water bottle in there already. So, I decided to get up in the middle of the night to do some dancing to random music on my phone. Monday means that there is a week of school ahead, Yay xD, hold the applause. Our form tutor was bugging us this morning to do the Duke of Edinburgh expedition (a whole week in the woods hiking from 5 am to 7 pm). Yeah right, like I was going to go for any of that rubbish. So I headed  to my first lesson of the day, which was Business; we were discussing my group's venture of a popcorn business for the school. Busy, busy business. Guess what, sentence of the day was said by some stalker who thinks it's normal to stalk me... yay. Saying, 'Have you been asked to do page 3 modelling?' this is to someone with an AA cup. Bit creepy. Oh well he hates gays, made the best comeback, 'Well are you jealous of them cos they get more girls than you?' they just got pwned. Although having a massive spot whilst saying it isn't very glamorous.

Saturday, 13 October 2012


These boots are made for walking! Except, they're not entirely boots. They're decadent, delicately detailed artisan crafted shoes. What a mouthful. On the Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 catwalks they were styled in a manifesto of ways like, Filigree cages wrapped stiletto heels at Ralph Lauren. Then Seventies wood vinyl prints were aplenty at Rochas. Whilst models weren't hot on their heels as the tottered on icy stalagmites at Chanel, which is seen on your left. However, Missoni got edgy with their signature zig-zag and embroidered onto tasty Toblerone shaped heels, then overlaid them with triangular shaped studs. YSL crafted shards of metallic green, gold and silver plastic into mirrored shards.
 What do you think? Very leather and kinda Mulberry style to  them.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Today was interesting. Waiting half an hour for your Mum to pick you up isn't particularly an ideal start to the weekend- oh well. I was in a shop with my mum,when my crush walked in! I started trying to act really cool by pretending to look at a really expensive pair of shoe, pretending I have all the money in the world-  and ignoring my mum... After a while, I walked out of the shop - and the alarm went off, I'm stood puzzled knowing I didn't take anything. One of the shop assistants ran over to me and pulled a bra off me that was hanging on my hoodie.  My dad had put it in there as a joke when I wasn't looking. My crush saw me and burst out laughing, as did everyone standing in the shop! Didn't help they were for someone with a bigger bust and were the granny knickers of the bra world. At least it wasn't mine, that'd be another story. Anywho, see ya's for tomorrow. Late night revision sesh starting now.

Shoes, galore!

Lipsy shoes originally £75, now only £13! Wow, saving over £60. Check out these sizzling, shoes.


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday 9th October

Today was interesting. Madness the last few days. Firstly, been called in to do a fabulous fashion show. Got told I walk like a catwalk model! Amazeballs? I felt like using that term. Anyway. Kinda got pushed to do it, wasn't feeling too well and mentioned she's designed clothes for Katie Price. As loving as mum's are (and have an interest in Katie Price, which she won't deny) was all. 'GO FOR IT! I mean, it's an amazing opportunity.' Yes, she won't admit it. But I did go and the dresses are fabulous. Fingers crossed Katie Price appears at the show. That'll be amazing, but highly unlikely. Anyway. Awkward moment your mum's called a MILF and she looks it up on the urban dictionary... 'When does your mum shop? Might have to casually bump into her...' This is from someone who calls me 'Hairy Mary', coming from a BOY who gets his eyebrows shaved and shaped. I think my mum will enjoy meeting him in the shops. Not. She did laugh when she found out he gets his eyebrows done at the same place as hers. Ooer. Anyway. Charity workers, knocking on doors trying to sell things. Had one come today asking, 'Do you know the words of Jesus?' since I was watching family guy, I opened to reveal a top saying, 'BIRD' so I said, 'Do you know the word of the bird?' The brother actually started playing the song, so did a little 'Bird is the word' rave on the doorstep. Infront of a priest. See ya's for tomorrow!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Saturday 6th October

Today was interesting. Who's enjoying Strictly so far? Dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuun! Love love love it! What happens when my sister's invited to a fabulous birthday party? We order chinese and have a big movie night. In your face little one. Saturday means shopping day. I was shopping with mum, looking for last minute birthday presents for That and as we got on the escalator to come downstairs in the shopping centre I noticed my shoelace was undone. I thought I'd just wait until we got to the bottom to sort it as it would be a bit dangerous to try and do it while the escalator was moving. When I got to the bottom and tried to walk off I face planted the floor! My lace had got stuck. I thought I was going to die. A girl from my school had seen what had happened and ran and found an assistant. They had to emergency stop the stairs, and there was a massive queue of people waiting to get down the stairs, all giving me horrible looks. At least the birthday boy didn't see the presents, see I do pull major distractions so mum can buy the presents! A bit too major distractions... Well, I was the right girl for the job. See ya's for tomorrow for birthday drama. Next week, what happens when I'm in a fashion show, modelling for a friend of Katie Price. drama!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

I want one of those!

It's time to get those fingers and toes glammed up in Pink for "Paint for Life" week.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so we're asking women everywhere to paint their nails pink to help this wonderful charity.
Check out our facebook app for more info and to submit your photo for a chance to WIN!
AND...Get our exclusive, limited edition "Paint for Life" box set from our website with FREEshipping throughout October 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday 3rd October

Today was interesting. Is it Friday yet? Seriously getting bored of this week. See I have an organised revision schedule devised. Doesn't really help when we go to the supermarket! I miss my revision and go straight to bed. Gosh boys are a nightmare. Not talking about the 'God' who goes to my school. Funny how you can just not notice them, but when you're older and they have a year left here, they pop out at you. Thinking, 'Hello, why you no pop out sooner!' Usually he just walks through me, but felt like he was stalking us today. He was in the canteen, on the table next to us. Then was in the toilets (Not with us, lol. I wish. Next door to us). Then he was out at the shops walking through us. Phwoar... Not a pretty sight when your friends are talking about girl stuff and he walks past... Thanks guys. Girls. Whatever. Talking about the sex-crazed boys who get 'laid' every single night. Bit gross when I'm trying to paint beautiful flowers. Which happened to be white- not helping. Never say yes to the question, 'Do you like slush puppies?' when a boy asks. I guarantee they won't be the ice drinks.  I had a really nice facial toner, so was disappointed when I finished the bottle one evening. The next morning, out of habit I went to use it like normal - it was half-full again, but because I was still half asleep, I didn't think anything of it. It was only when I met up with my friends and they complained about a strange smell coming from me, that I suddenly remembered it had run out! I rushed home to try and figure out what had happened… Turns out my little brother had done a wee into the bottle. Gross! See ya's for tomorrow.

