Monday, 26 August 2013

Nail Tutorials- Pink+Red=GlamPuss

Hi all Stylistas!

So if you've liked our Facebook page- you can see that it's been neglected recently (speaking of which, so had our Twitter which is the next project). Today, I started organising the photo albums so there's now a new album just for nail tutorials. Yayayaya! Yeah, I've put way too many hash tags on each photo. But, so what? Anyhow, if you didn't know September 1st is ArrayO'Style's second birthday. Which is amazing that it's still running- still juggling school and blog! Plus on our Facebook page each month we're letting you decide who will be our profile picture. It can be a celebrity, singer or a supermodel. Just head over to our Facebook page and you can start choosing now! (The Facebook link should be on the left of this article <<<).

Anyway, after organising the nail tutorial photos, it has come to my attention that the last tutorial I did was for the Fourth of July. Which was a while ago in blogger years. So today's tutorial is below :)

Pink + Red = Glamour Puss

You will need:

  • Pink Nail Varnish
  • Red Nail Varnish
  • Thin tape
  • Nail Varnish remover pens (for any mistakes, or you could dip a cotton bud in nail varnish)
  • Small gold studs
  • Optional Nail Dryer
  • Clear nail varnish- or a nail hardener on top


  1. Firstly, use the thin tape and establish the middle of your nails. Put the thin tape down the middle of the nail,  but make it so it's nearer to the right side of the nail. So the edge of the tape is along the middle, but most of the tape is on the right. This is so when you take the tape off there won't be a big gap in the middle.
  2. Secondly, apply the red nail varnish to the left half of your nail. If you wish you could use a nail dryer, or just manually wait 5 minutes to dry. Once the left half is dry, apply a second coat on top. Still keeping to the left side. You can use your nail varnish remover if there's any mistakes :)
  3. Thirdly, now you can remove the thin tape from your nail. This is where is starts to get fiddly, you need to paint the right hand side of your nail- using the pink nail varnish. Be careful as you don't want to accidentally go over onto the red side. If that does happen, apply another coat of the red nail polish or use your nail varnish remover onto the mishap. Next, apply a second coat of pink nail varnish on top.
  4. Once the pink side has dried, you may add a clear coat of nail varnish on top of the nail. Or a nail hardener if you prefer :)
  5. Time to get studding! Your nails should be painted. Check out your studs, sometimes they have a peel off sticky on the back, so you can just stick the stud onto the nail. If this is the case, position the stud at the top of the nail, in the centre. If it's not sticky, you need to get glue and stick it on carefully. Good luck!
Now, go and team your nails with a cute outfit like this:

Red + Pink =GlamPuss

Valentino short black dress
£3,205 -

Gold lip ring

Lauren Ralph Lauren buckle belt
£19 -

Wall art
£19 -

Other nail supplies which may come in handy:

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

GCSE Results day 2013

So I rarely implement the news into the blog; mainly because whenever I open a newspaper nothing seems positive and it just worries you about the world we live in. But, as the newspaper had the bold, headline of 'GCSE RESULTS SLUMP' I guess I had to pick it up and browse it. On the Thursday I was meant to physically go in and collect my sheet which possessed my gazillion and one A*'s, but I've been on a journey this week so I was unable to collect the results, and with the GCSE results being the worse they've ever been in 25 years- It will probably just be a gazillion A*'s and one A grade.

But as the rest of the country has received their GCSE and A level results (and are probably too hungover to be reading this thoroughly) I'd just like to say congratulations. Even if they're bad, it doesn't matter. One sheet of paper isn't going to affect your life that much. You can always resit. Take a leaf out of Pitbull's black, book. He rhymed Kodak with Kodak and he's a millionaire. Now go off and enjoy your life.

P.S: If you hadn't sieved out the A* sarcasm, I'm not predicted at A*'s. Can't you tell? Iz probs coz i tipez lyk dis.

Back today, kinda been on a second holiday this week. Madness!

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Friday, 16 August 2013

How to get rid of spots

Zits, zits zits

We've all woken up smiling, so soon inspect ourselves and witness the unpleasantness of a zit on your face. Now, it may just be the teenage years- which makes breakouts more likely to erm break out. If you pardon the pun. According to Chinese beliefs, the location of your pimple isn't just randomly placed. Your spot is placed for a reason. Reasons are typically due to poor diet, stress or hormones. So, if your spots appear in the same place each time you get a break out, you need to abide to the remedy for that area. As the remedies are really similar, I've complied 'Five Ways to Eradicate Zits'. I must add that as I'm typing this, my face needs to apply to these tips too. Well, I have practically scoffed myself at the dessert, buffet table on holiday each day. So er.. Let's begin!

1. Eat Healthier

It's so simple to say, but who can turn down the scrumptiousness of brownies? But eat those greens girlfriend! This tip can help eradicate spots on the chin, jaw, lips, cheeks, nose, temples and the dreaded forehead! Plus it's hard to apply to this rule when someone else cooks your food, and kinda spends all day cooking it for you so you have to eat it. You've probably been educated on this rule, but if not you can start by switching cakes for carrots. Fried chicken to fruit. Bottom line, aiming for extra fibre into your diet. Juiced, canned, raw, mushed- anyway it's good stuff! Fruit will certainly reduce the level of refined sugar and salt you consume, which is always a good thing for your blemishes. Perhaps, starting a food diary would be a good idea if your acne is severe. This will allow a way to identify your food patterns and what to stop consuming.

