Monday, 30 December 2013

Hello 2014.

Time to bombard you with a 'Hello 2014' post.
So, it's new year's eve, eve and time to start preparing new years resolutions which we know will be abandoned within the first week. But more so than that, did you know how hard it is to find a 'Hello 2014' picture (from Tumblr, no surprise) which isn't optimistic or positive in the slightest? 

'2014 is going to be better' '2014 please be good'
I mean, I have no right to condescend people's beliefs, but it does irritate me when these types of posts appear. How bad could 2013 have been for you? Are you dead? Are you homeless? Are you being bullied?Are you well fed, sheltered and educated? Well then.How bad could your year have been?

 If you're circulating these degrading posts around the web because you didn't get the Christmas present you wanted, or you got dumped by your boyfriend for 5 seconds or didn't meet your favourite celebrity... you need a reality check. And fast. You need to consider the year as a whole, even if you did lose a tiny thing in the year- was it made up for? Like, if you lost a boyfriend, did you make a new friend? Think about the summer of 2013. Now how many people on Tumblr loved it? And it's those same people saying they loathed the year... Wow.

I'm not saying that my year was perfect, but what's the point in moaning about it? If your year was rubbish, it probably wasn't and you were melodramatic.But if you truly did lose something major and you're not secure in your life- you can comment.

So. Now, get yourself some paper and bullet point everything good that happened to you in 2013. You'll be surprised. Write down everything that made you smile, maybe start with summer. I did this and surprised myself too. Maybe if it's not something good that happened to you, what about things you did that surprised yourself in a good way? Like I commuted to London- even though I was certain I was going to get mugged or something. I didn't. And if I hadn't of gone I wouldn't have experienced my happiest moment of 2013... meeting Jourdan Dunn in person and her declaring 'You have a beautiful name'.

Now, I challenge you to the 'Happiness Project' and we'll see how good 2014 is.
2013 happy moments jar

And here comes the resolutions part. I don't want to lose weight or whatever this year. Instead, I want to prioritize my blog this year as I feel like when studying, I've neglected it and it's progress has gone backwards. So here are my short term targets for 2014, maybe you can help me with them? I say short term, because if I don't get them I would feel ashamed since their quite low.
1. Get to 100 Blog followers via Google Friend Connect. Currently have 88 and this is tangible. (If you fancy following me go to and follow the steps).
2. Get to 100 Twitter followers. Currently have 76. I'm more of a Facebook over Twitter girl, so this doesn't surprise me. Follow me at: @ArrayOStyle
3. Get to at least 20 BlogLovin followers. BlogLovin has exploded recently and I really need to buck the trend more with it. I currently have 8. I didn't think BlogLovin was widely used till I saw someone with 900 followers! I want a piece of that pie, lol. Follow me at:
4. Get to 1100 consistent Facebook likes, I've got 1075 which is so close! My FB link is:

And finally to take more pictures when I go out for events/shoots :)

Gosh this has been a long post, but we do have a long year ahead and I had to address the pessimistic comments about 2013. The blog got featured in a big magazine in the first month of 2013, so I couldn't knock 2013.

And, can you help me reach my targets?

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013 Makeup Tutorial

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Makeup Tutorial

By now, we've all seen the supermodels strut their stuff down that glitter-clad runway to the audience of everybody in Hollywood. Considering that the famous Boxing Day sales have started, practically ignoring the fact we're supposed to be ditching technology for family, I thought it was time to post a make-up tutorial to embrace your inner supermodel; for a fraction of the price.

This tutorial is to look like the beautiful Liu Wen, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio- as their make-up is very similar. Natural yet glamorous.

For this tutorial you can use any of the following products:

You will need:

  • Liquid eyeliner
  • White shimmery eyeshadow
  • Medium brown (shimmery) eyeshadow
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • False eye lashes (optional) 

Sale items you can use: (the other items was me testing another app)

Stylish Greetings

Stylish Greetings

Because to us, Christmas doesn't last just one day. Frankly with all the food we shovel, it's more like 'Christmas Hibernation'. Anyways, as it's now acceptable to be seen using an electrical appliance (my Mum turned the Internet off yesterday to prevent surfing the web!) I thought it's time to check out what the designers do over Christmas. They've showcased their creative flair all year around, so how do they top it off at Christmas may you ask? Let's take a look at the most jaw-droppingly, jealousy-inducing, spectacular Christmas trees probably on offer.

Embedded image permalink
From Louis Vuitton- those gold balls are making us rethink if diamonds are the only girl's best friend.

Embedded image permalink
From Hermes, this is a clever twist on the classic Christmas tree. This way saves a repeat of the infamous National Lampoon scene where Chevy Chase clips open his huge tree, and spreads its wings. 

Embedded image permalink
From Dior, obviously keeping the housestyle of their latest floral, fragrance called 'Miss Dior Cherie'. I like this tree, but it doesn't strike me as Christmassy. If the flowers followed a red or green colour scheme it would've made it more suitable. Pinks and whites make it feel like Spring or a wedding- in comparison to the frosty, Winter that Christmas is about.

Embedded image permalink
From Stella McCartney, unsure if this is just a tree topper or the actual tree- but it's simple, minimalist and does capture the trademark star at the top of the Christmas tree. Although, from Stella McCartney you would expect something more refined around the edges.

Jean Paul Gaultier's customized Christmas tree for the
From Jean Paul Gaultier, this tree has sex appeal and is clearly a little cracker in itself. Maybe dressing up your Christmas tree in clothes will be a future trend across the next generation of Christmas trees?

Merry Christmas and remember, keep indulging :)

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Woo a gif on the blog!

Anyway... Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night :)

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Day 15- #DRESSMAS Christmas Advent Calendar

Day 15!
3 Days to go until the big day! Today is another mystery item, or items if we're getting technical. Here's today's tune and items, get ready...
Christmas nail art! Gotta love them! All under £2! Now check them out here:

Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Nailart is all I want for Xmas.

Ho ho ho! Santa and his elves are preparing his bulging,sack for that dreaded trek across the world. 
Whilst we're sat here busy bodying making sure our Christmas presents are here in time for Christmas. Ironic right? 
Gosh I haven't written in ages... I haven't even had time to shop for clothes, yet alone Xmas pressies recently. Bit ironic really for someone who has a 'fashion blog' and is known as a 'fashion blogger'. The fashion blogger who can't shop- interesting news headline. Ambiguous in a sense. Okay life story over, I thought as Halloween's crafts were late- I'd post up a nail art tutorial as my other Christmas ones are a bit outdated. You can check them out by clicking on the 'Nail tutorials' label at the side of my blog or by checking via my Facebook photo album. A Facebook link should be on the side here <<<

Tree-rific Nails!
These nails are so easy yet effective to do that you'll be jingling all the way in comparison to your elves.
You will need:
  • White/nude nail varnish
  • Dark green nail varnish
  • Green glitter nail varnish
  • A clear base and top nail polish (You can sometimes get polishes that are two in one, just use whatever works for you)
  • Sticky tape
  • Gold glitter star stickers- you can use whatever colour you like.
  • Nail dryer- optional
  1. Firstly, apply a clear base coat onto your nails. Allow these to dry naturally or you can use a nail dryer, then apply two coats of your nude or white coloured nail varnish. Leave to dry.
  2. Now the sticky part, place your sticky tape in a V shape across your nails- to make a triangle, as shown in the picture. 
  3. Keep the sticky tape in shape, now paint the triangle within the V dark green, using your dark green nail varnish- I'd advise painting for at least 2 coats. I say dark green as it gives a deeper colour for a base, but you can use whatever's lying around in your make-up bag. Leave this coat to dry then apply a glittery green nail varnish coat over the dark green base. Leave this to dry.
  4. This is when it gets fiddly, remove your sticky tape and get your gold glitter stickers ready. You then stick a star on top of your Christmas tree. Check the packet instructions as sometimes they need to be glued manually. 
  5. Instagram, tweet and show off your nails!

Products used/could be used in this tutorial:

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How to get into the Christmas spirit.

How to get into the Christmas spirit.
If it hasn't struck you yet, it is December and far from those summer days which seem like yesterday. Well given the English weather- we remember the distinctive, sun. When (if) it shows. Today it would be the 11th dress of #DRESSMAS but I felt like it was time to reflect on the current time of year. It's two weeks till Christmas *panic, scream, gasp*. I'm not going to lie, but it still feels like the start of term. Let alone end of term exam time (Revising over half term, how jolly). I haven't even started shopping yet (well I lie, I visited the Clothes Show and kinda was surrounded by stuff I like, so sadly I bought no gifts. I know, terrible). 
But in this world we're so work, work, work. So our teachers/bosses will say 'Complete this by Friday'. But we see no importance in Friday. We just get to that day and realise 'oh sugar it's the week before Christmas'. Because we're just hypnotized by the work/school world we're in. 
So today, I've compiled a list of tips to get you into the Christmas spirt. Enjoy, Snowmen.

  1. Try to use Christmas related words into as many sentences as you can. It may sound silly- but it gets you thinking about what's ahead and let's be honest being silly and childlike again. That's what Christmas is all about, not losing the childlike magic it deserves. If you've ever played the game 'Bogey' I suggest playing it using Christmas words: Santa, Snowman, Rudolph, Frosty etc. The game is basically get with a group of friends (or just a sibling) and see who can shout the word the loudest in a public place. Embarrassing, but fun.
  2. Make sure everything you do is Christmas related. Christmas crosswords, Christmas films, Christmas songs, Christmas jumpers/clothes, Christmas slippers... whatever it is go with it. It may sound silly, but just go with it. The more Christmas is in your head, the more you'll cling to it. Or get aggravated by it. Koodles.
  3. Buy Christmas presents, preferably not the night before. This may sound obvious, but when you've found something uninteresting for that person- will you be excited to see their reaction on Christmas morning? Instead take a good chunk of your time and actually plan in advance. That way you'll be more excited for the day to arrive as you actually care about what you've put under the tree as you've spent time clearly looking for something that matches the person's interest. And if you don't know what to get that person... check their online interests/likes, Pinterest boards, Tweets or just ask them. An easy one is always their favourite box-set, film, musician merchandise. Type this into Etsy and bam, loads of results. I always prefer Etsy over normal shops as buying homemade is satisfying. You're helping an everyday person, who has perfected their craft, afford the luxuries in life or maybe just the necessities. Start the trend of buying homemade through Etsy, Folksy, Storenvy or your local market.
4. Give to someone in need. They say that if you live in a house and have enough food for 3 meals a day, you're richer than 75% of the world. So help out someone in need. There's numorous ways to do this. By volunteering, donating to a charity shop or homeless shelter, help a charity with collection buckets or helping out a soup kitchen around the holidays (if you're in the US). Everyone has time off in the holidays, so I doubt that someone can't spare a few hours to help someone else. I did a blog post about this a while ago visit:
5. Paint your nails Festive and bake Christmas goods! Okay so this probably ties in with tip no2, but hey ho- it's a good tip to end on. The tutorials are good to get into the Christmas spirit and here's a popular Christmas nail tutorial (it hasn't been updated, so new ones will be arriving soon). I haven't actually posted any Christmas baking tutorials, so they are next on the agenda. 

And happy holidays from us!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Day 10- #DRESSMAS Christmas Advent Calendar

Today is Day 10 of our #DRESSMAS Christmas Advent Calendar. But as today ends in a 5 or a 0, it means it's time for a mystery item. This item is an item which relates to the dresses and is normally ultra cheap- so time to stock up on next year's Christmas presents! Here's today's tune and mystery item...