Breast cancer!

October is Cancer Research month!

Celebrate by raising as much as you can! That doesn't mean you do all the work, you spoil yourself with Cancer Research goodies. My clothing line is going to donate all profits made during October to Cancer Research. These are available at:
There's a Claireabella handbag for all seasons, with Breast Cancer Awareness bags being specially designed.  ToxicFox are donating 20% of the profits to the phenomenal charity. So check out:
This October most products recommended will be my favourite colour. PINK!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tuesday 2nd October

Today was interesting. That awkward moment in dance when you're the worst one there and you're picked on... Specially during step leaps, which are hard to make look graceful. When you're about to fall flat on your face.. Oh well, October at last! Not very exciting as it gets cold. But... HALLOWEEN IS ABOUT! Yes, i'm so immature. Well you'd be too, Halloween is the one time of year it's okay to practically rob your neighbours of free sweets. Now knowing you've got new neighbours, who bake delicious cakes and leave them for trick or treaters... Only thing is what to wear. Usually I just throw on my pyjama's or a cheap witch costume (My normal clothes, JK!). Halloween means hot chocolate all round. Including this little scenario which happened today. My mum took me into town and bought me a hot chocolate. It was quite hot so I didn't drink all of it and as it was in a takeaway cup I put it in the side of my bag. I needed the loo so I went and left my mum in the cafe to finish hers.  When I was done on the loo, I swung my bag over my shoulder and all the drink went down my trousers. I tried rubbing it off the best I could and went back. My mum took one look at me and said really loudly, 'Didn't you make it to the loo in time?' Everyone turned to have a look, it was mega embarrassing. So while it looked like I'd well, you know. It was burning my legs off! So when I walked outside into the coldness, I saw everyone freezing and I was all, 'Oh yeah suckers. I wet myself, but it's warm. Oh yeah!' As you do when you are such a mature year 10. Ish. Four weeks till the exams, so revise, revise and if you're not revising, REVISE! Welcome to exam periods. 

Congratulations Letitia Herod!
She was my favourite at the start of the contest, mainly due to her looks. She had more of an editorial/agency look, compared to the other girls. As part of the prize package; she will receive a 6 page spread and cover of company magazine. I've been browsing her shots and her outfits are stunning. What do you think of the top model? I did think halfway through Emma was going to win as she did come across favorited, but Letitia won! Told you so!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Claireabella time

Time for a review!
Recently ToxicFox, the guys known for personalised goods, approached me offering the chance to review a Claireabella bag (As seen on TV!). After feeling flattered (Mainly because they said my blog was awesome!) I kindly took on the task. As everyone knows I am a bit of a Claireabella addict and I shouldn't really be biased. But hey. I'll act like a newbie to the brand. 
As you can see from my photogenic 'aBella'. ClaireaBella is all about designing your own little 'aBella' who you can dress in whatever you choose, or go for a bizerk hair colour you've never tried. I would do that as the red hair is gorgeous (Very Ariana Grande) but normal people just stick to their own colouring. Quite a shame as by seeing the blonde babeAbella, she's a cutie. Such a rambler aren't I? As you can see the bag I have (well in this review, not my 15 odd ones, LOL) is a Classic Polo Jute. Polo's are the very small ones. Width is 21cm and height is 15Cm  (The size of those small rulers). So when you're out partying, raving whatever and need the essentials: Phone, sweets (duh), money. That's mine, but if you take forever, and bring your whole make-up kit with you, invest in a Classic Large Jute. I own one too (Really not helping the newbie vibe am I?) I've used them for a schoolbag and they fit everything. Downside is they wear out after about a terms worth of use. I don't exactly carry a load either: Planner, pencil case, revision guide and a random exercise book. So try not to wear them out! It's tempting. 
On first glance you see the trademark eyelashes- larger than the average eyelashes. Trust me this aBella must have the best mascara ever. Well jel (Amy Childs got me started on the addiction! Unlikely style icon much). I've actually been told I look like my bag, must admit these are bags for divas. I was walking through a vintage fair and as I walked through the stalls, everyone I thought was staring at me. How vain am I sometimes< They weren't, they were staring at my bag. So from first hand experience, best bag to take around. Even happened at school, yeah in your faces people who carry Paul's Boutique. Even the teachers, which was a bit awks. 
Back to the bag. Love it. I think the one thing which was a little distracting on the bag, was the way 'Claireabella' was crammed on to it. So I recommend going for a name with less letters on the side as it is a small bag. Beware to being addicted whilst looking extremely fabulous.
ToxicFox (No they're not poisonous!) also produce hooded jackets, mobile phones socks/covers and 'diva' diaries which are hot to becoming the Christmas essential. (Already on my list!). In general, ToxicFox were 90% of my birthday pressies, lol. Should do a birthday haul video or something when I get time. 
Check out for more! They're on facebook, aswell as @ClaireabellaLTD and @ToxicFox
Check out my Breast Cancer clothing line here: