Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kate Moss : 25 years, 25 covers

Kate moss, kate moss magazine covers

No not Middleton, Moss. Everyone's familiar with her name and face. Reaching her silver jubilee 25 years she's been going strong and she's still the face of brands such as St Tropez today. She's been on more than 300 magazine covers, yes 300. Her first cover started in 1990 when Corinne Day was comissioned by 'The Face' magazine for a definitive grunge story called 'The 3rd Summer of Love' which featured a young giggly Kate modelling a feathered headress. Kate Moss was the 'anti-model' of her time; reinventing the grunge and waif look, constrasting against supermodels like Naomi, Claudia and Cindy Crawford.
Let's take a look at her 25 most iconic magazine covers! (I would've done them bigger, but it would've taken up waaay too much space!). Infact maybe I should do an album on FB
Dazed & Confused, June 1998, Kate moss, kate moss magazine coversKate moss, kate moss magazine covers, i-d, naomi campbellVogue Paris, September 2006, kate moss covers, magazineThe Face 'The 3rd Summer of Love,' 1990, magazine cover
Pop Magazine, Kate moss, kate moss magazine coversVogue Paris, November 2004, Kate moss, kate moss magazine coversNew York Magazine, February 2009, magazine cover, best coversW Magazine, March 2013, Kate moss, kate moss magazine covers
LOVE Magazine, 2013, kate moss, magazine covers, best magazine covers, bathVanity Fair, September 2006, kate moss, kate moss magazine covers, best magazine covers everInterview, December 2012, Kate moss, kate moss magazine coversVogue Paris, December 2005, Kate moss, kate moss magazine covers
The Face, May 1996, Kate Moss, Kate moss, kate moss magazine coversi-D, November 2007, kate moss, Kate moss, kate moss magazine coversNumero Tokyo, February 2007, Kate moss, kate moss magazine coversV Magazine, summer 2009, Kate moss, kate moss magazine covers
Kate moss, kate moss magazine coversVanity Fair, December 2012, kate moss vanity fair, Kate moss, kate moss magazine coversVogue, December 2001, Kate Moss, crown, Kate moss, kate moss magazine coversi-D, February 2013, kate moss, magazine, covers, best magazine covers ever
Kate moss, kate moss magazine coversKate moss, kate moss magazine coversUS Vogue, September 2011, Kate moss, kate moss magazine coversi-D, February 2013, kate moss covers, Kate moss, kate moss magazine covers

Graduate Fashion Week

Graduate Fashion Week

I did post a little introduction about Graduate Fashion Week. It's basically when everyone goes outside the box. And I mean so far outside the box the box is just a distant memory. Nothing wrong with going wacky I guess. It's better than being boring.  Here's some of the weird and wonderful which graced the catwalk recently:

One model struggles to keep her balance dressed in a creation by central St Martins fashion student Min Nan Hui at the school's graduate fashion show
Horny: Bulls horns seem to have inspired young designer Xue LiHorny: Bulls horns seem to have inspired young designer Xue Li
Oh mighty bull! Got a little something on your chinny chin chin.
Fashion emergency? Student Alve Lagercrantz's collection features parachute silks
Possibly Cora Emmanuel modelling?
Shaggy: Rachel Choi wrapped the models up in rug-like outerwearCosy: Rachel Choi wrapped the male models up in childlike outerwear
Male model no1 is yummy. They seem to have made the jumper for two human beings... :P
Safety first: A metal headpiece was the focus of Roni Ilan's futuristic collection

Of course this post is a bit one sided and I haven't shown the wearable pieces I've found (yet). But even the big designers do go a little eccentric. Maybe it's a good trait?

Something smells fishy

That's a bit fishy: Central Saint Martins BA fashion show saw budding designer Cassandra Verity Green send her own pet goldfish down the catwalkSomething smells fishy

The Central St Martins graduate fashion show took place this week, where wannabe fashion designers showcase their designs to fashion press, buyers and employers. Ex students include John Galliano and Stella McCartney so there's a lot of pressure for the designers to stick out for the right reasons.

However, one young graduate stuck out for the wrong reasons. And her pet fish Bob didn't seem too pleased about the idea either. Cassandra Verity Green gave her pet fish a new home for the show, in a handbag. Yes the poor model was walking down carrying a goldfish bowl. Imagine how she felt. A mix of 'I'm screwed if I drop this' plus 'Just casually strutting with a fish. It's how models walk their fish' and maybe a bit of 'I look like a freak right?' Well she was getting paid to look like a freak. Imagine if she got paid in the clothes, ahaha. They'd definitely smell fishy. Well let's examine the photos.
Complaint: The RSPCA have hit out claiming her designs encourage people to treat living things as 'replaceable ornaments'
Danger: The charity explained that the fishy handbag designs could lead to poor water quality and a lack of oxygen for the orange fish
Did the outfits deserve to go down the plughole? You decide... here's food for thought.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

CoverGirl Cosmetics are 'Catching Fire' too!

