Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tuesday 3rd April


Today was interesting. Didn't get any work done, but had a nice lunch.  I was glued to the postbox AGAIN this morning for my letter- at this point I'm still desperate to get in to this school, but the way it's going, my letter hasn't even come. (It comes saying good or bad). It's not helpful everyone in Twitter tweeting about it either ;/ We decided to visit a museum, with the grandparents (GROAN).  We stopped at a cafe on the way, and I nipped to the toilet while we were there. As I was going into the cubicle, I tripped, fell over and ended up with my arm down the toilet, thank lord I was in a sleeveless top today. My granddad (Who can just about walk) had to come and help me get it out, so for the rest of the holiday they were laughing about it and teasing me! My arm even turned kinda blue because of the bleach that was down there! I had to be sandwiched in towels when eating my lunch, which was actually quite nice. Maybe bleach is a spice or herb, gives additional flavouring. See ya's for tomorrow!

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