2. Water world!

Water flushes out a lot of toxins from your body, natural water not vitamin or flavoured water. These are normally filled with a lot of sugar or a sugar substitute which is often worse than sugar. Your skin doesn't need to suffer that way! The average person should be drinking 1.5-2Litres a day. As well as helping to remove blemishes, water can improve your mood and decrease headaches, avoiding dehydration. Especially in these summer months. A lot of people I've spoken to say that when they were little they didn't like water at all, but now they love it. So, try it. You can purchase the big one litre bottles and drink it all day. It's easy to see that you're drinking the advised 2 litre amount per day.

3. Exercise

I like to move it, move it! They say a twenty minute walk after a meal can help burn off that previous meal, working your way to a flatter tummy. As you walk outside, you'll be receiving contact with the sun and increasing your daily Vitamin D intact- the 'sun vitamin'. Yes getting sunlight can be good for you. Walk, run, dance, yoga, football, pilates- there's plenty of ways to get moving and exercising! Even Adriana Lima said the tip to good skin is sweating. Sounds gross but erm have you SEEN Adriana Lima?! Remember to wash your face if you're dripping. Plus as well as getting good skin, exercise releases endorphin's which will make you happier. And a good mood will help with the next step.

4. Relax

Breathe slow, count from one to ten and I don't know the rest of the lyrics. But that song wasn't exactly that popular so no-one probably remembers the rest of the lyrics. But stress can lead to breakouts on your forehead, neck, chin and your cheeks. Stressing out over everything, will stress out your skin. So, try to work on relaxation techniques to calm down. Try taking a yoga class or a meditation class, these techniques learnt in class can be practiced at home. You could probably find free classes or samples on YouTube. Just close your eyes and rest your eyes, do something you want to do. Sink into that sofa or bubble bath when you get home to just soothe your senses. There's always bribing a family member to give you a massage...

5. Sleep

Well, this doesn't need a 100 word paragraph to explain. But, it does if you need to sleep effectively. Go to bed early (10pm or earlier) and wake up early. Even if you can't get to sleep at this time, it's good to relax your liver can rest and be ready for the next day. You need to be getting 8 hours of sleep per night, so cut down on those late nights out partying.

I'm not a fitness blogger, but I do know advice. Ish. I shall be taking my own advice this week as I can never relax. 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Beyonce & Rita Ora new chops

rita ora in a black and white suit with her new blonde bobBob's your Uncle

Trendsetter Rita Ora stepped out of a London hairdressers rocking a new wavy bob and bangs. The perks of being Rita Ora- 24 hair stylists, awesome. Although, it did take her poor, stylist four hours to achieve this look. I wonder if celebrities sit there and read the gossip magazines whilst they wait? The 22 year old Radioactive singer still kept her statement honey hightlights and dark roots after stepping out of the Percy & Reed hair salon in Marylebone.

She matches her newly trimmed tresses with a masculine black jacket, trousers and colour block brogues. Rita's typical sliver of red lipstick to keep the androgynous ensemble girly.

On the subject of hair do's Beyonce revealed a shorter, pixie crop on Wednesday. Yes a pixie crop. Beyonce's known for doing 'hairography' as Glee called it, where she swishes her hair around on stage. But now with shorter hair, she won't have a lot to swish around.

Beyonce's hairstylist Kim Kimble revealed that she did trim off quite a lot of natural hair, not a weave as expected. Beyonce has a wig collection estimated at $1million. So if she does get bored with her pixie crop she can always wear a wig.
Bold new look: Beyonce shared a snapshot of her cropped hairstyle on Wednesday

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Teen Now- Carly Rae

Candy Crushing on Carly's sweet choices!

After reading Teen Now, this spread of products were too cute to resist- I had to post them. Well it was sugar related and Sugar+Fashion= Yumminess. Plus I love the vintageness surrounding the products selected. It also includes the new Marc Jacobs DOT fragrance (bottom right hand corner) which quite frankly is probably as iconic as the Daisy fragrance he released.

Kendall Jenner sports Lipsy

  It's a rare sight when you spot a celebrity in a high street brand which doesn't have a figure price tag. Especially one of the Kardashians: who have their own clothing brand. One of the younger Kardashians Kendall donned a pair of plush, Lipsy lace shorts on an outing to her sister Kylie's sweet 16th birthday party. That must have been one awesome party.
Anyway, Kendall accompanied the outfit with a Chanel purse and went for a black and white look. As a social network user, I do remember Kim Kardashian saying something about a collaboration with Lipsy which now probably explains the shorts. We all know they were freebies. 

Inspired by the Chanel and monochrome theme of the outfit, I felt compelled to do a Polyvore set; as I haven't done a monochrome one as of yet. Plus I wanted to show the orginal £18 shorts on the Lipsy website. So enjoy :)


Chanel by siennaa-jones featuring lipsy

Back from ditching the digital world...

Hi all Stylistas!

Okay so I did say that I would be heading on holiday for two weeks and I know that probably gave you two weeks away from ArrayO'Style. Whether that's good or bad for you; you decide that. But I'm back and have a lot of drafts to sort through and post.

It's halfway through our British 'six weeks summer holiday' but I hear that the Americans are shortly returning to school. So to my dismay (no-one likes mentioning the S word when not at it)- I will be posting back to school posts for the US readers.

So buckle up as there's no other planned vacations as of yet, who knows I might just share some holiday snapshots?