Smallwise Trading Cool Punk Goth Rock Chic Choker Collar Necklace with Chain --- Gold Plated

Monday, 9 December 2013

Day 9 - #DRESSMAS Christmas Advent Calendar

Day 9
Only 16 days to go, just over 2 weeks! Where has the year gone? All I can say is little black dress to the rescue- after all, when has Coco Chanel gone wrong? Let's get raving along to this tune:
Love, love love this dress! And it's £3.64 to £6.65 depending on your size.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Day 8- #DRESSMAS Advent Calendar

Heya Stylistas!
It's Day 8 of our #Dressmas advent calendar. Speaking of hashtags, don't be afraid to tweet about it with your friends. It won't get you on Santa's naughty list! Here's another dreamy dress and a cray cray Christmas tune to sink your teeth into!

This dress isn't exactly £10, but it was too dreamy to miss out. It's £12.99, which is hardly extortionate considering it's high quality managing to effortlessly look sultry yet sophisticated at the same time- making Kim Kardashian jealous. Check it out here:

SAVFY Womens Ladies Sexy Floral Lace See-through Back Slim Bodycon Side Split Maxi Long Cocktail Party Evening Dress Sleeveless BLACK, fit UK Size 8-16

Day 7- Christmas Advent Calendar #DRESSMAS

Ooh sparkly! Love it. So it's been 7 days of December and 18 days to go until the big day. But how are you doing dress wise? Have you chosen the funkiest frock of them all for those parties and gatherings, that you know may affect your street cred?
Well fear not, here's another darling dress for under £10 and a Christmas tune for you. And it's worn by the Schermazing Nicole Scherzinger. Amaze-baubles
Don't cha wish your dress was hot like mine?
Well it can be if you purchase Dress No 7 at:


Friday, 6 December 2013

Day 6- Advent calendar #DRESSMAS

Day 6 Stylistas!

Are we getting in to the Christmas spirit yet? Awh well, let's enlighten your current mood with Dress No 6 and a Christmas tune. Yes I did just say tune, oh god.

And it comes in 6 colours :)

Fancy donning it to those Christmas parties? Then buy it here:

Yazilind Women's Bling Rhinestone Beaded Short Prom Tunic Gown Strapless Cocktail Clubwear Party Evening Dress - Black

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Day 3&4 Advent Calendar #DRESSMAS

Are we loving the #DRESSMAS Advent Calendar yet?  Well here's days 3 and 4 to cheer you up on this dreary Wednesday. 3 Weeks to go and I have not even started on Christmas shopping, but Clothes Show is next week so hopefully I should find things. But, considering half of my family don't really like make-up or clothes- more for me, oopsies. Today's dresses are a bit more; flirty to say the least. But they're both under £10.


New Ladies Stretch BodyCon Sleeveless Cut Out Twist Dress 8-14


Vktech Women Sexy G-string Party Clubwear V-Neck Back Zipper Mini Dress Fashion

Monday, 2 December 2013

Advent Calendar #DRESSMAS


Decided to go with a red lace, body con dress today as red means Christmas and Santa Clause. I'm not saying you'll look like Santa Clause in this dress, far from it. This dress comes in 5 different colours, so if you're not feeling red (why?) you can choose from: Black, white, purple, green, blue. This model has worked with Lipsy and this dress is from Bluebell Retail- but for under £10, it could pass as a Lipsy dress!

Grand total:
£9.99-£10.99 depending on size.!
Purchase this scorcher at: 

Ladies Lace Bodycon Dress

Sunday, 1 December 2013

#DRESSMAS Advent Calendar

Goodbye November and hello December. December marks the start of ArrayO'Style's advent calendar and this year we're calling Christmas, 'Dressmas'. Each day a decadent dress will be shown on here, Twitter and Facebook and best of all- the dress's are under £15! I say £15 as they would normally be under £10, but with delivery it would cost £15 anyway.
Here is day one, hope you enjoy it! Remember to trend #Dressmas and buy your chosen dresses :)

To purchase visit: 

Twitter: @ArrayOStyle