CoverGirl Cosmetics are 'Catching Fire' too!

If you're a Hunger Games fan, get ready fangirls. CoverGirl Cosmetics are launching a make-up range inspired by Catching Fire- called 'Capitol Collection'. They've only recently released the news and the advertising campaign. The campaign features movie characters ditching their gritty roles- for glamorous CoverGirls. Ditch District 12, when everyone can be a Capitol citizen. I wonder if the colours will be as outlandish as the styles used in the films. 

“We are excited to announce CoverGirl as the exclusive makeup partner for ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.’ The exquisite beauty and style of the Capitol is a focal point of this film. Partnering with an innovative brand like CoverGirl to create an additional layer of beauty storytelling and inspiration for the fans is new territory that we’re delighted to explore,” says Paula Kupfer, Lionsgate Vice President of Promotions and Consumer Products. 

The collection will be released during Autumn/the fall before the film is released on November 22nd. Imagine if Jennifer Lawrence actually stars in the campaign? Or Effie Trinket. The images revealed are only silhouettes so hopefully there's still time for Jen to front it!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Who wore it best?

Who wore it better?

Kim K or Tyra B? I would personally say TyTy because as Kim's pale it kinda makes her look redder.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Lush Louboutins

Lush Louboutins!

Yes the red soles have been released into Harrods. Take a peak into their new home, inspired by London.

Look at the killer shoes bottom right, I think I might need some practice in those :)
I've been getting emails asking 'where are the posts?' recently. I am alive, just haven't been feeling too well recently. Plus it's exam season and I'm behind on my revision...

As this is bound to happen; there's already over 1000 posts on my blog. So while I'm away why not go for a 'Golden Oldie'. Or try a tutorial and tweet me the results at @ArrayOStyle Or you could complete a 5 minute survey about ArrayO'Style, email your responses to with the subject 'Survey'.

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Thank you for your patience Stylista's!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Happy Mothers Day USA!

Happy Mothers Day!

So today to celebrate Mothers Day I thought lets do Model Mum's and their babes!

<Jourdan Dunn with her beautiful boy Riley; Riley has sickle cell disease and Jourdan being a young, single mum (and supermodel) does have to constantly juggle. Riley's father was arrested when Jourdan fell pregnant, but now he's been released he does have a relationship with his son.

Adriana Lima with her little princess Valentina Lima Jaric who is roughly the same age as Riley (approaching 4 years old). OMG Imagine if they go on play dates?! That'd be cute. Saying that Adriana and Alessandra used to live in a model house together, so maybe they're friends. Daughters could be friends too. Imagine inheriting Mummy's VS clothes when they're older. Adriana also gave birth to Sienna very recently, but she hasn't come out with any pictures of Valentina's sister yet. Wait and see :)

Alessandra Ambrosio and her two angels big sister Anja Louise and baby boy Noah Phoenix who is just a year old! How adorable is her little family? What does irritate me thought is when you google Anja it comes up with the adjective 'ugly' after it. Calling a child ugly isn't acceptable, calling anyone ugly isn't acceptable. This scenario really reminds me of a Marilyn Monroe quote 'No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl. All little girls should be told they're pretty, even if they aren't.'

Me thinks baby Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom looks too much like his Daddy Orlando Bloom! His model Mummy Miranda Kerr is always on the go with Flynn- he's starting to practice his model face on the cameras too! However I think he'll get his Mummy's dimples!

Does Kourtney Kardashian count as a model? Well Mason was too cute to miss off the list! Along with his little sister Penelope Scotland, they're the youngest Kardashians to date before Kim gives birth. There's going to be a lot of nappies to change under one roof with three little ones present.

Too many Victoria's Secret babes! They should seriously have a big play date with all the kids. This is Doutzen Kroes's boy Phyllon Joy Gorre- his middle name definitely suites him as he's always out smiling with his Mummy! His Daddy is DJ Sunnery James. Sun, Joy what a lovely mix! Bet he'll be a cheeky chappy in the future. With a Mum who's a supermodel and a Dad as a DJ he's definitely going to get the creative genes!

With a rocker Daddy and a model Mummy this one will be another creative baby! She's not even one year old yet! Presenting to you Dixie Pearl Followill, the daughter of the beautiful Lily Aldridge! I didn't even realise Lily is 27, she could pass for younger! Let alone she had a child! (Living under a rock). Imagine a little rockstar in the making. Move over Britney!